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Remnant 2 Build Guide – Sparkfire Saboteur

The Sparkfire Shotgun is one of the best items that the Remnant 2 Awakened King DLC brought to the table. It caught my interest and fell in love with it the moment I got my hands on it so I decided to make a Remnant 2 Build around this weapon.

The Sparkfire Saboteur can blast through its targets with its insane raw damage per second, and effortlessly inflicts multiple stacks of Negative Status Effects that deal significant amounts of damage over time.

Remnant 2 Build Guide – Sparkfire Saboteur

As mentioned previously, the pillar of this Remnant 2 Build is the Sparkfire Shotgun. A special long gun that fires incendiary shells as normal bullets. With the right gear and Archetype combinations, this build can burst down targets in seconds and can easily inflict stacks of Elemental and Negative Status Effects on its enemies. Not only will your targets will suffer a lot of raw damage during this build’s burst phase, but you will also have boosted and continuous damage dealt over time during this build’s cooldown phase. 

Note that all of the item locations used in this build can be found in our official Remnant 2 Wiki.

Remnant 2 The Sparkfire Saboteur Build – Archetypes

The Ritualist Archetype

Starting with the Sparkfire Saboteur Archetypes, the Prime Archetype for this build is the Ritualist. This Remnant 2 Build is going to play with a lot of Negative Status Effects so we need every helpful perk the Ritualist provides. Its Prime Perk Vile makes targets receive 15% more negative Status Effects Damage. 

For the skill, we are going to use the Miasma Skill to jump-start this build’s rotation by applying Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to nearby targets.

Each of these status effects mentioned deals damage over time to targets and bolsters our overall DPS. Each of the status effects mentioned can be inflicted or refreshed instantly so the Ritualist’s Damage Perk will do wonders. 

The Damage Perk, Wrath, enhances this build’s damage output by adding 18% Critical Chance and making enemies suffer 20% more damage when affected by Negative Status effects. 

The Challenger Archetype

For the second Archetype, we will be using the Challenger for this build. Choosing this Archetype improves the overall prowess of the Sparkfire Shotgun by utilizing its Rampage Skill. This skill provides an additional bonus of 15% Fire Rate, 25% Reload Speed, and 15% Movement Speed.

Additionally, killing and dealing significant damage to targets allows this Remnant 2 Build to accumulate Rage Stacks which increases Range Damage per stack by 2.5%. Ultimately, 10 Rage Stacks will let the user undergo the Berserk state which doubles Rampage effects for 15 seconds. 

With this build, fulfilling the Berserk requirements is super easy to do, thanks to its augmented Negative Status Effect Damage and high raw damage output. 

On top of that, the Challenger’s Damage Perk adds a 35% increase to All Damage and a 10% Critical Chance, when facing enemies within a 10-meter range. Since we will be using the Sparkfire Shotgun, retaining this Damage Perk’s condition is not difficult.

Remnant 2 The Sparkfire Saboteur Build – Weapons

Long Gun – Sparkfire Shotgun

As mentioned previously, we are going to focus on the raw firepower of the Sparkfire Shotgun. We already discussed how good this Long Gun can be so let’s talk a bit out Mods.

Remnant 2 - Sparkfire Shotgun
Sparkfire Shotgun

Mod – Corrosive Rounds

We are going to make this gun inflict multiple Status Effects so I decided to use Corrosive Rounds for its Mod. Not only does this Mod increase Ranged Critical Hit Chance by 15%, but it imbues your ammunition with Toxic and inflicts the Corroded Status to targets.

Mutator – Twisting Wounds

For the Sparkfire Shotgun’s Mutator, I decided to use the Twisting Wounds Mutator. This will allow us to inflict Bleed Status and provides an additional 20% Ranged Damage.

Remnant 2 - Twisting Wounds
Twisting Wounds

The Handgun – MP60-R

Now for the Handgun. We will be using the MP60-R equipped with the Overflow Mod. This Mod imbues ammunitions with Shock and inflicts the Overloaded Status Effect. Additionally, it provides a 15% increase in Fire Rate and Reload Speed.

Since we will be utilizing Elemental Damage and Status Effects, I prefer using the Maelstrom Mutator. This Mutator increases the Overflow Mod’s damage and provides 20% Mod Power Generation. 

With this setup, you can blast through enemies with high damage per second while dealing Corroded, Bleed, Overloaded, and Burn Status Effects that can go up to 2 stacks, thanks to the Miasma Skill.

Remnant 2 - MP60-R

Melee Weapon – World’s Edge

We are not going to use any melee weapons for this Remnant 2 Build so feel free to use any melee weapon that you prefer. I am using the World’s Edge equipped with Tainted Blade Mutator but it is more for aesthetics purposes only.

Remnant 2 - World's Edge
World’s Edge

Remnant 2 The Sparkfire Saboteur Build Trinkets

Now that the weapons are out of the way, let’s discuss The Sparkfire Saboteur’s Trinkets. Feel free to be creative on this and I will provide alternatives later on.

Amulet – Abrasive Whetstone

For the Amulet, I like using the Abrasive Whetstone which increases Crit Chance by 15% and Crit Damage by 30% when attacking a Bleeding enemy. This condition can easily be fulfilled by taking advantage of the Twisting Wounds Mutator slotted on the Sparkfire Shotgun.

Remnant 2 - Abrasive Whetstone
Abrasive Whetstone

Ring – Zania’a Malice

For Rings, first up is Zania’s Malice. This Ring increases Weakspot Damage by 10% when you hit an enemy’s Weakspot. This ring’s effect stacks up to 3x, giving you a total of 30% additional Weakspot Damage at max stacks.

