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Best Augments For Each Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In this article, we’ll be talking about which augments are good, and which one is best to use per vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’re going to be talking about what the augments are, what it does, and what value its values are. Some augments you think that are good might be bad, or it could also go the other way around. This article will contain all the information you would need to decide on which augments to use in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Augments are passive skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2, which you unlock as you level up a vocation. Once you unlock the augments, it will be unlocked to use for all vocations. A character can have a total of seven augments equipped, so you can see which ones will work better together, depending on your playstyle. You can access the different augments to enable or disable them by going to Vernworth Vocation Guild.

Augments have different effects on the player. It could increase stats, reduce knockdown time, increase healing potency, or boost certain action speeds or mechanics based on a character’s vocation.



Mettle augments your physical defense by approximately 30%. This is extremely good, as people might underestimate how much damage this augment mitigates. I would recommend this for any character that needs even a little bit of extra defense.


Provocation increases the likelihood of being targeted by enemies. This augment increases the likelihood by double, although we don’t know the specific number in the first place. If you’re playing a tank role in your party, this will be beneficial for you.


Thew increases your max encumbrance by 10kg. 10kg might be good at the start of the game, but you’ll be progressing through the game and see that it won’t be enough to use an augment slot on.


Dominion allows you to lift up and pin down enemies for an extended duration. I haven’t noticed a change in duration during testing, at least on picking up. This isn’t /that/ useful for most vocations.


Diligence hastens your recovery time when downed or crawling. As with Dominion, I haven’t noticed any difference when I tested it. I wouldn’t recommend this augment until we get more information on this.



Ambuscade increases damage enemies take by 10% when they are not in battle stance. It’s beneficial to use for any ranged vocation if you want to pick off enemies from far away. 


Endurance increases your maximum stamina by 150. The amount of stamina you receive isn’t bad, so you could use this augment if you don’t know which one to use at first.


Radiance causes your lanterns to consume less oil and illuminate a wider area. Your lantern consumes ⅔ less oil than it does normally, while also illuminating twice as big than without the augment. This is a good augment for exploring, especially at night time. 


Lethality increases damage dealt to vitals by 5%. The amount isn’t big enough, but it’s good to be used by vocations which can attack weak spots easily like an archer or a magick archer. It’s not a bad augment to use, but there are better ones out there.


Avidity increases your climb speed by 10%. It’s not a lot, as you’re not really going to feel a difference while climbing. If you love climbing, this will be great for you. If not, it’s not going to be worth it.



Apotropaism augments your magick defense by 30%, similar to the Mettle for physical defense. This gives off a lot of protection, so this is worth using.


This increases the curative effect of consumables and spells by 10%. This is pretty good if you have a mage as your pawn, so this is good to equip on them. If you’re a magick archer and you’re planning to heal your party, this can also be a good choice.


Intervention reduces the duration of debilitations you are afflicted with to 70%. Since mages and consumables can remove debilitations instantly, this augment isn’t really that great.


Perpetuation increases the duration of enchantments and invigorations by 20%. This is excellent if you’re using a mage, so I’d recommend using it. 


Exaltation increases your stamina recovery speed by 10%. It’s pretty good on all characters, as it can stack with rings that also give stamina recovery.



Subtlety decreases the likelihood of getting attacked by enemies by about 15%. It’s not a lot, but if your tank has the Provocation augment while you have Subtlety, it’s very unlikely for you to get targeted by enemies. 


Gratification, when equipped, restores 4% of your max health when dealing a killing blow to an enemy. It doesn’t have to be a hostile enemy, as it can even be animals in the landscape. The higher you max health is, the greater the heal is. Majority of your heals will come from your party, so it won’t be as useful as you think.


Poise reduces the stamina consumption when struggling in a foe’s grip by 20%. This isn’t that great, as you shouldn’t aim on getting grabbed by the enemy. Even when you do, you’re going to be in a bad situation where you won’t be thinking of your stamina. 


Vigor reduces stamina when clinging to an enemy or pinning them down by 15%. You’ll only probably use this if you’re a thief, as you’ll be the only one to be doing these things. 


Verve augments your strength by 30. For a vocation rank 9 augment, this is pretty bad. You’ll most likely have 1,000 or so strength on a vocation that would need it, so 30 is an insignificant amount.



Vitality increases your maximum health by 200. This is a decent amount of health to have, so if you don’t know which augment to use, this is not bad. Adding this to your pawn would be great, too.


Impact improves your ability to push and pull targets when grabbing hold. I’m not sure how useful it is in general, but you won’t be needing this in any way. 


Pertinacity improves your ability to break through an opponent’s guard. I don’t know how much this increases, or how valuable it is as there’s not a lot of enemies that are blocking. It’s not very useful, as it is a very situational augment.


