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Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Forest Guardian

Remnant 2 Invoker Build Guide The Forgotten Kingdom DLC has finally seen the light of day along with exciting new areas to explore, and new enemies to fight, but of course, the best thing that the DLC offers are the newly added items and the much-awaited Invoker Archetype. An exciting archetype that can be a good pairing with almost all existing archetypes, and further enhances their capabilities in combat. In this Invoker Build, we are going to be looking at the Forest Guardian Build.

This Remnant 2 Invoker Build takes advantage of the Invoker’s unique skill and the Ritualist‘s special abilities. It relies heavily on multiple stacks of status ailments and recurring elemental damage, fitting the Invoker’s theme of being able to harness different types of elements. Equipped with some of the latest gear that the Forgotten Kingdom DLC offers, enemies will be suffering from six unique status ailments. 

Capable of dealing tons of damage over time to bosses especially if the user managed to set all damage dealing sources, players will be maintaining a handful of things while playing this Remnant 2 Invoker Build, resulting in dynamic and engaging gameplay. 

Although this build undoubtedly can melt bosses, it can effortlessly clear enemy waves in a matter of seconds. Of course, this build would not be possible without the Invoker Archetype so here’s a quick guide on unlocking the Invoker Archetype.

Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Archetypes

Unlocking The Invoker Archetype

Unlocking the Invoker Archetype first is the best course of action for this Build. To unlock this archetype, in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC area, progress until you complete the first mandatory main dungeon. Exit the dungeon and you will find yourself back in the Ancient Canopy area where there’s a lever or contraption that players can interact with.

Interact with the contraption and notice that the huge statue in front of you will move downwards, lowering its height. There is an elevator near your location and you can use this to head your way down to access the statue.

Once you’ve reached the lower parts of the area, head into the statue through the spiral stone staircase, and head down to the lower parts of the statue. Upon reaching the lowest part of the area, you will notice that there is a tunnel leading to a room filled with sand, and this is the area where we need to be.

Avoid the traps here by carefully strafing sideways and notice that there’s an item located at the end of the tunnel. Get it first to get the Disciple Set as a bonus. In the sand area, see that there’s a subtle magical circle swirling above the sand near your location. 

Place yourself in the center of the magic circle wait for approximately 5 to 8 minutes maybe more, and watch your character drown in the sand. Soon you will find yourself in a hidden room where the Old Flute Engram is located. Get it and head to Wallace so you can unlock the archetype.

Invoker Perks & Skills

Now that we’ve unlocked the Invoker Archetype, we will be using it as the main Archetype for this Build. Using it will grant us access to Way of Kaeula Skill. A skill effective in clearing enemy waves by casting a Tidal Wave on enemies and dealing elemental damage. 

But that’s not all, casting this skill will let the user conjure a Rainstorm around them that can cover a huge radius, and enemies caught up in the storm will be inflicted with the newest status ailment Drenched. When enemies are suffering from Drenched, their movement speed will be reduced by 10%, and suffer a Lightning Strike every few seconds.

I cannot stress how fun these Lightning Strikes are, mainly when hitting a lot of targets in the area. Note that the Lightning Strike’s Damage will be divided depending on how many targets are caught up in the storm so, you can expect that bosses or single targets will be suffering from tons of damage in combat.

The Invoker’s Prime Perk: Visionary doubles any Skill Charges that we have and reduces Skill Cooldowns by 10% every time the user activates a skill. Thanks to this Prime Perk, this build can effortlessly maintain all of the status ailments that we will be inflicting on targets so we ensure that the targets are suffering from strong DOTS as the battle goes on. Plus, allies covered by the storm will be granted haste which serves as a great addition to this build overall.

The Invoker’s Damage Perk: Entranced grants the build an additional 30% Skill Damage, 15% Elemental Damage, and 5% Elemental Critical Chance. We will be spamming a lot of elemental Damage with this build so this Perk is a perfect addition to increase our overall damage. 

The Invoker’s Team Perk, Communion, reduces skill cooldowns by 1% and heals 2% max health once every 3 seconds which is perfect for multiplayer runs, it’s not noticeable for the most part but it is a good bonus. 

While the Invoker’s Utility Perk, Mind and Body, increases Movement Speed and Damage Reduction by 5%. And lastly, the Invoker’s Relic Perk, Soothsayer, extends the duration of an active Invoker Skill by 20% based on its duration. 

The good thing about this perk is it grants 25% Relic Usage Speed, so when you count haste that’s a total of 32% Relic Usage speed alone without any Glutton Trait. With that being said, a user can easily take advantage of all of the additions of the mentioned Perks, since most of these archetype perks rely on any Invoker Skills which you can easily maintain most of the time when using the Way of Kaeula.

