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Lann Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

Lann Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Lann Build Guide I’m going to break down the best Attributes, Skills, Feats, Ki Powers, Mythic Path and Equipment you should focus on to make the most out of Lann. With this Companion, I’ll be going for the pure Zen Archer Monk Build, which allows you to deal the most damage possible without the need to engage in multiclassing. If you’re looking for a Ranged DPS Build that can easily destroy enemies while having excellent Armor Class (AC), then this beginner-friendly Lann Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide is for you!

Flurry of Blows in Combat Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Lann Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

Lann is not your typical Monk since he’s a much more effective ranged combatant. His Build focuses on being stealthy at the start of an encounter to surprise enemies, closely followed by shooting arrows from his Bow.

Surprise Attack in Combat Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Specifically at Level 5, Lann gains Ki Arrows that allows him to use his fists instead of arrows to deal massive damage. The higher the level and the bigger his size is, the more potent Unarmed Strike becomes as compared to his Weapon.

Note that this Zen Archer Monk Feature is automatically implemented, which means that you won’t be activating it prior to the start of an encounter. However, even if you use Unarmed Strike for damage, you still utilize your Bow for attacks, specifically the Enhancement Bonuses you get and for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction (DR).

At Level 1, you automatically receive the following Feats, Proficiencies and Abilities:

  • Hunter – Adds Lore (Nature) and Perception to his Skills, which we won’t be enhancing further in this Build. Additionally, you gain proficiency with Shortbows and Longbows.
  • Unarmed Strike – Increases the damage dealt with Unarmed Strikes as influenced by Lann’s level and size. At Level 20, you deal 2-20 damage as a Medium-Sized Mongrel, which is much more potent versus any Bow.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike – Deal additional Bludgeoning Damage with Unarmed Attacks without provoking Attacks of Opportunity.
  • AC Bonus – Gains extra Wisdom Bonus for his AC and Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD). At Level 20, you receive a maximum of +5 bonus.
  • Monk Proficiencies – Increases the number of Weapons you become proficient with such as Light and Heavy Crossbows, Shortswords, and Javelins, to name a few. Remember, that you still don’t get any Armor or Shield Proficiency.
  • Combat Reflexes – Raises the number of Attacks of Opportunity you make, regardless if you’re flat-footed or not, depending on your Dexterity Bonus.
  • Perfect Strike – Allows you to make two Attack Rolls. Similar to D&D 5E’s Advantage, you’ll take the higher result between them.
  • Point-Blank Shot – Receives +1 Attack and Damage Roll Bonuses with Ranged Weapons of up to 30 ft.
  • Zen Archer Weapon Proficiency – Adds Composite Longbows and Shortbows to your list of proficient Weapons.
  • Flurry of Blows – Provides you with additional attacks that utilize your highest Base Attack Bonus (BAB) every time. In order to activate Flurry of Blows, you’ll have to use your full-attack action in a single turn without moving. Note that you can only use your Bow Attacks, so you can’t switch to Unarmed Attacks to deal damage up close. If you kill your target yet you still have remaining attacks left, and as long as you don’t perform a Movement Action, you’ll be able to automatically use them on another enemy, beside the creature you just eliminated.

By the time you reach Level 20, you’ll be able to attack 7 times a round thanks to your BAB, Flurry of Blows, and Ki Power: Extra Attack. As a result, you can kill several weak to average enemies in a single turn. This, together with dealing great Unarmed Strike Damage, are the reasons to go pure for this Zen Archer Monk Build because you’re able to guarantee the deadly damage you inflict from a distance. What’s more is you end up having a very high AC since both of your Dexterity and Wisdom Modifiers apply to it, together with the AC Bonus you receive as a Monk, which other Ranged Classes like Rangers, aren’t capable of.

Going back to Flurry of Blows, you also have the option to add your Strength Bonus to Damage Rolls as long as you equip a Composite Bow. All these things combined make Lann a “Machinegun Archer” who can attack more than one enemy a turn from the very beginning of the game, which is absolutely deadly.

Flurry of Blows Zen Archer Monk Feat Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Remember that you can’t use Rapid Shot or Manyshot with Flurry of Blows so we won’t be selecting either of them for this Build.

Attributes | Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

For this Lann Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide, starting at Level 4 and after every four levels, you’ll be able to add 1 point to any of your Attributes. With Lann, you have an ideal Attribute Spread so all you have to do is to enhance them further to deal the most amount of Ranged Damage with your Unarmed Strikes. At Level 4, you’ll want to add 1 Wisdom since starting at Level 3, Lann uses his Wisdom Modifier when attacking with his Bow. And it’s also added to his AC, which makes it harder for enemies to hit him. With the Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2, you should have 20 Wisdom with a +5 modifier.

