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Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman (Lvl 70+)

Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman: In this Diablo 4 Rogue Build, I’ll show you how to play a LvL 70+ Marksman Rogue that’s aimed at World Tier 4. If you are looking for a Build that focuses on the use of Rapid Fire and is an evolution of the Freezing Rain and Cold Archer Rapid Fire Builds, then this Diablo 4 Marksman Rogue Build Guide is for you!

Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman (Lvl 70+)

So generally, what’s changed from the previous version of this Diablo IV Build is that even though I’m still using Cold, you’re free to use whichever element you want, whether it be Poison or Shadow. The focus here is really more on Critical Strike Damage and Vulnerable Damage as well as how to get a lot of damage out of Rapid Fire. And then your chosen element is the icing on the cake. 

Every time you attack an enemy, you’re going to apply Vulnerable for 3 seconds. What’s great about this is you’ll be gaining access to the Improved Rapid Fire upgrade in order to gain 15 Energy back every time you hit a Vulnerable target. As such, you won’t need to use any Basic Skill on this Build plus, you won’t encounter Energy management issues. You also don’t have to make use of any Equipment to further boost your Energy regeneration as a result. So you’re free to fire at will with Rapid Fire. 

Diablo 4 Rogue Build - Marksman in Combat

Another good way to amplify your Vulnerable Damage is by using a Crossbow because this damage type comes with it by default. If you’re using a Bow, like myself though, make sure to get this Stat on it. Additionally, you’ll also want to look for Critical Strike Damage, Core Skill Damage, and ideally, Dexterity. When it comes to your Melee Weapons, Swords are preferable over Daggers to give you that Critical Strike Damage multiplier, Damage to Distant Enemies, and more Dexterity. On your Jewelry, at least on your Rings, you can have Critical Strike Chance to help boost your damage together with Critical Strike Damage and Vulnerable Damage.

Should your Vulnerability be down if you didn’t kill enemies within the 3-second timeframe, you can hit Concealment. You’ll be swapping to the Countering Concealment upgrade as it gives you a guaranteed Critical Strike when you come out of Concealment. So if you can’t finish off an Elite in time, pop this Skill to not only grant more Energy but also to make you invisible for a couple of seconds. And then follow through with your Imbuement Skill to go to town and finish them off with 6 more seconds of Vulnerability. If they’re not yet dead, you can activate Rain of Arrows with Concealment to reactivate the cycle of applying Vulnerable on these stronger targets.

Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman

Once you hit Tier IV you’ll want to start thinking about min/maxing to get the most out of your Build, and that starts with Skills. Thanks to Paragon Boards and to the increased Equipment affixes, you’ll be able to bypass most of the restrictions you previously faced while leveling up. I also won’t get too deep into Skills, as you most probably know how they work by now.

Rapid Fire Skill for the Marksman Diablo 4 Rogue Build
 Skill Points Spent
 Puncture  1
 Enhanced Puncture  1
 Rapid Fire  8 (+3 from Gear)
 Enhanced Rapid Fire  1
 Improved Rapid Fire  1
 Sturdy  3
 Siphoning Strikes  2
 Caltrops  5 (+4 from Gear)
 Enhanced Caltrops  1
 Methodical Caltrops  1
 Weapon Mastery  3
 Concealment  1
 Enhanced Stealth  1
 Subverting Stealth  1
 Smoke Grenade  1
 Enhanced Smoke Grenade  1
 Countering Smoke Grenade  1
 Agile  3
 Exploit  3
 Malice  3
 Cold Imbuement  7 (+2 from Gear)
 Enhanced Cold Imbuement  1
 Mixed Cold Imbuement  1
 Frigid Finesse  3
 Rain of Arrows  1
 Prime Rain of Arrows  1
 Supreme Rain of Arrows  1
 Innervation  3
 Adrenaline Rush  3
 Haste  3
 Precision Key Passive  1


For the Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman, you’re going to select Preparation as the Specialization. This makes it so that every 100 Energy you spend reduces your Ultimate’s cooldown by 4 seconds, and using that same Ultimate resets the cooldowns of the rest of your Skills.

