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Diablo 4 Sorceress Build – Immortal Lightning

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build – Immortal Lightning – In this Diablo 4 Sorceress Class Build Guide I’ll show you how to play the Immortal Lightning Sorcerer/Sorceress, which is a close range Diablo 4 Sorceress Build that focuses on hitting multiple enemies with Lightning while they are Frozen and Vulnerable, and cannot attack you. If you’ve been looking for a Diablo 4 Sorceress Build that uses Lightning Skills, then this Build Guide is for you!

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build – Immortal Lightning

The general strategy with this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build is to Teleport into enemies dealing damage to them when you come out of Teleport, Freeze them with Frost Nova for 2 seconds, and then AoE them all down with Chain Lightning and Arc Lash while they are Frozen and cannot attack you. You can use Ice Armor to protect yourself while doing this, and you can use Unstable Currents when facing Bosses or large groups in order to gain extra damage.

Frost Nova in action.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build – Immortal Lightning Skill Distribution

Each Diablo 4 Sorceress Build is made up of the 6 Active Skills they have equipped and changing these Skills can drastically change the way the Sorceress Class in Diablo IV plays. In this section, we’ll take a look at what Skills you should slot for the Immortal Lightning Diablo 4 Sorceress Build. Your Skill distribution should look something like this:

SkillPoints Spent
 Arc Lash 3
 Chain Lightning 5
 Enhanced Chain Lightning 1
 Destructive Chain Lightning 1
 Teleport 1
 Enhanced Teleport 1
 Ice Armor 3
 Enhanced Ice Armor 1
 Mystical Ice Armor 1
 Frost Nova 1
 Enhanced Frost Nova 1
 Mystical Frost Nova 1
 Glass Cannon 3
 Icy Veil 3
 Unstable Currents 1
 Prime Unstable Currents 1

The above list gives you the general order to invest in Skills, but keep in mind that you should prioritize picking up new Skills over investing in passives, so pick up passives later if you can get new Skills when you level up.

How to Handle Packs of Enemies

There are really two different strategies to employ with this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build, and these change depending on whether or not you’re facing a large group of enemies or a Boss. Let’s start with a group of enemies first, and we’ll cover how to handle Bosses in the next section.

Ice Armor

Before Teleporting into combat, you’ll typically buff with Ice Armor in order to give you a Barrier equal to 30% of your Base Life, and to also give you Barrier equal to 10% of your damage dealt. This will protect you from damage, and once you have the Enhanced Ice Armor passive you will also gain 25% Mana Regeneration, allowing you to recover Mana much more quickly, which is sorely needed for this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build. Mystical Ice Armor also makes you gain 100% more Barrier when you damage Vulnerable enemies, as opposed to regular enemies, and we’ll accomplish this with Frost Nova so this is also a good pick up.


Once Ice Armor is up, you’ll Teleport into enemies, dealing damage around you when you appear in the middle of them. Make sure you Teleport into the middle as the damage isn’t dealt until you reappear, so it won’t hit enemies you Teleport through along the way. Teleport sets you up for Frost Nova, and we take the Enhanced Teleport skill to help reduce its cooldown a bit. Shimmering Teleport is also nice, but we have so much Barrier from Ice Armor that it isn’t needed early on, but definitely pick it up at some point.

Frost Nova

Once you’ve Teleported into enemies your first action with this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build should be Frost Nova in order to Freeze all enemies around you for 2 seconds. Frozen enemies cannot do anything to you, so this protects you from a lot of damage that you hit your Barrier. This gives you the opportunity to build up your Barrier even higher before they unthaw via dealing damage.

Enhanced Frost Nova reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds (up to 6 seconds) for each enemy killed while Frozen. Since that is our objective, this is a great passive to take as it will allow us to use Frost Nova much more often. Mystical Frost Nova also makes these enemies Vulnerable, which means they take 20% more damage by default, and more if you have bonuses on your gear that improve this, which you should look for. This will help you dispatch these enemies before they un-freeze.

We don’t really need the other Frost Nova upgrade, Shimmering Frost Nova, as we will have trouble maintaining damage on bosses without a reliable way to inflict Vulnerable on them.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build - Frost Nova

Chain Lightning

Now that enemies have been primed you will now employ Chain Lightning spam until all enemies are defeated. Chain Lightning hits up to 6 enemies, which is a good amount, but there are often far more than this on the screen so be sure to get them all as long as you have the Mana for it.