The Ritualist Archetype

For the second Archetype, the Ritualist will take the spot, boosting the build’s overall firepower with strong Damage Over Time from status ailments or simply adding more damage multipliers. For this build, I decided to use Miasma to easily inflict Corroded, Burning, Overloaded, and Bleeding to Targets. 

Thanks to the Invoker’s added Skill Charges and the Miasma’s short skill cooldown, you will have two charges of Miasma at your disposal and you can easily maintain five to six unique status ailments inflicted on a target.

The Ritualist’s Damage Perk: Wrath, improves this build’s damage output by adding 5% Critical Chance and making enemies suffer 20% more damage when affected by Negative Status effects. A very useful trait for this build as enemies will constantly suffer from status ailments all the time so the 20% additional damage multiplier and 5% is active most of the time. 

Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Weapons

Equipment Setup

For the equipment setup, since we are dealing with multiple damage sources such as multiple status ailments or elemental damage, we are inclined to bolster this setup with more elemental damage augments and status-inflicting equipment so we can enjoy more status ailment stacks which increases this build’s overall damage.

The Long Gun – Sparkfire Shotgun

Starting with the Long Gun, the Sparkfire Shotgun will return because of its ability to inflict Burning on every shot.

Sparkfire Shotgun

Mod – Abrasive Rounds

Paired with one of the latest Mods, the Abrasive Rounds, which imbues ammunition with Bleed Status while also adding 5% Lifesteal. Not only is this Mod is another source of Bleed Status, but also increases the Sparkfire Shotgun’s DPS.

Abrasive Rounds

Mutator – Searing Wounds

For the Mutator, I’d like to use one of the latest Mutators for this build, which is Searing Wounds. It further increases the Ranged Damage of the Sparkfire Shotgun by 10% to Burning targets. Targets will always be burning when using this build so this is a huge plus. Also, this Mutator will grant the ability to add another Burning Status effect to targets.

Searing Wounds

The Melee Weapon – Krell Axe

Moving on to the Melee Weapon for this build, since we are dealing with status ailments stacking, I suggest using the Krell Axe still due to its capability to inflict Overloaded on targets and deal Shock damage over time.

Krell Axe

Mutator – Tainted Blade

Pair it with the Tainted Blade Mutator so the build can apply Corroded and Overloaded on each Axe Throw. While using this build, there were a lot of times that I forgot to throw my axe and missed possible additional Corroded and Overloaded Stacks, and still, bosses melted. 

Tainted Blade

So most of the time, I only use this weapon as part of the opener but if you want to maximize your damage, make it a habit to use this weapon when refreshing status ailment stacks.

The Handgun – Tech 22

Moving on to the Handgun which is Tech 22. I like using it not because of its damage but because it is easy to use, particularly when applying more status ailment to an enemy. 

Tech 22

Mod – Flying Bomb Trap

The Tech 22 is equipped with one of the latest and interesting Mods which is Flying Bomb Trap. What it does is it unleashes a trap that fires deadly Flasks that detonate and damage nearby targets. Very useful when dealing with a horde of enemies or when fighting bosses as well.

Flying Bomb Trap

Not only will targets suffer additional heavy damage over time, but ones that are caught in this trap will also suffer additional Corroded as well, which caters to the overall theme of this build. You can simply use it on the fly, and let it do its thing while you do yours. 

However, it’s not a perfect mod since you need to place it, and enemies need to get caught in its range before it activates. So when dealing with mobile bosses, it is a pain to use however, when dealing with large targets which are most of the bosses in Remnant 2, this Mod will be effective.

Mutator – Twisting Wounds

I opted to use Twisting Wounds as Tech 22’s Mutator so I can further add a bleed stack when firing it. I usually just use the Tech 22 like 10 to 15 rounds just to inflict Bleed, and then use the Flying Bomb Trap, and usually switch back to the Sparkfire Shotgun.

Twisting Wounds

Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Trinkets

The main setup is out of the way, let’s move on to Trinkets and starting with the Amulet.

Fragrant Thorn

For this setup, I’d prefer to use one of the latest Amulets which is Fragrant Thorn. It is a very interesting amulet that is unique and brings so much value to this build. What it does is it increases this build’s overall Status Effect Damage by 20%, however, dealing 4 or more unique negative status effects on a target applies Exposed as well, making targets suffer 15% additional damage from all sources and this is huge.

Fragrant Thorn

Applying Expose will be an easy feat when using this build since our repertoire is designed to maintain five to six stacks of status ailments when fighting enemies.

Ahanae Crystal

For my ring setup and also the first one on the list is Ahanae Crystal which improves our All Damage percentage by 4% depending on how many unique status ailments are inflicted on an enemy. If you do not have this ring, I suggest equipping Stone of Malevolence so you can ensure you will have constant access to your mods.

