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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Build Guide

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Build Guide, we’ll be talking about the Archer vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It is one of the four basic vocations in the game. This guide will contain everything you need to know about the archer vocation. The archer’s role, good pawn pairings, how to use Steady Shot, different types of arrows, mana management, skills, and equipment to use. On with the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Build Guide!

An Archer Build’s Role in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Build

The Archer will be the group’s DPS. An archer is a purely DPS characters that do not have the support tendencies of a Mage, and the tank tendencies of a Fighter. Archers are great at what they do because they can deal damage far away, and they deal damage hard. Archers can deal with flying enemies or aim for a monster’s weak spots effectively compared to other vocations. Your main focus will be to deal damage as fast as you can. This means that you can really crank out the damage if you know what you’re doing.

Effective Pawn Pairings with an Archer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2

As an archer, you can have any vocation for your pawn. It will be up to you and your playstyle to choose if you want to fill any of the gap of playing as an archer.

Basic Mechanics of Different Archer Attacks

There are different ways of attacking with an Archer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The first one is pressing the normal attack button, which will shoot an arrow automatically to the nearest enemy. The second way is the mechanic called Steady Shot wherein you will need to aim your shot manually. You can use this mechanic by pressing either the R1 or RB button.

These two attacks have different pros and cons. For the default attack, it will be handy for slow-moving enemies. However, it will have difficulties with hitting highly mobile targets. For Steady Shot, it’ll give you more freedom with aiming, which helps for fast-moving targets. It also helps with targeting weak spots. So generally, Steady Shot will deal more damage per shot. Steady Shot, however, will be tricky to use at short distances. It’ll also be difficult to use against enemies charging towards you, because it will take time to get out of the Steady Shot camera angle.

Steady Shot has two mechanics. First, you can hold down the R1 or RB button until the bowstring is completely drawn back, essentially charging it. This will deal more damage, while also making the arrow travel as far as it can. Letting go of the button early will do a much weaker attack, with the arrow travelling in a much smaller distance, but shoots faster. You can also use your skills while using Steady Shot. You can aim for enemies’ weak spots while using skills, which maximizes damage.

Lastly, melee attacks can be used by pressing the Y or the triangle button. Try to avoid putting yourself in situations where you need to use this attack. In situations where it will be necessary to use, it will be helpful in knocking down enemies, buying you more time to get to a safer position.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Skill Usage and Stamina Management

Early on in the game, as you figure out how to play a Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Build, you’ll be quickly going through your stamina fast. Once you get used to playing as an archer, you’ll learn how archers have some of the easiest stamina management in the game. Steady Shot uses no stamina, unless you pair it with a skill. You’ll be using it a lot of the time, so you don’t really have to worry with your stamina.

However, there are two things you can do to improve your stamina management. You can avoid sprinting while in combat, unless you really need to. A lot of times, you’ll be pulling a monster’s aggro, and you’ll be wanting to run away from the monster by sprinting. Also, you should use Steady Shot most of the time, as it will not be consuming any stamina.

Skills to use as an Archer Build in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Barrage Shot | Manifold Shot

A skill you would use right as you’re starting out is Barrage Shot. This is a skill that fires a barrage of arrows. Once you upgrade it, it will fire three arrows, so this does a decent amount of burst damage. However, it comes with a lot of trade-offs. Unless you’re using this skill in Steady Shot, it will deal a similar amount of damage compared to hitting an enemy’s weak spot. Next, it is hard to land all of the arrows on the enemy’s weak spots, as they tend to move. With these trade-offs, this skill is not really stamina efficient. It’s good in the early game, but you would want to swap it out with Torrent Shot.

Torrent Shot | Tempest Shot

Torrent Shot is a skill that really well when you’re using it with Steady Shot. You can use this skill from a safe distance, unloading a lot of arrows into the target. This works well with Fire Boon or Fire Affinity, as you can set enemies on fire quickly with this skill. You’ll want to upgrade this skill over time so it will be more effective.

Dire Arrow | Deathly Arrow

Deathly Arrow is a skill you would want to use if you’re going for knockdowns. It’s generally good, but it can be dependent on your party composition. You’ll want to use it if you have a warrior in your party, so it’s going to help knock an enemy down. A downside to this skill is you need to have both good spacing and timing to use this skill. A signal for getting a good timing for this is when you’re in Steady Shot, you’ll let go of the button once the screen flashes and slows down. It takes a lot of practice to get the timing down consistently, although it’s a really good skill to have.

Exploding Shot | Erupting Shot or Blighting Shot | Nocuous Shot

You’re going to want a status effect type on your skill bar, so you’d want to use either Exploding Shot or Blighting Shot. Exploding Shot is a very deadly skill if you can land it on the enemy’s weak spot. It’s going to deal massive damage to enemies, Blighting Shot, however, deals damage over time. Both of these skills deal a lot of damage, so try to save their respective arrows for enemies that are tough to kill or have high health.

For the fourth slot, you can put whatever skill you want to use. There’s a skill you will eventually unlock later on in the game, but I’ll refrain from mentioning it as it will be a spoiler.

Archer Build Equipment and Augments – Dragon’s Dogma 2

For equipment, you’re going to be on the lookout for anything that increases your damage. Early on in the game, there will be several quests which’ll reward you with a bow, and also a ring that increases damage the closer you are to your enemy. You can focus on finding bows with high knockdown power if you want to go for knockdowns with Deadly Arrow. However, I prefer focusing on outright damage as you wouldn’t worry about knocking down enemies if they’re dead.

As for augments, you would want anything that will increase your damage. Lethality is a good augment to have, as it increases damage you do on weak spots. You’ll be hearing a distinct sound if you hit the enemy’s weak spot. You also want to find augments that reduces the damage you take, helps with your movement. You’re not going to have issues with stamina management once you get used to playing as an archer, so you really want to focus on damage.


You’ll find yourself pulling an enemy’s aggro most of the time, so make sure that your fighter pawn has the Shield Summons skill to help hold your target’s aggro longer. If you have difficulties with dodging, having this skill on your pawn will make it easier for you to do well in combat.

That concludes our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Build Guide, and we have many others as well for you to check out. And you can use the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Wiki as well if you have further questions.

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