Stellar Blade Receives Free Content & More Features on PS5
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Stellar Blade Receives Free Content & More Features on PS5

Stellar Blade gets a Free Update for Playstation 5. SHIFT UP shared a new update from Stellar Blade the team via X/Twitter, which adds new content and a series of improvements that go beyond mere bug fixes.

Stellar Blade Updates With New Content

Stellar Blade made a very good impression and quickly built a large community around it. Although it is a single-player experience, many players continue to play to uncover all its secrets and perfect their skills. Fortunately, the developers keep delighting die-hard fans with new additions.

Before the official release, the SHIFT UP studio hinted that they planned to release new content through updates. The best part? They promised that these new additions would be free for everyone, except for potential crossover costumes.

In May 2024, Stellar Blade received a patch that added uncensored versions of the most criticized outfits, the Boss Challenge mode, and quality-of-life improvements. Now, the developers have surprised everyone with a new update that added additional outfits and features highly requested by the community.

If you haven’t tried it yet and are undecided about buying it, you should know that if you have an active PS Plus subscription, you can enjoy Stellar Blade for a two-hour period. You can enjoy the full game, but once the timer reaches zero, you’ll have to leave the demo. Naturally, this time is insufficient to enjoy everything the adventure and the story of EVE have to offer. However, it is a good start to enjoy the title.

Eve Got Some New Outfits

SHIFT UP revealed that the new patch adds a new slot in the equipment menu that allows you to change EVE’s hairstyle at any time. This is a very useful feature since previously it was necessary to visit Gwen’s hair salon in Xion to customize this aspect of the protagonist.

Additionally, it is now possible to speed up the end credits and improve rope swinging. Players can also toggle the user interface during cinematics. Naturally, the patch fixes bugs and adds other minor improvements.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting novelty of this free Stellar Blade update is the new outfits to customize EVE’s appearance. Fans will unlock the Cyber Illusionist outfit by defeating a special boss on hard difficulty in Boss Challenge mode, while the FourSeconds Destroyed Denim outfit is acquired in Roxanne’s shop in Xion.

Patch Key Feature

  • Two new sets have been added.
  • Hairstyles have been added to the menu.
  • Toggle the “skip” user interface for scenes.
  • Improved jump direction when swinging on the rope.
  • Holding down the button during the end credits will speed up the scrolling.
  • Boss challenges now retain the outfit you have equipped.
  • Various bug fixes.

The patch is now available for download on PlayStation 5 and weighs 1.9 GB. It will be interesting to see what new additions will arrive in future patches. Regarding this, SHIFT UP revealed that Stellar Blade was a commercial success that exceeded their expectations, so they are considering the possibility of making a sequel and a PC port.

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