Ahanae Crystal

Token of Favor

The second ring that I am using is Token of Favor, which is another new ring from the Forgotten Kingdom DLC. This ring increases this build’s All Damage by 5% and grants a 10% Critical Chance against Exposed targets which is always the case when using this build.

Token of Favor

Red Ring of Death

Since we are playing with status ailments, using the Red Ring of Death is ideal. This Ring will help the build accumulate status ailment stacks easily by duplicating the last damaging negative status applied to targets.

Red Ring of Death

Singed Ring

The final ring chosen for this build is the Singed Ring. This ring will further bolster the damage of this build by 10% when dealing with Burning enemies. You will have multiple stacks of Burning so you can easily have that 10% damage boost.

Singed Ring

Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Armor Set

When it comes to the Forest Guardian Armor Set, I am wearing our newly acquired Disciple Set to match the build’s overall theme. Wearing this set is not required and you are welcome to use anything you like, just make sure you are comfortable with your weight class and do not flop when dodging.

Disciple Set

Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Relics and Traits

Moving on to Relics and Traits, feel free to use anything that you prefer, but for my setup, I am using the Tranquil Heart to take advantage of the 2 Health Generation per second. I don’t use this Relic in this build that much and I tend to rely on its passive Health Regen for my heals and Abrasive Rounds grants Lifesteal anyway.

Tranquil Heart

For the Relic Fragments, I highly suggest using additional Ranged Critical Chance, Elemental Damage, Skill Damage, and Casting Speed. A pretty straightforward setup to increase the build’s overall DPS.


Now that we have covered this Remnant 2 Invoker Build equipment, it is time for the suggested Traits. Choosing the Invoker’s Archetype will grant the build a free level 10 Gifted Trait which grants the build an increased Skill Duration by 30%. This is useful since it will give us more time to retain Wave of Kaeula’s Effects.

The Ritualist Archetype’s free trait which is a level 10 Affliction, increases status effects duration by 100% and is a nice bonus. This will ensure that we can maintain multiple stacks of Status Ailments to targets.

A level 10 Flash Caster Trait is suggested so we can set our Mods quickly when fighting enemies, thanks to its 50% additional Casting Speed.

Following up with level 10 Swiftness for faster movement speed which allows for easier positioning in combat. The Disciple Set is a little bit heavy so a level 6 Strongback Trait will lower the weight class to Medium. If you are not using the Disciple Set, leave the Strongback Trait and add to Footwork Trait instead.

Upgrade the Vigor Trait to level 10 to have more survivability with the Remnant 2 Invoker Build. I have a level 10 Endurance Trait as well so I can do more possible dodge rolls if I need to. A level 10 Spirit is also suggested so we can ensure that we can use both of our Mods regularly to maintain the skill rotation with ease.

Following up with a level 10 Expertise that reduces your Skill Cooldowns by 20%. We often rely on our skills to inflict elemental damage and status ailments on our targets so this Trait will help a ton.

A level 10 Amplitude is recommended and I cannot stress how important this is. Both of Wave of Kaeula’s Storm and Miasma’s Range are affected by Amplitude. Have Amplitude and watch your Miasma and Storm AOE cover a huge amount of ground every time you use them. 

Moving on to the next one, which is level 10 Fitness to increase the build’s Evade Distance by 30% which again helps with positioning in combat after dodging enemy attacks. The last trait on the list is level 4 Footwork which grants a 20% increase in movement speed while aiming.


Moving on to Concoction and this will be the last topic for this section. I suggest using the Xenoplasm to gain an additional 10% Skill Cooldown Reduction which is a nice addition to this build.


Remnant 2 Invoker Build – Final Tips

Moving on to useful suggestions for gameplay tips before I wrap this Remnant 2 Invoker Build guide. When it comes to rotation, especially when beginning fights, I shoot targets with two to three rounds from the Sparkfire Shotgun to apply x3 Burning Stacks.

Following up with a Krell Axe throw to apply Corroded and Overloaded to the target. Activate the Miasma Skill to apply another stack of Overloaded, Corroded, Bleeding, and Burning to the target, while applying Exposed in the process. After the Miasma, activate Wave of Kaeula to apply Drenched and summon lightning for additional DPS.

Switch to Tech 22 and fire ten to fifteen rounds to inflict another stack of Bleed and use the Flying Bomb Trap Mod for an additional Corroded stack and damage source. Finally, switch back to the Sparkfire Shotgun and activate Abrasive Rounds to keep on applying Burning and Bleeding while DPSing.

It looks like it’s a lot in terms of setting up all of the damage sources but when you get used to it, it is a fun experience since there is so much going on in the fight. Maintaining each of the status ailment stacks is key to retaining that high damage over time.

If you enjoyed this Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom Invoker Build, make sure to check out our other Builds for Remnant 2.

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