Marksman Rogue Build - Preparation Specialization

Diablo 4 Rogue Build: Equipment, Gems, and Aspects

Equipment is the most important part of any Endgame Build, and It’s important to understand that it’s a long-term goal. You won’t have all Paragon Boards available right away, and getting all uniques will probably take a lot of farming, so try to use Legendary Aspects to adjust to your needs while you farm levels and better gear.

Legendary Aspects and Unique Powers

I’ll divide the Equipment into different slots, so it’s easier to understand what you should be using and what affixes you should be looking for. Remember that unique equipment has fixed affixes and powers, so if you are using one, you might need to re-slot a Legendary Aspect into a different piece.

Another important thing to notice is that, when looking for stats, you’ll want to make sure you are fulfilling your Paragon Rare Node requirements. Some rare nodes have very high requirements, and equipment is what allows you to fulfill them. These bonuses often double the rare node effect so, for example, getting an Equipment piece with +100 Dexterity might unlock one or more Node bonuses, giving you a massive bonus as a result.

Diablo 4 Rogue Build - Marksman Cowl of the Nameless to Gain Increased Lucky Hit Chance
Diablo IV Rogue Build - Marksman with Grasp of Shadow for a Chance to Summon a Shadow Clone
Diablo 4 Marksman Rogue Build - Vengeful Obsidian Blade to Grant Increased Critical Strike Chance Against Vulnerable Enemies



Unique Equipment

Cowl of the Nameless: This gives you Maximum Energy so you don’t run out as easily together with the Lucky Hit Chance against CCed enemies. If you’re not playing a Cold Archer, this can be replaced with another Helm that gives bonuses to Skills, Maximum Energy, Cooldown Reduction, and other Stats. 

Chest Armor

Legendary Aspect

Aspect of Siphoned Victuals: This makes it so that damaging Vulnerable enemies with a Core Skill has up to a 20% chance to give you a healing potion, which happens all the time.


Aspect of the Protector: This is useful if you want to get some more damage protection.


  • +Marksman Skill Damage
  • +Total Armor
  • +Physical Damage
  • Damage Reduction from Close Enemies

These affixes are great for the Marksman Diablo 4 Rogue Build because you don’t use Imbued Skills all the time. 



  • +Attack Speed
  • +Vulnerable Damage
  • +Shadow Clone Damage
  • +Ranks of All Core Skills

Unique Equipment

Grasp of Shadow: This makes it so that your Shadow Clone Damage is increased, which helps sometimes because of the proc of Shadow Clone but otherwise, we’re not really using it. And the Grasp of Shadow provides you with +3 Ranks to Core Skills, specifically Rapid Fire. The ability on Grash of Shadow is that upon damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat Skill, you have a chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack. This is really good for this D4 Rogue Build since you damage Vulnerable targets all the time. 


Legendary Aspect

Aspect of Disobedience: This basically increases your Armor. 


  • +Dodge Chance Against Close Enemies
  • Damage Reduction while Injured
  • Imbuement Skill Cooldown Reduction
  • +Total Armor


Legendary Aspect

Frostbitten Aspect: This makes it so that Chilled enemies that get hit by my Smoke Grenade have a chance to be Frozen. Also, you deal up to 25% Critical Strike Damage against Frozen targets so it’s great for this Cold Marksman Diablo IV Rogue Build. 


  • +All Stats
  • +Ranks of Caltrops
  • +Movement Speed for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite
  • +Dodge Chance Against Distant Enemies

Unique Equipment

Penitent Greaves: This makes it so that you basically create a Frost trail when you walk to Chill targets and increase your damage against them. The Penitent Greaves alternative allows you to CC them easily.

Two-Handed Weapon

Legendary Aspect

Aspect of Repeating: This makes it so that when you use Rapid Fire, it has a 90% chance to ricochet, meaning that you’re going to get 5 ricochets if you fire it. 


Rapid Aspect: This boosts the Attack Speed of your Basic Skills.


