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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Best Weapons For Every Vocation

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Best Weapons Guide, we’ll be talking about some of the best early and mid-game weapons you could acquire. We’ll be talking about the weapons, upgrade path for each weapon type, and finding the weapons. This article will contain everything you need to know about using weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Best Weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, weapons are equipment that the Arisen uses to deal damage to enemies. These can be obtained in different ways, such as enemy drops, chests, merchants, and quest rewards. Each vocation will have a different weapon type to use, like a fighter using swords and maces as a weapon. The weapon your character wields will also determine which skills can be used by your character.


Darkening Storm

This bow can be found in a chest located west of Checkpoint Rest Town. This is a strong early-game bow that costs no money to obtain. You should upgrade this bow in the Vermundian style since you can upgrade it early on in the game. The Battahli style is stronger than the Vermundian style, but you’ll get a better bow once you can upgrade it to Battahli, so I don’t recommend waiting for this upgrade path.

Dragon’s Blink

You can buy this bow from the smithy in Bakbattahl. You can upgrade it Battahli style while you’re there, as that is the strongest type of upgrade for bows.

Revenant Wail

You can obtain this bow in Volcanic Island Camp armory, which is further down the map in the game. The damage between Dragon’s Blink and Revenant Wail is almost negligible, considering how long it will take to progress to when you can obtain this bow.


Bolts from the Blue

In order to get these daggers, you’re going to Windworn Gully, northeast of Checkpoint Rest Town. You will find it inside a chest. This is a huge upgrade, as it is a powerful early game weapon and it costs no money. Since you’re going to use these for a while, you can upgrade it Vermundian style or Elven style. Vermundian style is better in general for daggers, as it increases physical damage more while Elven style increases magic damage.

Frosted Edges

You can find these daggers in the Coral Snakes’ Hideout. These daggers will hold up just fine until endgame, so make sure to upgrade these. I would recommend fully upgrading these daggers in the Elven style.


Cardinal Blaze

You can buy Cardinal Blaze in Sacred Arbor for 27,800G. You can upgrade this in the Elven style.


You can buy Tintreach in Sacred Arbor for 27,800G, same as Cardinal Blaze. You should be upgrading this in the Elven style, to maximize the magick gain from the upgrades.

Volant White

You can purchase this staff at the armory in Volcanic Island Camp. It costs 45,600G, but you’ll be able to buy this as you won’t be spending much gold before getting here. You can upgrade this and use it until you get to the endgame, or hold out for a better staff which we’ll talk about below.

Legion’s Might

You can obtain Legion’s Might by bringing a total of 180 Seeker’s Tokens to any Vocation Guild. It’s going to take a lot of time to obtain that amount of Seeker’s Token, so you’re going to be better off getting the Volant White instead for the meantime.

Swords & Maces

Silver Rapier

You’ll be able to find the Silver Rapier in a chest in the Pawn Guild Tower over in Vernworth. You won’t be spending any money on it, so you should get it immediately. I would recommend you upgrade this in the Vermundian style, as it will take quite a while before you buy another weapon or use another upgrade style.

Silver Cinquedea

You can buy this from the smithy in Bakbattahl for 39,200G. You should upgrade this a bit, as it will take quite some time before you get another upgrade.

The Exalted

If you don’t want to spend on upgrades for the Silver Cinquedea, you can directly head towards Drabnir’s Grotto to find The Exalted.

Molten Fury

This mace can be found in a chest inside Mountain Base Cave, which is close to where you found The Exalted. You can upgrade this or The Exalted, as these can be enough to use until you reach the endgame.


Daughter of the Evening

This shield is inside the Vernworth Castle vault. To get inside the vault, you need to distract the guard, which can be easier by throwing a barrel at her and hiding her someplace. This shield has the third highest knockdown power, with the top 2 being in the endgame. You should upgrade this as soon as you can, so Vermundian style would be the way to go.

