Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – How to get every Soulbound Weapon
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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – How to get every Soulbound Weapon

Soulbound weapons are the most powerful set of weapons in the game. In this guide I will explore each of the Soulbound Weapons and where to find them, as well as the unique abilities that will be acquired once they are upgraded.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Soulbound Weapon Locations

It’s important to note each weapon has its own upgrade path that requires you to do specific tasks. Requirements can vary from damage dealt, killing certain number of enemies, afflictions caused etc.. After completing these requirements a new weapon level will unlock in-turn upgrading weapon quality and granting unique abilities, making these weapons a must have.

Lord Darryn’s Voulge

Lord Darryn’s Voulge binds with Barbarian, Druid and Fighter Classes and Multiclasses. Upgrading this weapon will give you these abilities:

Ball Lightning – grants “Ball Lightning” 1/rest
Bolting Strikes – 10% chance to apply Lightning Strikes on hit
Static Thunder – on hit: apply stack of Static Thunder, on crit: consume stacks of Static Thunder in small AoE to do 5 shock damage per consumed stack
Barbarian: Modifies Static Thunder – Static Thunder also disorients enemies
Fighter: Gathering Storm – cast a random storm spell when you drop below 50% hp, 1/encounter
Druid: Storm Mastery – add +3 to storm power levels


Soulbound pollaxe Lord Darryn’s Voulge can be obtained by searching shipwreck on an island located South East of Neketaka.

Marux Amanth

Marux Amanth binds with Paladin, Priest and Rogue Classes and Multiclasses. Upgrading this weapon will give you these abilities:

Corona of the Soul – 10% chance for fire damage AoE on target

Worthy Sacrifice – instakill one near death enemy 1/rest

Rogue: Quick to the Slaughter – on combat start get +2 pen for a short time

Paladin: Soul Feeding – gain Smart and Strong inspirations on Corona of the Soul

Priest: Echoes of the Faith – 10% chance to repeat attacks after 0.5 seconds, priest spells


Soulbound dagger Marux Amanth can be obtained on Level 2 of Poko Kohara Ruins. To access the hidden room where the dagger is, you need to destroy the barrels next to a wall which will destroy the wall and reveal the room.

Magistrate’s Cudgel

Magistrate’s Cudgel binds with Cipher, Fighter and Monk Classes and Multi-classes. Upgrading this weapon will give you these abilities:

Judge – mark targets for 30s, + 10 accuracy to marked targets

Fair Trial – when receiving affliction, apply a random tier 1 inspiration, 1/encounter

Executioner – kill lower level Kith on crit

Cipher: Verdict – apply stunned on crit

Fighter: Deliberations – randomly apply +0.2 armor or +0.2 pen or -80% recovery when engaging a target

Monk: Indictment – on hit 25% to clear concentration from target


Soulbound Mace Magistrate’s Cudgel is located in Subterranean Temple on an Island East of Neketaka. To get the mace from the statue, your main character needs to have 14 INT and 15 RES.

Using drug like Ripple Sponge and using food that boosts INT or RES while resting are couple of ways how to increase stats so that you can pick the mace up.


Blighthear binds with Ranger, Cypher and Wizard. Upgrading this weapon will give you these abilities:

Living Wood – 20 % for a conal AoE that does Corrode damage and Hobbles

Heartbeat – heals 20 % of dmg done in 3s intervals for a short period

Corrupting Beauty – nearby enemies are Distracted for 20s on kill

Ranger: Blighted Shot – full attack that hobbles and weakens, 1/encounter

Wizard: Tainted Being – added +10 % dmg as Corrode

Chanter: Hymn of Decay – on kill get +1 Phrase


Soulbound Arquebus Blightheart can be found by searching the Burial Site on Motare O Kozi Island, located NE of Neketaka.


Modwyr can only bind with the main character. Upgrading this weapon will give you these abilities:

Eager Lover – 2% bonus attack speed per hit until end of combat (stacks 15 times)

Emotional – deals 20% bonus damage as Burn when above 50% health, 20% Freeze when below

Experimentation – gain Bottoms up (1 per encounter attack that stuns enemy)

True Independence – immune to Intellect afflictions


Sassiest sword ever, Modwyr, can be found in the Old City in Neketaka. Go to The Gullet District and use the lift to reach Old City. Take SW exit from Old City Overlook to reach Old City Ruins. Modwyr is located in NE corner of Old City Ruins.

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