  • +Dexterity
  • +Damage to Frozen Enemies
  • +Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
  • +Vulnerable Damage

Unique Equipment

Windforce: This makes it so that Lucky Hit: Hits with this weapon have up to a 10-20% chance to deal double damage and Knock Back the target. Windforce is an alternative here so you’ll want to put your Aspect of Repeating on the Amulet if you get this. It’ll have a lower ricochet rate though. However, if you have Word of Hakan like I do, then it’s best to imprint the Aspect of Repeating on a Ring. 


Skyhunter: This makes it so that the first direct damage you deal to an enemy is a guaranteed Critical Strike. If you have maximum stacks of the Precision Key Passive when you cast the Skill, you gain 15-25 Energy once per cast. The problem with Windforce or Skyhunter is that the Vulnerable Damage of your Crossbow will most likely outperform it. Although, Skyhunter has Critical Strike Damage at least but you need to experiment with these to see how much damage they actually do.

First One-Handed Weapon

Legendary Aspect

Vengeful Aspect: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a 50% chance to grant a 3% Critical Strike Chance up to 9%. This happens all the time so you’ll at least get a 9% Critical Strike Chance.


  • +Vulnerable Damage
  • +Core Skill Damage
  • +Damage to Chilled Enemies
  • +Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies

Second One-Handed Weapon

Legendary Aspect

Accelerating Aspect: This gives your Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman 25% increased Attack Speed when you critically strike so you’ll be able to fire Rapid Shots faster. 


  • +Core Skill Damage
  • +Damage to Slowed Enemies
  • +Vulnerable Damage
  • +Dexterity
Word of Hakan Amulet to Imbue Rain of Arrows with All Imbuements
Diablo 4 Marksman Rogue Build - Smiting Band to Increase Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
D4 Marksman Rogue Build - Edgemaster's Circle to Deal Increased Damage Based on Your Available Primary Resource



  • +Non-Physical Damage
  • +Ultimate Skill Damage
  • +Critical Strike Damage with Imbued Skills
  • +Ranks of All Imbuements

Unique Equipment

Word of Hakan: You basically have all Imbuements when using Rain of Arrows. But if you’re using Shadow Clone, you can replace it with something else.

First Ring

Legendary Aspect

Smiting Aspect: This makes it so that you have up to a 20% Critical Strike Chance against enemies below 35% Health. Also, while you’re over 80% Health, your Crowd Control Duration is up to 40%, which is great for this Frost Marksman D4 Rogue Build. 


Aspect of Corruption: If you’re not playing a Frost Build, I recommend replacing the Smiting Aspect with the Aspect of Corruption. This makes it so that your Imbuement Skill Effects have up to 40% increased potency against Vulnerable enemies. So if you’re using Shadow, this is going to him them harder and if you’re using Poison, you’ll be able to deal more damage on Poisoned targets.


  • +Cold Damage
  • +Maximum Life
  • +Critical Strike Chance
  • +Vulnerable Damage

Second Ring

Legendary Aspect

Edgemaster’s Aspect: This makes it so that when you have higher resources, you’re going to deal more damage, which happens all the time. 


Aspect of Inner Calm: This gives you up to a 30% damage increase the longer you stand still so it’s a great way to boost your damage.


  • +Vulnerable Damage
  • +Damage to Injured Enemies
  • +Critical Strike Chance
  • +Damage to Frozen Enemies


For gems, you’ll want to slot:

Paragon and Glyphs for the Rogue Build

When it comes to Paragon Boards, we are mainly going to aim for Rare Nodes that increase our damage output, as well as Glyphs that synergize with our Build. Please note that the order in which I get the Nodes is just a general guideline, and you can adjust it to your current needs.

First Paragon Board – Base

So you’re going to employ a similar strategy that you’ve done in the World Tier 3 version of this D4 Rogue Build by taking the Exploit Glyph, which has been moved to the first Paragon Board. Additionally, you’ll be unlocking every single Strength Node to further boost your Vulnerable Damage together with Damage to Injured Enemies, which are those with below 35% Health.