Attributes at Level 20 Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Next is Strength, which you can increase by 3 points total at Levels 8, 12, and 16 to deal great damage. Thanks to the Racial Bonus you get from being a Mongrel as well as the Belt of Physical Flow +2, you’ll end up having 22 Strength with a +6 modifier.

Belt of Physical Flow +2 Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Lastly, you should invest 1 point into Dexterity at Level 20. Your Dexterity Modifier improves AC, much like your Wisdom Modifier. Similar to Wisdom, you ought to have 20 Dexterity with a +5 modifier.

Skills | Lann Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

When it comes to Skills in this Lann Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build Guide, it’s ideal to focus on Stealth, Mobility and Athletics. Activating Stealth before approaching enemies allows him to surprise them. Surprise Attacks are advantageous to your party because for one full round, each member is able to prepare for the fight, whether they intend to move closer to their targets in order to hit them in succeeding rounds or to curse and damage them. During this time, since they’ve been caught unaware, they won’t be able to perform any action.

Skills at Level 20 Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Next is Mobility, which lets you cross bridges with ease. This means that your party is able to travel to “unreachable places” without suffering HP losses. Mobility is important especially at higher levels when you frequently have to pass by difficult terrain. Similarly, we have Athletics. It allows you to move boulders or heavy bookshelves to reveal hidden paths.

All of these Skills work well together due to your good Strength and Dexterity Bonuses.

Feats | Lann Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

From Levels 3 to 20, you’ll be able to choose 9 Feats for Lann with 1 Feat at every other level. You’ll focus on dealing damage with your Ranged Unarmed Strikes and Ki Powers. This powerful Build lets you eliminate enemies efficiently thanks to the number of attacks you’re able to execute in a single turn.

Enlarge Person in Combat Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Starting at Level 3, you ought to take these important Feats in the following order:

  • Deadly Aim – Significantly boosts your Ranged Damage Rolls, allowing you to inflict more damage for every attack you make. Starting at Level 4 and onward, the bonuses you receive increases, thereby enhancing your damage. However, this doesn’t come without a price. You also take an iterative penalty to your Attack Rolls but it shouldn’t be an issue since you’re able to attack multiple times per turn and your Wisdom Modifier is high.
  • Improved Initiative – Get a +4 Initiative Check Bonus to increase your chances of going first in Combat. In the event that enemies do surprise us, we want to improve the chances of Lann attacking first and obliterating them.
  • Clustered Shot – Significantly enhances your total damage. Clustered Shot lets you add all of the damage from each of the attacks you make before subtracting your target’s DR. Just make sure that you’ll use full attack.
  • Stealthy – Increases Mobility and Stealth Skill Check Bonuses.
  • Hammer the Gap – Deal extra damage based on the number of successful hits you’re able to inflict on the target. Note that the hits need to be consecutive for this damage to be powerful.
  • Toughness – Increases your max HP.
  • Crane Style – Gain +1 Dodge Bonus when you activate Fighting Defensively. Additionally, the penalty you receive for Attack Rolls decreases from -4 to -2. Crane Style is useful to improve your AC in challenging situations such as in boss fights.
  • Critical Focus – Bolsters your chances of confirming your Critical Attack Roll.
  • Blinding Critical – Permanently blind your target on a Critical Hit. If the enemy succeeds their Fortitude Saving Throw, they’ll be temporarily dazzled instead.

If you’ve noticed, I didn’t include Snap Shot in this list since you automatically get it at Level 9. This Feat lets you threaten when enemies are near you in order to execute Attacks of Opportunity when wielding a ranged weapon.

Snap Shot Feat at Level 9 Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

As a Zen Archer Monk, you get 5 Bonus Feats, which don’t stack with your regular Feats. The advantages of having them include gaining earlier access to some Feats as well as selecting extra ones that synergize very well with this Build. For instance, Improved Precise Shot has a BAB require of 11. We’re able to get this much earlier even when our BAB is 6.

  • Precise Shot – Prevents you from incurring an Attack Roll penalty when you shoot a target who is engaged in Melee Combat.
  • Improved Precise Shot – Ignore your miss chance against enemies that are partially concealed like from the effects of Blur or Fog.
  • Dodge – Gain a +1 Dodge Bonus for your AC.
  • Improved Critical – Doubles your Bow’s threat range to improve the chances of pulling off Critical Hits.
  • Combat Mobility – Receive Dodge Bonuses to AC when you move in and out of any threatened area.

Ki Powers | Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Instead of Spells, Zen Archer Monks have Ki Powers, which they can activate based on the number of Ki Pool Points they have. These points are calculated as ½ of your Monk Level plus your Wisdom Modifier. From Levels 4 to 20, you’ll be able to select 8 Ki Powers. Note that the first 4 Ki Powers have to be in order.

