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Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build – High Tech Sentinel

In this Remnant 2 Build Guide, we will be showcasing our second Build the High Tech Sentinel, which is a highly versatile one that can adapt and performs well in both melee or range combat. This build mainly revolves around the Engineer’s repertoire, the Heavy Weapons arsenal that can serve as an autonomous turret, or its main weapon, specializing in dealing a significant amount of damage. This is fused with the Challenger Archetype that can give players even more flexibility in combat, taking advantage of its melee range augmenting Perks and good damage reduction passives.

Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build Guide

Compared to the Loaded Sharpshooter Build that focuses on pure range and relies on specific skill rotations to deal considerable damage in combat, The High-Tech Sentinel’s gameplay may vary depending on what type of enemies it is facing. Thanks to its unique design, players will have the freedom to experiment with this build due to the Engineer‘s Heavy Weapons or Turret system which is a powerhouse on its own due to the Overclocking mechanic. Whether you are clearing a group of enemies, or facing a boss in a dungeon, the Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build – High-Tech Sentinel can provide the firepower that you are looking for.

Mixing the best of the Archetypes Engineer and Challenger in this Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build.
Mixing the best of the Archetypes Engineer and Challenger in this Loaded Sharpshooter Build for Remnant 2.

High-Tech Sentinel Archetypes

The Engineer

One of the core reasons why I picked the Engineer Archetype is its unique playstyle. Having the ability to deploy my heavy weapons as turrets that can aid me in battle. Or use them as my main weapon provides a unique experience.

Making the Engineer the main Archetype for this build is a must due to the Engineer’s Prime and overall Perks that concentrate on making heavy weapons even more powerful. The High Tech Prime Perk overclocks the heavy weapon equipped to reach its optimal performance by dealing more powerful hits, faster fire rates, and unlimited ammo for a considerable amount of time.

We do have three skills or heavy weapons to play with when playing as an Engineer. I do want to mention that each heavy weapon has its strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics. Players can experiment with. each But for this build, we will be using the Heavy Weapon Vulcan as our main active skill. This is due to its versatility, good range, great damage output, and ease of use.

The Engineer’s main Archetype Trait Fortify increases this build’s overall defense by augmenting armor effectiveness. Unlocking the Engineer Archetype is not as simple as some others though. Players may find it difficult to do so as the crafting material for its Engram. It is well hidden and a pain to acquire. Players are required to explore a specific section near the Titan’s Reach checkpoint in N’Erud. Then complete specific steps to succeed. Luckily our R2Wiki has the specific steps to locate the crafting material needed. Obtain material Alien Device and craft the Drzyr Caliper to unlock this Archetype. Be sure to check that out if you don’t have it already for this Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build.

The Challenger

For the second Class, I’ve picked the Challenger Archetype for two specific reasons. One is to give this build versatility in close-range combat, and to make the build sturdy and mitigate incoming damage. When the Engineer uses a Heavy Weapon, players will be locked to a specific stance making them unable to roll, making it challenging to dodge incoming attacks. It is worth noting that using Relics to replenish health while in this stance will not be possible as well. For this reason, I decided to make this build resilient to damage by taking advantage of the Challenger’s Juggernaut Skill that grants three stacks of Bulwark making the build more tanky. This skill is perfect when the Engineer is in Heavy Weapon Stance by giving it more mobility and resiliency against damage.

While on the offensive side of things, Rampage increases fire rate by 15%, Reload Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 10% in a short period of time. Players will be juggling with these two skills depending on what type of enemy they are facing. The Archetype trait Strong Back, on the other hand, decreases the build’s encumbrance by 10 so you can still wear heavy armor while maintaining medium weight.

Unlocking the Challenger is easy and players can select this class when starting the game or buy the Old Metal Tool from Reggie Malone in Ward 13 to craft the Stell Enswell Engram which unlocks this Archetype.

Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build Weapons

Long Gun

Now that the Archetypes are out of the way, let’s talk about the High Tech Sentinel’s equipment. The Plasma Cutter boasts high firepower with a speedy fire rate capable of dealing continuous and considerable damage in a short period of time. Its high ammo capacity and reserves make it ideal for this build. Clearing enemies as quickly as possible is one of the requirements of this build to take advantage of the Challenger’s Rampage and the Plasma Cutter is one of the weapons that can do that.

Plasma Cutter

Long Gun Mod

We’re going to be using the Plasma Cutter‘s special weapon mod, Heat Sink. Built to improve the Cutter’s performance by making this weapon accumulate less heat, it also ramps up its damage even further. Slow heat build-up means more damage that players can crank out before needing to cease firing.

