Capcom Might Be Planning a Remake of The First Resident Evil
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Capcom Might Be Planning a Remake of The First Resident Evil

Capcom appears to be preparing to release a remake for the original 1996 version of Resident Evil on new consoles, according to a recent PEGI Europe rating. This rating suggests that the game has been approved for release on PC this week.

The First Resident Evil Could Come to PC

Although Resident Evil was released on PC in ’96, it is currently not fully available on modern digital stores. On platforms like Steam, none of the original games in the series are available for purchase. On PlayStation, the Director’s Cut version of the game can be found in the PlayStation Plus Classics library, but not the original version.

In the past five years, Capcom has had success with Resident Evil remakes. They have released three remakes that have been very well received by both critics and players. These remakes have allowed a modern audience to experience the survival horror classics with updated graphics and mechanics.

Yasuhiro Anpo, director of the Resident Evil 4 remake, confirmed in December that Capcom intends to continue releasing more remakes of their classic games. “We have released three remakes so far and all have been very well received,” Anpo commented. “Since it allows a modern audience to play these games, it is something I am happy to do as someone who loves these old games, and we want to continue doing it.”

Anpo did not specify which other titles will be worked on in the future, but he assured that they have plans underway and hope to announce more details soon. Fans of the Resident Evil franchise will need to stay tuned for future announcements from Capcom, as it seems that revitalizing their classic titles for the new generation is here to stay.

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