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Wenduag Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

Wenduag Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Wenduag Build Guide, I’m going to break down the best Archetypes to multiclass with, Attributes, Skills, Feats, Mythic Path and Equipment you should take for Wenduag to make her Melee Build as lethal as possible. With this Companion, we’ll be multiclassing with the Archaeologist Bard and Dragon Disciple to significantly boost our Strength. If you’re looking for an effective DPS Build that deals massive Melee Damage using a Reach Weapon, then this Wenduag Build Guide is for you.

Wenduag in Combat Against Minagho Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Wenduag Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

Wenduag’s Build is mostly focused on improving damage to be able to eliminate enemies quickly. On the other hand, her attacks are penalized due to the Power Attack Feat, in exchange for more damage. However, it’s still decent as she’s able to take advantage of a lot of other Feats, regardless of multiclassing, to compensate for this. Wenduag also has commendable Armor Class (AC) that can further be enhanced depending on the Equipment she wears.

Wenduag in Combat at the Gray Garrison Basement Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

At Level 1, Wenduag automatically has the following Feats, Proficiencies and Abilities:

Multiclassing | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

At Level 5, you’ll be multiclassing with the Archaeologist Bard first. The idea is to then multiclass with the Dragon Disciple Prestige Class in order to gain significant boosts for your Strength Attribute. As a result, you’re able to raise the chances of successfully hitting enemies with Melee Attacks while dealing much more damage. The greater the damage, the faster it is for Wenduag to kill and to switch onto the next enemy.

You’ll need to dip 1 level into the Bard Class and to attain a rank of 5 for the Knowledge (Arcana) Skill, only for the purposes of unlocking this Prestige Class.

Archaeologist Bard at Level 5 Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

With the Bard, you can buff yourself with Archaeologist’s Luck one to two times per day, depending on your level, before the start of an encounter. Archaeologist’s Luck is a Swift Action, which means that you can do a Full Action in the same turn such as attacking your target. It provides you with +1 Luck Bonus on Attack Rolls, Weapon Damage Rolls, and Saving Throws.

At Levels 6 to 9, you’ll multiclass with Dragon Disciple where you’ll specifically get these important features:

  • Draconic Bloodline Arcana – Red – Provides you with Fire Resistance at Level 3.
  • Dragon Resistances – Gains a resistance against Fire Damage, which is predominant in the game. You also receive a +1 Natural Armor Bonus to AC, which stacks with the Natural Armor Increase Feature.
  • Natural Armor Increase – Gain +2 Natural Armor Bonuses to AC.
  • Ability Boost Strength – Gains a total of +4 Strength Score.
  • Bonus Feat (Toughness) – Raises your max HP.
  • Dragon Bite – Gains a Bite Attack, which also accounts for your Strength Modifier.

Dragon Disciple Prestige Class Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Remember that when you level up as a Dragon Disciple, the Spells you choose won’t matter since we’ll focus on building the Melee Damage dealt by Wenduag with a Reach Weapon. We won’t be able to cast Spells anyway due to our low Charisma.

Attributes | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Starting at Level 4 and after every four levels, you’ll be able to add 1 point to any of your Attributes. With Wenduag, you’ll only improve one Attribute and that’s Strength, which contributes to the success of her Melee Attack and Damage Rolls. This is vital since she only has a base Strength of 16 when you recruit her. After adding 4 points into this Attribute at levels 4, 8, 12 and 16, together with the +4 boost from Dragon Disciple, you’ll be able to get 24 Strength with a modifier of +7. You won’t be able to utilize the last point since it won’t raise any of the modifiers you need.

Attributes at Level 20 Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

You can further enhance Strength and Constitution by equipping belts like the Belt of Physical Might. Raising your Constitution is important since it increases your max HP while improving your Fortitude Saving Throws to resist poison and disease.

