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Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build – Loaded Sharpshooter

In this Remnant II Build Guide, we will be showcasing our first build, the Loaded Sharpshooter. This build is a combination of two DPS-oriented Archetypes which are the Gunslinger and Hunter. These Archetypes are known for their damage-augmenting passives that focus on DPS alone. Also when paired together they form a build that can use a vast array of weapons depending on your preference. This build is designed to deal a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build Guide

The Loaded Sharpshooter gameplay highly depends on its Active Skills to undergo a “burst phase” that features an extremely fast fire rate coupled with Fire Damage. Carefully timed skill rotations are a must to make out of this build. Knowing when and where to activate both of its Active Skills plays a pivotal role in the success of this build. With that out of the way, let’s talk a bit more in detail about these two DPS Archetypes.

The Sharpshooter is a combination of the Gunslinger and Hunter Archetypes

Loaded Sharpshooter Build Archetypes


The Gunslinger contains Perks that revolve around increased fire rates, decreased reload speeds, increased ammo reserves, and an increase in overall range damage. The Gunslinger serves as the main archetype for this Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build, so we can take advantage of its Prime Perk, Loaded. Having access to instant reloads and unlimited ammo reserves works perfectly for what we are trying to accomplish. Dealing tons of damage is only possible if you have the ammunition. The Gunslinger can alleviate your ammunition and reloading problems with this one Perk alone.

How to Unlock the Gunslinger in Remnant II

Luckily, unlocking the Gunslinger Archetype is possible whether you pre-ordered the game or not. However, the overall process of unlocking it may require players a little bit of time. It starts with the NPC Mudtooth in Ward 13. After clearing your first rolled world and visiting the Labyrinth/ Activate the Worldstone in the Labyrinth and return to Ward 13. Speak to Mudtooth who is located beside Reggie. Exhaust his dialogue by listening to all of his stories. After exhausting all the dialogue, Mudtooth will provide the player with the Gunslinger Ring. We will be using it in this Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build Guide as well.

Proceed to the story and complete the world next to the Labyrinth and return to Mudtooth. Exhaust his dialogue once again and listen to his stories.  After listening to his new stories, he will be grateful and reward the player with the Gunslinger Charm, our main Amulet for this build, and the Worn Cylinder which you can craft as an Engram to ultimately unlock the Gunslinger Archetype.


The Hunter is the perfect second Archetype for this build improving its overall firepower across the board due to its Perks and active skills that further increase range damage and critical hit chance. This build plays with decent critical hits. When coupled with weapons with fast fire rates, the more chances the build will crit. You might ask, isn’t it that the Hunter Archetype is designed to wield long-range weapons? The answer is yes and no. The Hunter’s active skills are well-rounded and can be tailored to different playstyles such as mid or long-range combat. For this build, it is simply hard to say no to its skills and passives.

How to Unlock the Hunter in Remnant II

It is worth noting that unlocking this Archetype is a relatively easy task. Players can access the Hunter when choosing their first base class in the game when starting their first playthrough. However, if a player started with Gunslinger or another Archetype, players can still buy the Rusty Medal from Brabus in Ward 13 and craft the Hunter’s Engram to unlock it.

Brabus is located at Ward 13 and sells the Rusty Medal

Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build: Loaded Sharpshooter Equipment

One thing that I love about this Remnant 2 Build is, is that it’s easy to collect all the required weapons and accessories to make the Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build work. The Loaded Sharpshooter is a beginner-friendly build that anyone can tweak according to their playstyle.

Long Gun

Starting with the Loaded Sharpshooter’s main weapon, the XMG57 Bonesaw. Its sweet fire rate and decent range. A great amount of ammo reserve and capacity make it ideal for this build. Although it suffers from having low accuracy and bad recoil, these cons can be offset with Traits later on.

XMG57 Bonesaw is great weapon option for this Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build
XMG57 Bonesaw

The XMG57 Bonesaw can be acquired by buying it from Brabus in Ward 13. Or simply get it by playing the Medic Class. If you do not prefer the Bonesaw, I find the Blackmaw AR-47 a good alternative. Players will have a slower fire rate by using this weapon, however, its accuracy, good range, and firepower make up for it. Players can further improve this build by getting the Chicago Typewriter in the Labyrinth. A weapon with a good fire rate and overall stats if players do not prefer the Bonesaw’s overheating mechanic.

Long Gun Mod

I decided to pair the Bonesaw with a Hot Shot Mod, as it grants the ammunition the power of fire, resulting in a 15% boost to Ranged damage for a duration of 20 seconds. Additionally, the shots cause a Burning effect, inflicting fire damage over a span of 10 seconds. Not only can players deal a significant amount of damage for a short period due to this build’s insane fire rate, but the Burn Status ailment deals damage over time as well. Hot Shot is one of your first readily accessible Mods in the game and making Ava McCabe in Ward 13 craft this mod for you is an easy task to do.

