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How To Have More Fun in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide, I’ll be giving more tips for you to have more fun playing Dragon’s Dogma 2. We’ll be talking about equipment weight, stamina management, and all the other things that can enhance your experience in playing through Dragon’s Dogma 2. I mentioned before that people are going to have a tough time figuring out and managing their inventory, weight, and stamina, which we’ll be addressing in this article. Make sure you also check out our DD2 Beginner Guide.

Essentials For An Adventure

Something you should always bring along with you is a Camping Kit. A camping kit can be used repeatedly, and it is extremely heavy so you should only bring one of these. I would recommend you store extra camping kits, as you will need more than one throughout the game. There will be a chance that you’ll get attacked while camping, so you might lose your camping kit and supplies. However, in my experience it is a very rare occurrence, so you can always grab another one if you do lose it. Also, since camping kits are heavy, make sure to store them on your pawns so you can have more inventory space to pick things up.

Elite Camping Kit

Also, you should bring ingredients so you can be able to cook while camping. Cooking can provide stat boosts to your attributes, and most importantly, stamina. Cooking meat makes it so that you will consume lesser stamina when you do actions that would cost you stamina.


One thing I would recommend for you to carry around is a Dragon’s Gaze. This item allows you to locate Wakestone Shards as it will mark them around your vicinity in the map. You can get one as a quest reward for completing The Nameless Village, although there are other ways of getting it. However, if you are using the Detection augment, you won’t be needing this item as it basically does the same thing as Dragon’s Gaze.

Dragon’s Gaze

For lantern oils, you’ll most likely be needing only one or two at a time. You’ll be back in town most likely before you can go through two lamp oils. Don’t bring more than that amount, so you won’t be adding excess weight to your character. You aren’t going to run out of oil regularly.

Lantern Oil


For consumables, make sure you have curatives. Personally, I like to have three or four just in case of emergency. These can be used if you need to heal yourself in a pinch. Generally speaking, you don’t want to bring a lot of curatives if you have a mage in your party. If you don’t have a mage, which you really should, you should consider bringing more than the normal amount you usually bring. Keep in mind that roborants are very light, so you can bring these instead of potions if you are conscious of your weight capacity.


If you don’t have a mage in your party, a Detoxifying Decoction is a must in case you get blighted. Blight lasts for a long time, and having no way to remove it can be annoying to deal with. If you have no Detoxifying Decoction, you need to rest to get rid of the blight, so that is one potion I would recommend you having.

Detoxifying Decoction

If you are playing as a mage, you should be carrying a Soothing Brew. Soothing Brew cures silence, a debilitation that prevents you from casting spells. Silence is one of the most annoying things that mages have to deal with, so it’s good to have a potion that removes it. If you’re playing as a sorcerer, you’ll most likely have a mage in your party which’ll help remove your silence.

Soothing Brew

Ferrystones and Wakestones

I would usually carry two or three Ferrystones, as that would be enough to get from point A to point B, and back again. I would also bring along two or three Wakestones in case an NPC dies when I’m doing a quest. You aren’t going to use a lot of these at a time, so it’s best to put them in storage instead of adding weight to your character.

Weapons and Armor

Don’t carry excess equipment in your inventory. If you have extra weapons, armors, and rings in your inventory, you should be putting it in your storage. Anything you don’t need, or you can’t currently equip, put it in your storage. If you feel like you want to swap your gear, you can do so by going to town and swapping there instead.

If you’re playing as an archer, you shouldn’t bring a lot of arrows of each type. Arrows have a weight in your inventory, so just bring the normal amount of arrows you typically use.

Inventory Management

There are various ways of increasing your carry weight. First, you can use the augment Thew which enables you to carry additional weight. You can unlock this by leveling your warrior to level six. Second, you can find Golden Trove Beetles all over the map. These beetles increase your carry weight by 0.15kg when you consume one. You can use the interactive map to find all the beetles around the map, or you can keep an eye out for them. Lastly, there are rings that increases your carry weight or equip load by a significant amount. For example, a Ring of Accrual will increase your maximum weight capacity by 5. You can do these things so you aren’t constantly heavy all the time.