  • Barkskin – Receives an Enhancement Bonus to improve AC. At Level 12, you’ll receive the +5 maximum bonus. Note that this doesn’t stack with the Amulet of Natural Armor +3 since they essentially have the same bonus type. As such, it’s best to take this Ki Power because it’ll provide you with a higher AC.
  • Wholeness of Body – Lets you heal yourself.
  • Restoration – Dispel temporary Ability Damage while restoring Ability Score points lost as a result of that same damage.
  • Diamond Soul – Gains Spell Resistance.

Ki Power Diamond Soul Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

You’ll notice that these Ki Powers are related to either buffing up your defenses or restoring you from damage. Avoid taking those that deal damage such as Ki Power: Scorching Ray because you can only attack with this once and the damage you inflict is much lower compared to your Bow Attack + Unarmed Strike Damage duo. You can then choose the other four, and in whichever order you prefer.

Mythic Path

You can pick 10 Mythic Abilities and Feats in any order to make Lann much more powerful in combat. For Mythic Abilities, you should acquire the following:

  • Distracting Shots – Inflicts an AC penalty against Melee Attacks, which your frontliner allies can take advantage of.
  • Ranging Shots – Stack Bonuses due to missed Ranged Attacks. This lets you improve your succeeding attacks to finally hit the enemies.
  • Abundant Ki – Increases Ki Pool Points.
  • Ever Ready – Receive Attack and Damage Roll Bonuses after performing an Attack of Opportunity.
  • Expose Vulnerability – Deal additional Divine Damage after successfully hitting a target for a third time. This is useful against those with high HPs.

For Mythic Feats, you’re going to select the ones that significantly enhance your Initiative Checks, Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Damage while ensuring that your AC is considerably high. Specifically, you should aim for the following in this order:

  • Deadly Aim (Mythic)
  • Dodge (Mythic)
  • Improved Initiative (Mythic)
  • Point-Blank Shot (Mythic)
  • Weapon Focus (Mythic)

Weapon Focus (Mythic) Mythic Feat Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR


For Lann’s Weapon, you’ll want to stick with one type of Bow to enhance its capabilities further based on the Feats you choose. This is valid for Way of the Bow, Point-Blank Master, and Improved Critical Feats. You can opt for a Composite Longbow or Shortbow like the Entrapping Longbow or Hunter’s Assurance, respectively. Composite Bows let the Zen Archer add their Strength Modifier for increased damage. What’s valuable with these is the Enhancement Bonus they provide that adds to your total damage. If you’re still having trouble hitting targets at earlier levels, it’s best to equip a Masterwork Bow to receive a +1 Attack Roll Bonus.

Hunter's Assurance Composite Shortbow Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Additionally, remember to bring 2-4 Bows made out of different materials for the purposes of swapping between them to overcome enemy DR. This is essential because you can’t make use of Ki Strikes since you won’t switch to Unarmed Attacks.

Ki Strike Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Since Lann isn’t proficient with Armor, he’ll be wearing a Robe instead, particularly the Robe of Order. This increases your Ki Pool by 2 points while providing you with Attack Roll Bonuses.

Robe of Order Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

When it comes to Accessories, it’s important to equip the Bracers of Armor +5 and Ring of Protection +3 to boost AC. Meanwhile, Cloak of Resistance +3 enhances your Saving Throws against the effects of Magical Attacks. As mentioned in the Attributes Section, you’ll also need to wear the Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 and Belt of Physical Flow +2 to improve Wisdom, Strength and Dexterity.

Final Tips

Lann’s Build focuses on dealing great damage using the Flurry of Blows Ability. This Ability allows him to make 3 out of 6 of his attacks at maximum BAB when making a Full Attack (and 4 of 7 if he uses Ki Power: Extra Attack), which is even better than combining Rapid Shot and Manyshot. This is the reason we use a Composite Bow, Deadly Aim and pump Strength for extra damage, because we aren’t worried about him missing subsequent attacks.

Make sure to cast Enlarge Person on Lann if you have a caster like a Shaman in your party to increase his size. This greatly improves the base damage he deals with his Unarmed Strikes from 2d10 as a Medium-Sized Monk to 4d8 as a Large-Sized Monk at Level 20.

Unarmed Strike Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

You’ll have to carefully plan out your Feats since there are only a limited number of Bonus Feats you can pick from. This is the reason why I didn’t get Dodge and Improved Critical earlier, otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize the ones you really need.

Lastly, activate Ki Power: Extra Attack before you attack and if you have no intention of moving during your turn. Or else, you’ll waste this as well as your Ki Pool Points. Preserve Extra Attack for challenging enemies since you don’t have an unlimited number of points at your disposal.

Ki Power Extra Attack Lann Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Stay tuned for more of these Companion Build Guides and be sure to check our Twitch Channel or the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Wiki if you have questions on the game! What did you think of this guide? Which Companion would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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