Hot Shot

Weapon Mods

  • 15% boost to Ranged damage for a duration of 20 seconds.
  • Shots cause a Burning effect, inflicting fire damage over a span of 10 seconds.

Long Gun Mutators

Mutators on the other hand are hard to come by, and this part of the Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build will vary from player to player. As you progress further in the game, you will gain access to more Mutators and the resources to upgrade them fully.

However, if you do have the Bandit Mutator, this is a good choice for this build. At level 10, there is a 30% possibility of replenishing the expended Ammo directly into the player weapon’s magazine. Once Ammo is restored in this manner, the weapon’s Fire Rate receives a 10% boost for a duration of 3 seconds, with the potential to extend up to 10 seconds.

This Mutator not only recycles ammo, but further increases the build’s fire rate. Getting it may be a rigorous process and players can obtain it by exploring Yaesha and through the Forgotten Field Zone. It is a boss drops from The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer mini-boss.



  • At level 10, there is a 30% possibility of replenishing the expended Ammo directly into the player weapon’s magazine.
  • Once Ammo is restored, the weapon’s Fire Rate receives a 10% boost for a duration of 3 seconds. Has the potential to extend up to 10 seconds.


For the Hand Gun, I prefer the MP60-R due to its insane fire rate. It also has good ammo capacity, perfect for bursts of damage. Its highly accurate shots are appealing especially when trying to hit enemy weak spots. Pair it with the active skills of this build, and you will have a great sub-weapon. In general catering to the Loaded Sharpshooter’s playstyle.

What is so good about the MP60-R is, it is painless to acquire. In Ward 13 there’s a chest in Ford’s room that requires a code for it to be unlocked.  The code for this chest is encrypted on the flashlight that Ford gave you. Simply inspect it to get the code 0415 and receive the Cargo Control Key.  Past Merchant Dwell along with the docks, players can observe a pathway leading to the cargo storage. Following this path will eventually lead to a rusty door. Use the Cargo Control Key to open it and the MP60-R is waiting on the other side.

If you don’t prefer the MP60R, Tech 22 is a great substitute. Its fast firing rate is perfect for this build but has a lower ammo capacity. Players can buy it from Brabus or get it as a starting weapon when choosing the Handler as a starting class.

Handgun Mod

The MP60-R can be paired with the Bore Mod, which forces the enemy to reveal their weak spots for more damage and adds damage over time on top of the player’s bullet and Fire damage making it perfect for this build. Players can craft this Mod when speaking to McCabe after beating the Abomination Dungeon Boss in N’ERud and getting the Mutated Growth crafting material.

The same goes for the mutator for this handgun, players can use any mutator that they have currently, but I find the Refunder Mutator that refunds bullets directly to the player’s reserve to be a fantastic choice. The more bullets, the more damage you can deal. The Refunder can be obtained by defeating the E.D. Alpha Dungeon Boss at the Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud.

Melee Weapon

The ideal melee weapon for this build depends on their preference. When using this build, players will unlikely use their melee weapons. However, if players would want to be versatile in most cases, they can use any melee weapon that they prefer. In my personal build, I use the Spectral Blade due to its flashiness. Its special ability Whirlwind can slash enemies in a quick manner with a good AOE range. Players can get it by beating the main boss Sha’Hala Spectral Guardian in the world of N’Erud and getting its drop, the Eidolon Shard which can be given to McCabe in Ward 13 to craft the weapon. 

Melee weapon choices for this Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build Spectral Blade.
Spectral Blade

Rings & Amulet

Amulet – Gunslinger Charm

Now that the weapons are covered, it is time for the accessories. Two of the pieces were already covered hence, making this build beginner friendly. The amulet that works best in this build is hands down the Gunslinger Charm which you can get from Mudtooth in Ward 13. This amulet increases fire rate by 15% and reloads speed by 20%. A pretty straightforward addition, but a significant boost to this build’s prowess.


Gunslinger Ring

Next up and our first ring for this build is another Mudtooth’s reward, the Gunslinger’s Ring. It increases firearm swap speed by 30% and reloads speed by 10%, making it an absolute must for this build since players will be switching between weapons most of the time during burst phases.

Fire Stone Ring

The next ring that I would like to use on this build is the Fire Stone Ring which increases fire damage by 10% and fire resistance by 15. A highly valuable ring that increases this build’s overall damage since players are dealing fire elemental damage because of the Hot Shot Mod. A great Ring that can easily be acquired by buying it from Reggie Malone in Ward 13.