Dragon’s Faith

You can obtain this by going to Dragonsbreath Tower. This will be the strongest shield you can use up until the endgame. I would highly recommend upgrading this in Dwarven style.



You can buy Meniscus over at Vernworth for 9,600G. There won’t be any good archistaves at the start of the game, so you can upgrade this for a bit. The best upgrade style will be the Elven for archistaves.

Plucked Heart

Plucked Heart can be purchased at the smithy in Checkpoint Rest Town for 24,500G.

Talarian White

Talarian White can be purchased in Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 28,000G. You can use this archistaff until you have enough gold to get Lion-Lord’s Archistaff from the same place.

Lion-Lord’s Archistaff

You can purchase this archistaff from Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 56,900G. This will be the best archistaff you’ll get until you reach the endgame.

Greatswords & Hammers


You can buy the Flamberge over at the smithy at Checkpoint Rest Town for 24,800G. It’s a decent weapon right as you start. You can upgrade this in the Vermundian style early on to get extra damage, as you will have no access to Battahli or Dwarven style.

Black Matter

You can obtain Black Matter inside a chest in Ancient Battleground. It’s not far off of Checkpoint Rest Town, so you can obtain it fast early on in the game. It has similar stats to the Flamberge. It’s also free, so you can save up on money and get this instead of the Flamberge.

Cyclopean Thunder

You can go to the Dark Beast Den, which is close to Bakbattahl, to obtain the Cyclopean Thunder. It has lightning properties on it, so you can stun enemies with it. You’ll be using it for a while, so you can upgrade this in the Battahli or Dwarven style. Dwarven style would be the best for hammers and greatswords, so you can hold out on the upgrades if you want to until you unlock the Dwarven style.


The Cinderspine can be found inside a chest in Mountain Base Cave. This is close to the Volcanic Island Camp. This hammer is a bit better than the Cyclopean Thunder. You’ll have the Dwarven style unlocked by that point, so you should be upgrading it in that style.


Dead Ringer

You’ll be able to obtain this by defeating the lesser dragon during the Melve attack. This will be the best duospear you’ll get at the beginning of the game, so this what you’re going to use until you reach the endgame.

If you missed getting this weapon, you can go to Dragonsbreath Tower at some point in the game to defeat a dragon. You can also buy this at the Volcanic Island Armory for 56,000G if you have no luck in getting this as a drop.

Infernal Edge

This is obtainable by going to the Ancient Battleground by opening a chest behind a locked door. You can access the chest by finishing the quest Toiled to Rest to receive the Ancient Battleground Key from Oskar. If you missed getting the Dead Ringer at the beginning, you’ll be using this duospear until you get to Bakbattahl.

Wings Asunder

Wings Asunder is purchasable at Arawan’s Arms in Bakbattahl for 32,000G.

Magickal Bows

Metered Catharsis

Metered Catharsis can be found by looting a chest in the Echoing Depths.

Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath can be bought in the Volcanic Island Armory over at Volcanic Island Camp for 55,900G. This will be the best magickal bow you’ll use up until you reach the endgame. You should be upgrading this in the Elven style to get the most magick upgrade out of it.


Whimsical Daydream

Whimsical Daydream can be obtained by finishing the Sphinx quest A Game Of Wits. This weapon can take you until you get into the endgame, so I wouldn’t recommend spending gold for any other censer. You should be upgrading this Elven style, as magick will increase your simulacrum’s health. You can also go for Battahli style, as this will increase your threat generation.

Final Thoughts on Weapons

These weapons listed are weapons that could potentially be used right until you reach the endgame. These can be used as boosts, or if you want to progress through the game optimally. The upgrades will still be based on how comfortable you are with the weapon, or what your character would need, what your preferences are. Hopefully, this guide will give you ideas on which weapons you want to use.

That concludes our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Early Game Weapon Guide, and we have many others as well for you to check out. You can use the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wiki as well if you have further questions.

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