Exploit Glyph for the Marksman Rogue Build to Boost Vulnerable Damage

Second Paragon Board – Exploit Weakness

On your Second Paragon Board, you’ll take Exploit Weakness, which makes it so that when you deal damage to a Vulnerable enemy, they take increased damage from you. Apart from this Legendary Node, what you’ll really want are the Rare Node Passives like Artifice. This lets you have increased Vulnerable Damage, and if you have 270 Strength, you’re going to get additional 20% Vulnerable Damage. It also gives 10 Dexterity, which is fantastic.

Exploit Weakness Rogue Paragon Board to Increase Damage Against Vulnerable Enemies

Hunter Killer is also really good as it raises your damage to Elites as well as your Movement Speed after killing them. If you have up to 345 Dexterity, you’ll gain an extra 16% damage against them. 

Hunter Killer Rare Node for the Diablo 4 Rogue Build Marksman

The Glyph you’re going to place on your Second Paragon Board is determined by the Imbuement you’ve selected. For instance, if you’ve chosen Cold like I have then slotting the Control Glyph is what you should do. I get up to 110% damage against CCed enemies at Level 15 when I Freeze them. And then you’ll be able to deal increased damage thanks to the Frigid Finesse passive. 

Exploit Rare Node

If you’re going with Poison or Shadow Imbuement, then I suggest getting the Combat Glyph to considerably amplify your Critical Strike Damage with your Core Skill. But you’ll need to get this up to Level 15 to take advantage of its bonus effect. 

Third Paragon Board – Tricks of the Trade

For the next board, you’re going to take Tricks of Trade. I don’t want this Legendary Node but there are a lot of good Rare Node clusters here. First is Havoc, which increases your Critical Strike Damage and Physical Damage, which means all the shots you fire that aren’t Imbued. And you use Rapid Fire frequently imbued because you’re just applying Vulnerable while killing enemies really quickly. 

Havoc Rare Node for the Marksman to Increase Critical Strike Damage and Physical Damage

Additionally, there’s the Focused Node that grants more damage against Elites, and if you meet the secondary requirement, it’s up to 32% damage! So that’s 64% damage between this and the other nodes from the previous tree. Brawler isn’t also a bad node since a lot of times when you’re playing solo, you need to deal damage to close targets you just can’t get far enough away from. It even has Damage Reduction to Close Enemies to help keep you alive. And then up in the corner, there’s Ranger, which raises your Damage to Distant Enemies while lowering the damage you take from them. This is great because anything outside of the melee range is considered distant. 

Combat Glyph for the D4 Rogue Build to Raise Critical Strike Damage with Core Skills

For the glyph socket, this is going to be determined by your playstyle. So since I’m playing Cold, then I’ll place the Combat Glyph there because I have Control on my second board. However, if you have the Shadow Imbuement, you’d probably want to take Infusion, which makes it so that Imbued Skills deal increased damage. Because this is Shadow Damage, you really need to get it as high as you can with Shadow Attacks in order to cause those explosions and cause chain reactions. 

Alternatively, for Poison Imbuement, you’ll have to slot Bane, which makes it so that you deal increased Poison Damage and have a chance to deal double the amount of Poison Damage. 

Final Tips

Remember that attacking enemies and then applying Vulnerable will only give you a 3-second window so you want to try to burst them down as quickly as possible. This means that if you start hitting a target, be sure to focus on it. You don’t want to try and hit everything, otherwise, you’ll only end up weakening them. What will happen here is the Vulnerable effect will wear off so you’ll have a hard time killing enemies. 

D4 Rogue Build with Rapid Arrows

So that wraps up the Diablo 4 Rogue Build – Marksman. I hope I showed examples of how you can change the Build. 

Stay tuned for more Diablo 4 Guides as we continue our 70+ Builds. Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 Wiki for any other questions you have about the game and the Builds page if you are looking for more Diablo IV Builds, as well as our Ultimate Beginner Guide and All Classes Overview if you are looking for more Diablo 4 content!

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