Remnant 2 - Zania'a Malice
Zania’a Malice

Ring – Probability Cord

The second ring that I am using is the Probability Cord which Increases Crit Damage by 30%. The Abrasive Whetstone and this Ring provide a total of 60% Crit Damage bonus alone and that’s a huge bonus especially when using the Sparkfire Shotgun.

Remnant 2 - Probability Cord
Probability Cord

Ring – Singed Ring

The third ring on the list is a Singed Ring, which increases all damage dealt to Burning enemies by 10%. The additional 10% will always be in effect thanks to the Sparkfire Shotgun incendiary shells.

Remnant 2 - Singed Ring
Singed Ring

Ring – Shadow of Misery

The fourth ring that I am using is the Shadow Misery Ring. This Ring increases Status Effect Damage by 15%. Dealing 2 stacks of Multiple Negative Status effects on a target is no joke and this Ring makes these Status Effects even more potent.

Remnant 2 - Shadow of Misery
Shadow of Misery

Remnant 2 The Sparkfire Saboteur Armor Set

When it comes to the Sparkfire Saboteur’s Armor Set, you can freely use any set you prefer. You will be dodging a lot with this Remnant 2 Build so I suggest sticking with light to medium armor sets. 

Remnant 2 The Sparkfire Saboteur Relics and Traits

For this specific setup, you are free to use any Relic that you prefer. I am using the Tranquil Heart to take advantage of its passive 2 Health Regeneration per second. Just in case I receive damage, my character can heal the damage with the help of Traits, which we will discuss later on.

Moving on to the Relic Fragments, I highly suggest using DPS Fragments which increases Ranged Crit Chance, Ranged Crit Damage, and additional Weakspot Damage to make the Sparkfire Shotgun even stronger.

On the other hand, if you want better weapon handling, I suggest using a Recoil Fragment instead of the additional Weakspot Damage.


Now that we have covered this Remnant 2 Build’s equipment, it is time for the suggested Traits. Choosing the Ritualist Archetype will grant the build a free level 10 Affliction which increases Status Effects Duration by 100%.

While the free level 10 Strong Back from the Challenger Archetype is more of a bonus. Depending on what you are wearing, this trait reduces the Dodge Weight Threshold by 15. For instance, wearing a full Zealot Set will grant this build Fast Dodge rolls so it is nice to have.

Remnant 2 - Strong Back
Strong Back

I prefer casting Miasma and Mods quicker in combat so I suggest upgrading Flash Caster to level 10 which increases Mod and Casting Speed by 50%. A level 10 Regrowth Trait is suggested for more health regeneration and this Trait works well with Tranquil Heart’s passive effect.

The next Trait on the list is a level 9 Swiftness Trait for an additional 12% Movement Speed. Useful for general exploration or in combat. I also upgraded Vigor Trait to level 10 which adds more survivability to the build. 

We are relying on Mods to inflict extra Negative Status Effects so I decided to upgrade the Spirit Trait to level 10 and increase my Mod Power Generation by 20%. Following up with a level 10 Expertise to reduce this build’s Skill Cooldown by 20%.

The next Trait on the list is a level 10 Fitness Trait which increases evade distance by 30%. We will be dodging a lot in this Remnant 2 Build, and I find the additional evade distance useful since it allows me to have better positioning in combat.

Remnant 2 - Fitness Trait
Fitness Trait

For the next trait, I suggest picking up a level 10 Footwork Trait which increases movement speed while aiming by 50%. We will be using the Sparkfire Shotgun a lot and this Trait will help you position better as well while dealing damage. 

The last trait on the list is a level 10 Handling Trait to use The Sparkfire Shotgun with ease, especially when dealing with its recoil.

That is already 85 points in total and if you want to focus more on survivability, I suggest playing with a level 10 Untouchable Trait to get an additional 30% Invulnerability Window instead of the Handling Trait. 

Remnant 2 - Handling Trait
Handling Trait


Now for the Concoction, I am running this build with the Xenoplasm to take advantage of its additional 10% Skill Cooldown Reduction.

Remnant 2 - Xenoplasm

Final Tips

A couple of useful suggestions before we wrap this Remnant 2 Build Guide. For rotation, I usually cast Miasma and Rampage first. Then activate the Overflow Mod to inflict Overloaded to my targets. Then I quickly switch to my Sparkfire Shotgun to cast the Corrosive Rounds Mod and deal damage. 

By following this rotation, targets will suffer 2 stacks of multiple Negative Status Effects which inflict a great amount of damage over time and also help you accumulate Rage easily and undergo Berserk to deal even more damage.

If you want to focus on Status Effect Damage, I suggest replacing the Abrasive Whetstone with Sinister Totem. At max stacks, this amulet can give you 50% additional Status Effect Damage. Replace Shadow Misery with a Band of the Fanatic Ring which increases Status Effect Damage by 25% but reduces Status Effect Duration by 65%. 

Remnant 2 - Band of the Fanatic Ring
Band of the Fanatic Ring

In this setup, the Sparkfire Shotgun will hit lower numbers and your Status Effect duration will be shorter but it deals stronger damage over time. 

On the other hand, if you want to prioritize the Sparkfire Shotgun’s damage, I suggest swapping Twisting Wounds with a Momentum Mutator1. This way your Critical Chance and Critical Damage will be higher, leading to more damage. Slot the Twisting Wounds Mutator to your MP60-R instead of the Maelstrom Mutator and you can still inflict Bleed when using it.

If you’re looking for info on weaponsarmorbuildslocations and more head to our Remnant 2 wiki for all the latest.

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