Among the 6 Attributes, Wenduag’s Dexterity is inherently high at 20 with a modifier of +5. Given her Fighter Class, she has proficiency with any Armor. In our case, it’s best to equip Heavy Armor to boost our AC as much as possible. It may seem counterintuitive since this Armor Type limits your Max Dexterity. However, given Wenduag’s Armor Training Feature, she’s able to add at most +4 Dexterity Modifier to her AC by the time she reaches Fighter Level 15.

Armor Training Feature for the Fighter Class Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Additionally, her speed is not hampered by the Heavy Armor’s weight and her Armor Check Penalty, which reduces the effectiveness of some of her Skills, is also decreased.

Skills | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

When it comes to Wenduag’s Skills, you’ll invest in two Skills, namely Athletics and Mobility, since you don’t get that many points every time you level up unlike other Classes. Both of these allow you to move heavy objects to help NPCs or reveal hidden paths, jump longer distances, traverse difficult terrain with ease, and walk towards enemies to attack them without triggering Attacks of Opportunity.

Skills at Level 20 Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Feats | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

From Levels 3 to 19, you’ll be able to choose 16 Feats for Wenduag with 1 Feat at every level as long as you continue to upgrade her Fighter Class. Note that 7 of them are Bonus Feats, which don’t stack with regular Feats.

Wenduag in Combat Against Hosilla Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

These are the important ones you ought to take in order:

  • Power Attack – Gain +2 Melee Damage Roll Bonuses at the cost of receiving a -1 penalty on Melee Attack Rolls and Combat Maneuver Checks (CMC). This is a good tradeoff considering that when your Base Attack Bonus (BAB) reaches +4 and then every four levels thereafter, your damage bonus continues to increase by +2. Since you’re attacking with a Two-Handed Weapon, specifically a Glaive, this bonus is then increased by 1.5x. Make sure to activate Power Attack prior to hitting your enemies.
  • Cleave – Allows you to attack two adjacent enemies within reach using your full BAB provided you’re able to hit your original target. Up until your next turn, however, you receive a -2 AC penalty. This penalty shouldn’t be a problem since your AC is decent. Similar to Power Attack, Cleave has to be activated beforehand.
  • Cleaving Finish – Lets you perform another Melee Attack in the same round that you’ve successfully killed an enemy. Note that your second attack isn’t limited to how near your next target is in relation to the first one as long as they’re within reach.

Wenduag Cleave in Gray Garrison Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

The idea here is that Cleave and Cleaving Finish are excellent Feats to get at earlier levels due to the presence of relatively weaker enemies. Specifically with Cleaving Finish, being able to greatly diminish their HP yields a second attack in the hopes of eliminating another one of their own. Just note that as the enemies become more challenging, Cleaving Finish won’t proc as often. This is the reason why in the next Feats, we’ll be focusing on other capabilities to enhance survivability as well as single-target attacks and damage.

  • Dodge – Adds +1 Dodge Bonus to your AC.
  • Improved Initiative or Outflank (Teamwork Feat) – Raises the chances of going first in combat. Alternatively, if you have another ally who utilizes a Melee Build and has Outflank, you both gain +4 Attack Roll Bonuses when you’re flanking the same enemy. Furthermore, when one of you performs a Critical Hit, it will trigger an Attack of Opportunity against the same target from the other teammate.

By this time, you’ll have identified the Melee Weapon you’re comfortable wielding, which brings us to Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization.