Heat Sink

Weapon Mods

  • Helps improve Cutter’s performance, accumulating less heat

This weapon can be acquired by getting the special headpiece called Navigator’s Helm and opening a hidden room in a wrecked ship in N’Erud located near the Titan’s Reach Checkpoint.

Long Gun Mutator

As for my main mutator, I would advise using the Momentum Mutator and taking advantage of its added critical hit chance. Reaching the max stack of Momentum is an easy task when using the Plasma Cutter and players can get the Momentum by defeating an Aberration named Mantagora located in the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha.

Momentum Mutator

Weapon Mutator

  • Added crit hit chance.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Mantagora in the Imperial Gardens, Yaesha.

Hand Gun

For my Hand Gun, Enigma is my choice for this build. A very fun sub-weapon to use, perfect for clearing enemy waves in dungeons. Electrocuting targets, while the Engineer’s heavy weapon is in turret mode is simply a fun and effective way to engage enemies.


Hand Gun Mod

Its special Mod Chaos Driver improves Enigma’s effectiveness and adds more damage by deploying Rods in the field or by attaching to targets that tether and emit shock damage. Enigma can be acquired by getting a special crafting material called Cipher Rod in The Labyrinth. Give it to McCabe to craft the weapon.

Mod Chaos Driver

Weapon Mods

  • Adds more damage deploying Rods
  • Can attach rods to targets emitting shock damage

Due to the Enigma’s ability to hit multiple targets, it is perfect to pair it with the Harmonizer Mutator. When using the Harmonizer, we can take advantage of its ability to generate Mod Power for the Plasma Cutter. The faster the Plasma Cutter gains Mod Power, the sooner the player can use its special Mod Heat Sink. The Harmonizer can be acquired by visiting Dwell in Ward 13 and buying it in exchange for Scraps.

Melee Weapon

The High Tech Sentinel is a versatile build as it can perform in close-range combat as well. Getting a good melee weapon will depend on the player’s preference. Using the melee weapon is not required, but rather an option for players who are looking for variety.

Atom Splitter

Melee Weapon Mod

To match the overall aesthetics of the High Tech Sentinel, I used the Atom Splitter. Not only it deals great damage, but its Special Mod Fission Strike also releases a powerful shockwave that can hit multiple enemies. The Atom Splitter can be acquired in any of the N’Erud’s Dungeons and players need to wait for a specific facility to spawn and do specific steps to access a secret room.

Fission Strike

Weapon Mods

  • Releases a powerful shockwave for multi-target

Melee Weapon Mutator

I paired this sword with the Weapon Lord Mutator. Upon reaching max stacks, the player’s next charged melee attack will be an instant critical hit strike. For the Fission Strike to activate, a melee charge attack should be done after a neutral dodge and the effect of the Weapon Lord Mutator will proc as well. Players can buy the Weapon Lord Mutator from Merchant Dwell.

Weapon Lord

Weapon Mutator

  • Upon reaching max stacks, the player’s next charged melee attack will be an instant critical hit strike

Remnant 2 Engineer & Challenger Build Rings & Amulet

Rings & Amulet

AmuletRange Finder

The Range Finder is the perfect amulet for this build. Each enemy kill will grant a ranged damage bonus and can add up to three stacks. The requirement of the ranged damage buff is easy to maintain so players can expect an almost permanent uptime. The Range Finder can be acquired by exploring the Ascension Spire location in N’Erud where The Custodian resides. Players will find a hole that they can drop into and find the Drzyr Replicator that can craft the item.


Probability Cord

For the first ring, wear the Probability Cord for an instant 30% Critical Hit Damage increase. This ring can be acquired when exploring Root Earth’s Corrupted Harbor Zone.

Braided Thorns

The next ring is Braided Thorns which adds a 15% Critical Chance after killing an enemy that has a relatively easy requirement to fulfil. Buy this ring from merchant Cass and note its appearance is random so check her from time to time and pay attention.

Grounding Stone Ring

We use Grounding Stone Ring for the next slot to improve shock damage since we will be using the Enigma a lot. Players can buy this ring easily from Reggie.

Mechanic’s Cog

The last Ring would be Mechanic’s Cog which enhances this build movement speed and damage reduction when using a heavy weapon. Players can also buy this from Cass in Ward 13.

Changes During Boss Fights

These accessories are perfect when clearing mobs however when fighting bosses, I would highly recommend changing the Amulet to Death’s Embrace, since you will be tanking damage anyways, and that 20% boost of damage will help a lot. This amulet can be bought for Bedel of the Vaunnt in Yaesha in exchange for scraps.

Replace the Braided Thorns with Zania’s Malice bumping the build’s DPS further when hitting weak spots. This ring can be acquired in Root Earth’s Ashen Wasteland Section.