Golden Trove Beetle

Another tip is to always mind your character’s weight. The heavier you are, the more stamina you’ll consume and the slower your stamina recovery will be. You don’t want to be heavy, so you should always manage your character’s inventory so you wouldn’t have this problem.

Whenever you go into town, you should be dumping your excess equipment, crafting materials, and anything you picked up into your storage. You should always do this before going out of town so that you’ll be as light as possible before leaving.

Tips For Stamina Management

There are a couple of ways you can increase your stamina so you don’t run out of it quickly when you go into combat or explore the landscape. You can equip rings that increase your maximum stamina, such as Ring of Momentum or Ring of Triumph. Leveling up also increases your stamina, so the higher your level is, the more stamina you have. Using the Endurance augment from the archer vocation will also increase your maximum stamina by 150. Increasing your stamina won’t make you deal more damage, but you will be more effective both inside and outside of combat.

Ring of Triumph

You can also improve your stamina recovery so that your stamina replenishes quicker. Equipping rings such as Ring of Quickening will help increase your stamina recovery speed by 10%. You can also use the Exaltation augment from the mage vocation, but you can only unlock it at level 9. The mage’s ultimate skill, Celesteal Paean, also increases your stamina recovery. If you’re playing as a mage, Celerity increases your action speed, which means you consume less stamina for distance covered while sprinting.

Ring of Quickening

Another tip for stamina management is to sheathe your weapon while sprinting when you’re not in combat. You consume more stamina when you sprint if you have your weapon out. It may not seem like it at first, but it is noticeable once you’ve seen the difference.

Augments for Stamina Management

You also use the Athleticism augment from the mystic spearhand vocation. This augment makes you consume 10% less stamina when sprinting. If you have stamina management issues, this is a good augment to have on your character.


Dynamism is an augment you can unlock once you reach level 9 in warfarer. It reduces the effect of your weight towards your movement speed. It will also reduce the strain of weight towards your stamina. It’s not something you can use immediately, so it’s a good goal to set your eyes on.


Weapon and Armor Upgrades

Upgrading your gear, except for the Dwarven style, will lighten the weight of the equipment you are upgrading. Wyrmfire smithing will reduce the equipment’s weight by half, while also greatly increasing the equipment’s power and efficacy. This is a great way to reduce your character’s weight, especially if you have a vocation using heavy equipment.

You can get the Wyrmfire style enhancement by going to Bay Wayside Shrine. You’ll be spending Wyrmslife Crystal to get the Wyrmfire upgrade for your equipment. You can farm the crystals by killing drakes you find throughout the game.

Wyrmslife Crystal


As mentioned in the previous article, portcrystals are a good way of moving around the map without making exploration a chore. Make sure to put your portcrystals down in good locations and buy ferrystones regularly from vendors in town. You won’t run out of ferrystones if you regularly restock when you visit a town.




Fugacity is an augment that reduces the chances of you getting attacked when using an oxcart or camping. This’ll make your experience playing Dragon’s Dogma 2 easier, as there’s nothing more annoying than getting interrupted by mobs while trying to get to an area using an oxcart. I would highly recommend using this augment for quality-of-life improvements, just to ease some of the frustrations this game can cause.

Dealing With Missing NPCs

You might have trouble finding NPCs you need to talk to to access quests, unlock maister skills, increase reputation. You might have encountered them in the game a few times, but they aren’t at the specified location in the game or in the wiki. You’ll get frustrated trying to fix it by doing anything and everything you can. What I would recommend for these situations is to go to the location where they should be, save your game, and load it. I don’t know why this works, but this seems to fix it most of the time. This has saved me from a lot of frustration trying to find NPCs, or even enemies you want to fight.

Final Thoughts

I can say that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is worth playing, as I always have fun whenever I play the game. I know there can be frustrating mechanics and bugs in the game, and these are the ways I have dealt with it. Hopefully, these tips can help you deal with the frustrating aspects of the game, as Dragon’s Dogma 2 really is a game where you’ll have a blast if you give it a chance.

That concludes our article on How To Have More Fun Playing Dragon’s Dogma 2, and we have many others as well for you to check out. You can use the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wiki as well if you have further questions.

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