Enhanced Chain Lightning increases your Critical Strike chance per bounce of Chain Lightning, helping to boost the damage of the skill. And Destructive Chain Lightning gives you a chance to form Crackling Energy when your Chain Lightning Crits, which deals damage around it over time. We don’t consider taking Greater Chain Lightning as we want to avoid being hit, as this reduces our overall Barrier numbers.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build - Chain Lightning Core Skill

Arc Lash

Arc Lash is used when you are out of Mana in place of Chain Lightning and it swipes in a frontal cone. The passives are not necessary for the way we are setup since outright damage outweighs their effects, and because we have limited Skill Points in the Beta.

Diablo 4 Sorceress Build - Arc Lash Basic Skill

Immortal Lightning Sorceress Build: Handling Boss Fights

Boss fights are handled much the same way with this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build, but there are some key differences. First, you’ll use Arc Lash as your primary means of defeating bosses because Chain Lightning can hit you, and with no other enemies on the screen, it most certainly will. You can still use it if needed but just make sure your Ice Armor is up first.

You’ll want to use Ice Armor every time it’s off cooldown in order to mitigate some of the damage the boss does to you. Remember that damaging the boss will increase this Barrier, and that damaging the boss when they are Vulnerable will increase this Barrier even more, so aim to use Ice Armor after Frost Nova if you can.

Frost Nova doesn’t Freeze Bosses, but it does set Vulnerable on them, increasing the damage you deal to them, so it’s still viable. Additionally, the duration of Vulnerable is doubled to 8 seconds on Bosses, making it particularly good, so make sure you use this whenever it’s off cooldown in order to keep up this status effect as much as possible.

Unstable Currents

Unstable Currents makes this particular Diablo 4 Sorceress Build handle bosses much more easily. It makes it so for 10 seconds whenever you cast a Shock Skill you will cast another random Shock Skill. This allows you to double cast during this period, upping your burst damage tremendously. Once you take the Prime Unstable Currents passive this will also increase your Attack Speed by 25%, allowing you to spam Arc Lash even faster, allowing for even more double casts!

Final Tips

There are a ton of great Legendary Aspects for this Build that benefit from having a Barrier like Storm Swell Aspect that increases your damage against Vulnerable targets while you have a Barrier up. Conceited Aspect which just increases your damage while you have an active Barrier, and Aspect of the Protector which gives you a Barrier when you attack an Elite.

Glass Cannon is a great passive to take for this Diablo 4 Sorceress Build as it will increase your damage by 6% per point, and increase your damage taken by 3% per point. You have very good protection with this build because of Ice Armor and Frost Nova, so you benefit more from the extra damage. Killing things faster while they are Frozen actually prevents more damage, and speeds up your rotation so make sure to take this one, 3 points if possible.

Icy Veil is also a good pick up as it extends the duration of your Barrier by 5% per point. Longer Barriers means less damage directly to your HP, which helps facilitate this style of play. If you take Glass Cannon, this skill becomes even more valuable as a means to keep you alive longer.

Align the Elements is another excellent passive ability that you might want to consider as this skill reduces damage taken from elites by up to a whopping 50%! This passive could mean life or death just in case you don’t have Ice Armor up due to its lengthy cooldown. The skill does take a while to ramp up though, as the damage reduction starts out small but increases every second that an elite doesn’t hit you. Even just a 1-point investment is enough, as the maximum damage reduction doesn’t increase, only the damage reduction rate.

Conduction is another option to try in this Immortal Sorceress Build if you want to become speed incarnate. This, coupled with Teleport, will grant you a nice boost to mobility.

Surviving large groups of enemies will be quite easy with this Immortal Lightning build. Just be sure to keep on your toes and be always moving, be it by simply running up to your enemy, or casting teleport. Remember to always use Frost Nova to lock things in place, but only after casting Ice Armor so that you can make the most of the powerful Barriers.

Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 Wiki for any other questions you have about the game and the Builds page if you are looking for more Diablo IV Builds, as well as our Getting Started Guide and Best Class to Play in the Beta Guide if you are looking for more Diablo 4 content!

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