Dominance augments your knockdown power by 15%. It’s a significant amount of knockdown power, particularly on classes that focus on knocking down enemies. Since this is a percentage-based increase, it’s more relevant as you progress in the game. I would highly recommend this one on warriors.


Intrepidity reduces cumulation of the loss gauge when receiving damage by 5%. It’s pretty nice to use for warriors, as warriors take a lot of damage and tank through hits. For other vocations, I don’t think you’ll be needing it.



Asperity increases chances of inflicting debilitation with your attacks by 20%. If you like applying debilitations, or if your vocation applies a lot of those, you should probably use this.


Stasis reduces the rate at which items deteriorate by 25%. This is not something you would need in any vocation, as you should be planning item usage ahead of time. 


Constancy increases your knockdown resistance by 30%. This can be huge for those vocations that are in the middle of the fight, as they constantly deal with knockdowns.


Catalysis increases the damage dealt when exploiting a target’s elemental weakness by 5%. If you’re playing spellcasters or if your weapons are buffed with certain elemental damage types. It’s not a decent amount, but it’s one you can use.


Sagacity increases your Magick by 30. It’s pretty good early on, but not as significant as when you do get it. The only time you want to use this is if you want to be a glass cannon and sacrifice better augments.

Mystic Spearhand


Conveyance hastens movement speed while carrying or lifting by 10%. It’s not a lot and you’re not going to do a lot of carrying or lifting so I wouldn’t be recommending this one.


Opulence increases gold obtained when acquiring gold pouches by 5%. It’s not a significant amount of gold, and you’re not going to have gold problems in this game, so it’s not an augment I would recommend you to use.


Polarity increases your strength during the day and magick at night by 5%. It’s not a ton, and you’re not traveling at night most of the time so you’re going to be getting the strength boost. Getting a boost that isn’t a flat number is good, but it’s not great enough to get this as an augment.


Refulgence increases the amount of rift crystals obtained when acquiring rift fragments and the like by 5%. You shouldn’t waste a slot on this, as you will be getting plenty of those as you progress through the game.


Athleticism reduces stamina consumed while dashing by 10%. It’s really good as a quality-of-life augment, as you’ll be sprinting a lot in this game.

Magick Archer


Sustainment increases the physical and magick defense of your pawns by 30. It’s not a small number, although you can get higher numbers. It’s not bad, so this augment is worth considering if you don’t have an augment you want to use.


Voracity recovers 10% of your maximum stamina when you deliver a killing blow to an enemy. This isn’t bad if you’re playing a thief, as you can keep recovering your stamina as you kill enemies in quick succession.


Prolificity increases the likelihood that smaller targets will drop items by 20%. The base chance per enemy is unknown, although this isn’t bad. You can just kill more enemies to offset the increased chances, so I wouldn’t recommend wasting an augment slot for this.


This increases the strength and magick of pawns by 30. It’s not bad, but it’s not amazing. If your pawns are doing fine in combat, this isn’t something you should be using for them.


Amelioration reduces the revive time of pawns by 1 second. This is quite good, as pawn revival takes around 3 seconds, so you’re shaving off 33% of the time. This one is worth considering, as it can make fights easier.



Detection alerts you if there are nearby Seeker’s Tokens or Wakestone shards in the vicinity. This is invaluable if you’re a completionist and an explorer. 


Enlightenment gives you a chance to craft an additional product when combining materials by 15%. You can use it before crafting  and take it off right after so you won’t be wasting an augment slot. 


Fugacity decreases the likelihood of being beset by hostels while camping or riding in an oxcart by 65%. This is more of an augment for quality of life, as you’re almost never getting interrupted while riding or camping.


Obfuscation decreases the likelihood of hostels detecting you when not in battle stance. If you want to play as a stealth thief, this might be a good augment to have for you. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a really necessary augment to have.


Allure enables you to raise your affinity with people more easily by 10%. When you gift items, or when you do things that make them happier, you’ll get 10% more affinity. You won’t be needing this in the game, so it’s not really something you would want to have.



Zeal reduces the stamina consumed when performing a weapon skill by 5%. It can add up if you have a lot of stamina-focused augments. It’s good on vocations where you’ll be facing stamina management issues.


Dynamism reduces the amount by which weight affects your movement speed. The way I see it, is that it reduces your weight by one category. If you’re normal weight, it’ll be showing up as light. It’s another quality of life, as you’ll be running over and over in this game.

Final Thoughts on Augmentations

Augments are a way for you to boost whatever your character or pawns need to be able to progress in the game. There will be good combinations of augments depending on what you need, so it still is up to you to decide which augments will be best for your character. If your character needs that extra strength, or if you want to climb faster, then by all means, go for those augments. Your enjoyment in playing the game matters the most.

That concludes our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Augment Guide, and we have many others as well for you to check out. You can use the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wiki as well if you have further questions.

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