The last two rings can be anything depending on what you have since the worlds that players explore greatly vary. This build was built mainly for damage and what I prefer to use for the third slot is the Vestige of Power Ring which increases my ranged and melee Damage by 10% if undamaged after 7 seconds. The said condition is fairly easy to achieve since enemies will be dead long before they hit you. Also as players progress in the game, they will get better at avoiding damage. Players can get this ring by visiting the world of Yaesha and exploring its Faithless Thicket Zone.

Wax Sealed Ring

The last ring for this lineup is the Wax Sealed Ring which further increases this build’s overall damage by stacking ranged and melee damage when landing killing blows. One of the easiest conditions to fulfill especially when fighting lots of enemies. This ring can be obtained in the world of Yaesha and by exploring the Far Woods Zone.

While those Rings can be used now, eventually you will want to get the Braided Thorns, which grants an insane overall critical rate that is easy to maintain, and the Compulsion Loop that can even provide significant fire rate speed.

Amulet – Range Finder

And lastly, for the Amulet, the Range Finder is the one that you will eventually want to get, which can provide a staggering amount of 30% range damage when its effect is fully stacked. You will lose the added fire rates of the Gunslinger Charm but the added ranged damage can offset the loss easily. When dealing with bosses, on the other hand, you can retain the Gunslinger Charm if you prefer the higher fire rate.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build: Loaded Sharpshooter Relics & Traits


Relics greatly depend on the user’s preference and how good they are in terms of playing the game. Experienced players may use an advanced relic that adds more offensive buffs by disregarding the need of replenishing their health. But for beginners, I will still recommend using the Dragon Heart as a general relic.

Dragon Heart


Acquiring Relic Fragments is heavily based on RNG thus I will be suggesting to use whatever you have right now. But if blessed with the RNG, concentrate on Elemental Damage, Fire Rate, Recoil, Crit Chance, and Ranged Damage.


Traits on the other hand can be tricky things to upgrade, as specific traits randomly show up in the field by completing side dungeons, NPC quests, and more. The Core Traits: Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and especially Expertise should be maxed first for players to have high chances of survival in combat. Expertise is a must especially, since this build relies on active skills.

Trait Handling reduces weapon spread and recoil by a significant amount and this trait offsets the cons of the XMG57 Bonesaw making it even more an ideal weapon for this build. By reaching the last parts of the story, this trait can be obtained by progressing.

Handling Trait

Next up is the Footwork Trait which increases the build’s movement speed when aiming. I need to stress how important this is since strafing while aiming can save the players from minor projectiles and prevents the need to roll which interrupts your firing. The Footwork Trait can be obtained by completing the Terminus Station Dungeon in N’Erud.

The Gunslinger’s Archetype Traits Ammo Reserves and Longshot are two great additions to this build’s repertoire as they further enhance the XMG57 Bonesaw’s ammunition and range. Players are welcome to add more extra trait points on whatever trait they have currently as it will serve as a total upgrade in general.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build – Loaded Sharpshooter Gameplay Tips

The Loaded Sharpshooter heavily relies on the build’s active skills to reach its peak performance, and it is worth noting that the entire duration of this build’s active skills is what I call the “Burst Phase”. Players need to follow sets of skills and mod rotations in order to get the most from this Build.

To begin the rotation properly, fire up Bore Mod to force enemies to reveal their vulnerable spots. Quickly activating the Hunter’s Mark Active Skill will mark enemies and increases the build’s Ranged Damage. Following up with the Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm increases the build’s fire rate and reloading speed immensely. And lastly, activate the Hot Shot Mod before firing Bonesaw.

While in the middle of the burst phase, since the Bonesaw accumulates heat from continuous shots, pay attention before the overheat gauge reaches its threshold and quickly swap to the MP60-R and fire away. If you failed to switch and the Bonesaw overheats, you will be locked in its overheat animation, wasting your burst window. Keep this in mind and ensure your ammo capacities for both guns are fully loaded before entering the burst phase.

When the active skills expire, simply wait for them to cooldown to start the skill, and mod rotation once again. 

Final Thoughts

The Loaded Sharpshooter is an absolute beast on the battlefield. Its immense damage, incredibly high fire rate, and speedy weapon-switching capabilities make it fun to use for both beginners and experienced players. If you find the Bore Mod clunky or difficult to use, you can skip it in your rotation and instead start from activating the Hunter’s Mark, and you’ll still deal significant damage.

Remnant 2 Gunslinger & Hunter Build

This is one of my go-to builds simply because of the burst damage it deals when all mods and skills are active. Seeing those high continuous damage numbers is so satisfying, especially when ripping off a huge chunk of a Boss’s health in a very short period of time. The Loaded Sharpshooter is easy to build, and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

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