  • Weapon Focus (Glaive) – Gains a +1 Attack Roll Bonus using a Glaive.
  • Weapon Specialization (Glaive) – Gains a +2 Damage Roll Bonus using a Glaive.
  • Combat Mobility – Receives a +4 Dodge Bonus to AC when you move in and out of a threatened area. You need Combat Mobility since you’re still susceptible to Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Greater Weapon Focus (Glaive) – Gains a +1 Attack Roll Bonus.
  • Blind Fight – Improves your chances of hitting partially concealed enemies while disregarding the bonuses they get when they perform Melee Attacks against you.
  • Heavy Armor Focus – Adds +1 AC Bonus when wearing Heavy Armor.
  • Combat Reflexes –  Raises the number of Attacks of Opportunity you’re able to perform per round to at most 5 since it’s based on your Dexterity Bonus. You’re able to execute this even when you’re flat-footed.
  • Greater Weapon Specialization (Glaive) – Receives a +2 Damage Roll Bonus, which stacks with Weapon Specialization.
  • Penetrating Strike – Ignores a portion of the enemy’s Damage Reduction (DR), which a lot of them have.
  • Iron Will – Receives a +2 bonus on your Will Saving Throws, which is Wenduag’s lowest Save.
  • Improved Critical (Glaive) – Doubles your Weapon’s threat range to improve your chances of dealing Critical Hits. Rather than having 20(x3), your Glaive’s new threat range becomes 19-20(x3). It isn’t significant but it’s a better option for this good Reach Weapon.

Mythic Path | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

You can then pick 10 Mythic Abilities and Feats in any order to maximize Wenduag’s Melee DPS Build. For Mythic Abilities, you should acquire the following:

  • Unrelenting Assault – Receive cumulative Damage Roll Bonuses as long as you perform a Melee Attack per turn.
  • Ever ReadyGain Attack and Damage Roll Bonuses every time you execute an Attack of Opportunity.
  • Mythic Charge – Deal additional Divine Damage with your Charge Attacks.
  • Leading Strike – Leave a mark on your enemy. When an ally attacks the same target, they deal additional Divine Damage.
  • Unstoppable – Lessen the side effects of conditions. For instance, rather than feeling frightened, you’re shaken instead.

For Mythic Feats, you’re going to select the ones that considerably enhances her Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, Critical Multiplier, AC, and HP, particularly the Mythic versions of Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Improved Critical, Dodge, and Toughness.

Weapon Specialization (Mythic) Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Equipment | Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

When it comes to Wenduag’s Weapon, you’ll want to equip a Reach Weapon like a Glaive, which deals excellent damage, in order to perform Melee Attacks at a relatively safer distance of 6 ft. from the target. This way, you lessen the chances of provoking Attacks of Opportunities. Additionally, your threatened area is larger, meaning, if your enemies are within 6 ft. of you, you’ll be able to easily hit them.

Dark Horn Glaive Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

For Armor, make sure to wear Heavy Armor that significantly boosts your AC such as the Half-plate of Vigor or Carapace. Even if we’re wielding a Reach Weapon, we don’t want to sacrifice our defenses.

Half-plate of Vigor Heavy Armor for Wenduag Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

Lastly, in order to improve your AC and Saves as well as your Attributes, wear the best versions of the Amulet of Natural Armor, Ring of Protection, Cloak of Resistance, and Belt of Physical Might.

Final Tips

Wenduag’s Build has additional features that improve her resilience and performance in combat. At Fighter Level 2, you gain access to Bravery, which grants you Will Save Bonuses against fear. Note that this is one of the most common conditions at earlier levels so you’ll definitely benefit from it.

On the other hand, you also have Weapon Training in order to augment attacks and damage. For this one, it’s best to pick the Weapon Training for Polearms since you’re going to attack using a Glaive, coupled with Armed Bravery and Fighter’s Reflexes to enhance Will and Reflex Saves, rather than choosing a secondary Weapon Group to focus on.

Armed Bravery Under Weapon Training for the Fighter Class Wenduag Companion Build Pathfinder WotR

If you have a caster in the party, frequently use the Enlarge Person Spell on Wenduag to lengthen her reach and to make her damage more potent and deadly. She does receive AC and Attack Roll penalties, but it’s not enough to be concerning. Plus, her bonuses will compensate for these.

Lastly, be careful with taking other Cleave Feats like Great Cleave and Improved Cleaving Finish since there are many challenging enemies at higher levels. As such, you won’t be able to trigger these Feats as often as you’d like so these won’t be effective in the long run.

Stay tuned for more of these Companion Build Guides and be sure to check our Twitch Channel or the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Wiki if you have questions on the game! What did you think of this guide? Which Companion would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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