And lastly, change the Ground Stone Ring to Hardcore Metal Band which increases the build’s damage reduction by taking advantage of the Bulwark buff when receiving damage. Players can find this ring in the world of N’Erud in the Navigation Room near the Titan’s Reach checkpoint.

This build can be further enhanced if you do have a Hyperconductor Amulet that improves the effectiveness of the Engineer’s heavy weapons. An added skill charge is huge since players can use Juggernaut or Rampage twice in combat before it cools down. While for the armor pieces, I am using the Engineer’s starting set and changed the headpiece to the Navigator’s Helmet to match the theme.

The Relics and Trait

For this build, it is still suggested to use the Dragon Heart if you need healing, since using Relics while in a heavy weapon stance is not possible. We will be tanking a lot of damage, thus replenishing HP as fast as you can is useful once the stance ends.

Dragon Heart


For the Relic Fragments, it will depend on your current ones but for priorities, additional Ranged Damage, Crit Chance, and Weakspot Damage are welcome additions to this build.


When it comes to Traits we need as much Health as we can in this build thus having level 10 Vigor is ideal. You should prioritize the Expertise Trait as well, for faster Challenger Skill Cooldowns. Swiftness Trait should be level 10, granting the High Tech Sentinel an additional movement speed of 15%. Players can unlock the swiftness Trait by unlocking the Explorer Archetype. A level 10 Barkskin Trait is a must for this build by adding a 10% damage reduction. This trait can be acquired by completing Meidra’s quest in Yaesha. A level 9 Glutton trait can significantly improve Relic usage speed, and lastly, level 10 Footwork to improve the build’s Movement aiming speed as this greatly helps when using heavy weapons.

Barkskin Trait

High Tech Sentinel’s Gameplay Tips

The High Tech Sentinel’s gameplay is fun and engaging and its build’s loadout rotation varies depending on what situation the player is currently in or what enemy they are trying to fight. When fighting with a group of enemies or when clearing dungeons in general, it is advisable to use a heavy weapon as a turret. In this build, the Vulcan will deal damage as soon as it is deployed targeting nearby enemies. Overclock it to take advantage of unlimited ammo and added DPS.

After overclocking the Vulcan, Activate the Rampage Skill and use the Heat Sink Mod of the Plasma Cutter to give it a significant boost of damage. Start clearing targets and after a short time your character will trigger Berserk. It is worth noting that the kills from the Turret count towards this as well, which really helps you ramp up your damage.

When the Plasma Cutter Mod expires, switch to the Enigma to hit multiple targets at once and generate Mod Power for the Plasma Cutter. Once the Heat Sink mod is recharged, switch back to the Plasma Cutter and activate it once again.

Dealing with Bosses

While fighting Bosses we will be concentrating on using the Heavy Weapon Vulcan manually, and switching Rampage to the Juggernaut Skill is a must before entering the boss arena. Once the battle starts, activate the Juggernaut Skill to have significant damage reduction. Manually use the Vulcan and overclock it. For 15 seconds, the Vulcan will have a faster fire rate, be much stronger and have access to unlimited ammo. This burst window is enough to deal significant damage to bosses especially when hitting weak spots.

When Overclock expires, keep using the Vulcan, depleting its ammunition. The overall damage reduction of this build is enough to withstand several attacks before using Relics. If you need ammo or simply need to restore your HP, use a Dragon Heart charge to provide more for the Vulcan. Players can lessen the Vulcan’s cooldown by continuously using Dragon Heart charges and spawning ammo so players can use it again with little to no downtime since the usage of Heavy Weapons depends on its current ammo count. This is the purpose of bumping up the Glutton Trait.

Final Thoughts

The High Tech Sentinel is simply a fun build to use because of its unique gameplay, but it is a build that heavily relies on its distinct arsenal. Having the ability to change stances adds a refreshing experience when battling bosses or when clearing battlefields. However, there is no denying that when manually using heavy weapons in general, there are great risks involved and a little bit of advanced play is required.

Without the ability to roll, relying on your fast aiming movement speed, in general, is also a viable strategy and we cranked it up so you can at least avoid minor attacks by just strafing while maintaining DPS. This build can withstand several attacks before going down and popping Relics can get you back up to higher HP quickly. This build has so much room to grow especially when exploring the other heavy weapons available, feel free to play around with it and make your own version.

Be sure to check out our Beginner Guide and head to our Remnant 2 wiki for the latest info.

Stay tuned for more Remnant 2 content as we update the other Builds, and be sure to drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. If you need something specific, check out our Remnant 2 wiki as well as our Remnant 2 Guides.

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