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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Best Warfarer Build For Combat And Exploration

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warfarer Build Guide, we’ll be talking about the best warfarer build for combat and exploration. This is my go-to build for exploring out on the landscape. It allows a good mix of exploration and combat, and it’s really strong. I’ll be discussing the skills, equipment, augments, and main pawn set-up to have an easier time following this build. This article will contain everything you need to know about my warfarer set-up.

Warfarer in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The warfarer is a new advanced vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Compared to other vocations, the warfarer has lower stats, which is sacrificed for the flexibility that this vocation allows players to have. This is a unique vocation as it offers a lot of versatility and adaptability to many different combat scenarios. You can switch your weapons to adjust to the situation, which makes playing warfarer a vocation for those that are willing to experiment with all the weapons and combinations available.


Endgame Warfarer Build Skills



We’ll be using rearmament so that we could swap between the magic bow and either a sorcerer, or a mage staff depending on how you want to set your warfarer up.


Sagittate Avalanche (Magick Archer)

This allows you to charge up a shot that shoots a lot of attacks in a row. Sagittate Avalanche significantly does more damage than a regular attack. Our set-up is built around the knockdown power, and this skill does a lot of it. Magick archers aren’t know for their knockdown power, so don’t sleep on this skill as a warfarer.


Ricochet Hunter (Magick Archer)

We’ll be using this skill as it is a strong cave clearer. Any time you explore a cave or tight spaces, you should be charging this up to full and firing it blindly to clear the space quickly. If you aren’t using this as a magick archer, you’re wasting half the potential of a magick archer, so make sure you have this skill. This’ll clear a cave in such a short time, which makes exploration easier for you.


Augural Flare (Sorcerer)

If you want to deal max damage out of this build, which you don’t necessarily need, you can use Augural Flare by using a sorcerer staff. Ideally, you want to use this to target weak points of enemies, then switch to your magick bow to charge up Sagittate Avalanche towards the weak point you targeted with Augural Flare.


Celerity (Mage)

You can use Celerity instead of Augural Flare to boost your speed. Celerity not only boosts your movement speed, which is great for exploration, but it also boosts the charge speed of your skills. You’ll notice Sagittate Avalanche, or even your regular attack, charges more quickly compared to when you don’t have Celerity. You’ll be dealing damage quicker with this.



Another reason why I like using the mage or sorcerer vocation alongside magick archer is that I also have access to the skill Levitate. This is a skill which is good for exploration, as it allows you to explore anywhere in the game. Playing as a warfarer just gives you a lot of versatility, as you can be strong in combat while also getting to explore every inch of the map.

Warfarer Equipment

Use these weapons while approaching endgame


Militant Dove (Magickal Bow)

You can purchase this from Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 48,000G. You’ll be using Militant Dove as even though it has slightly less damage than Dragon’s Breath, it has more knockdown power. It has 35 more knockdown power than Dragon’s Breath, which is what we want to complement Sagittate Avalanche. For upgrading this, you’ll want to go Dwarven style to get more knockdown power.


Anathema (Archistaff)

You’ll be using Anathema as its stats aren’t far off of Lion-Lord’s Archistaff, and you won’t be using an archistaff all the time. This is a cost-effective weapon to have as it doesn’t cost any gold to get. You can get this as a rare drop from a lich, or you can find it inside a chest in Dragonsbreath Tower. You want to upgrade this in Elven style to further increase the magick stat.


Lion-Lord’s Archistaff (Archistaff)

If you want to minmax your equipment going towards the endgame, you can get the Lion-Lord’s Archistaff instead. You can buy purchase this at Grisha’s Armory in Sacred Arbor for 56,900G.

Endgame upgrades


Blackwing Bow (Magickal Bow)

You can purchase this from armory vendors when you get to the endgame for 65,000G.


Grianmhar (Magickal bow)

You can get this bow from the Bay Wayside Shrine for 110 wyrmslife crystal and 75,000G.


For rings, you can use Ring of Quickening to increase your stamina recovery speed by 10%. You can wear two of these if you want, but I want to pair it with the Ring of Triumph. Ring of Triumph gives additional health, stamina, and carry weight capacity. These are quality of life things, so it allows for an easier set-up. Rings that give additional damage aren’t really that useful in my opinion, as this set-up already has enough damage.




Detection notifies you if there are Seeker’s Tokens or Wakestone Shards around you. You will eventually replace this once you have acquired all the Seeker’s Tokens.



This increases the damage you deal when the enemy isn’t in battle stance. You’ll be initiating a lot in combat, so this will give you a nice damage boost.



This boosts your maximum stamina by 150. You’ll have more stamina inside and outside of combat, so this is a good all-around augment to have.



Lethality increases the damage that you deal towards enemies’ weak points. You’ll be doing that a lot in this warfarer set-up, so this is an augment you should use.



Exaltation increases your stamina recovery speed by 10%. This is good both inside and outside of combat, so it’s good for the purpose of this build.



You’ll be able to sprint longer with this as this augment reduces stamina consumed while sprinting.

Endgame Warfarer Build Main Pawn Set-up

The main pawn for your warfarer will be a mage. Mages are the best pawns for me personally, as they can play the support role really well. The skills I have on my mage are High Solemnity, High Celerity, Argent Succor, and High Halidom.

As for the weapon, my mage pawn uses Legion’s Might. This is a strong magick staff for a mage at this point of the game. Legion’s Might also allows your mage pawn to revive themselves when rendered immobile, so that’s nice to have on a pawn.

Legion’s Might

For the armor, we’ll be using the best ones we can find at this point of the game. For my pawn’s headgear, I’ll be using Twilight Star as this is the best-in-slot for a mage. For the body and legs, I have the Charming Corset equipped on my pawn. This takes up both the body and legs slot of armor, but it’s really good at this point.

Twilight Star

Rings-wise, my pawn uses Ring of Articulacy and Ring of Quickening. One boosts the stamina recovery, and the other reduces the cast time of spells. I find that pawns don’t take advantage of the quick casting mechanic, so reducing the cast speed is good on a pawn.

Ring of Articulacy

Final Thoughts on the Warfarer Build

This warfarer build is an all-around build that’s good in both combat and exploration. Using this build has carried me through 50% or more of the game, so this is something I would highly recommend. If you want to have good damage in combat and good exploration potential, this build is definitely for you.

That concludes our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warfarer Endgame Build Guide, and we have many others as well for you to check out. You can use the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wiki as well if you have further questions.

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