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Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build & Character Guide

Lancelot is one of the most agile characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink. With his fast-paced combat and hard-hitting abilities, beginners will love his melee-focused playstyle. 

Lancelot is proficient in swordplay, utilizing his signature dual swords. These weapons allow him to perform quick and precise strikes, giving him the ability to deal fast multi-hit combination attacks on enemies. 

Playing Lancelot effectively revolves around chaining together fast and fluid combo attacks. Learning the timing and rhythm of these attacks will allow the player to string powerful combos that can quickly Stun enemies while also dealing a large amount of damage.

This is also one of the reasons why I see him as a beginner-friendly character since users will have the ability to attack enemies at high speed while easily weaving in evasive maneuvers in combat. Let’s go over his Support Skills or special passives first.

Lancelot Special Passives – Support Skills

Stiller Glanz

Stillerglanz allows Lancelot to imbue his swords with ice, making him deal more damage when the combo is sustained long enough. Even though this passive takes time to take effect, I find it manageable if you know where to position him in combat.


The Wirbelwind passive is the best passive ability Lancelot has. This ability allows you to weave in a dodge attack or a special maneuver that can quickly transition to a skill or action. 

This passive also allows him to pull off a perfect dodge most of the time. A very strong skill if properly utilized. Thanks to this ability, the user will have an easier time maintaining combos during combat.

Now that is out of the way, let’s move on to Lancelot’s Skills. I will be going through each of them and providing my recommendations as well to give you an idea of how these skills are being utilized.

Blade Impulse

Blade Impulse is Lancelot’s lunge attack and this type of skill is what we call a “Gap Closer” in combat. This is pretty useful and fun to use when the target is out of range, especially for melee-focused characters.

This can easily bridge that gap and you can easily start chaining normal attack combos when its animation ends.


Turbulenz on the other hand is a leaping strike that deals an AOE ice blast upon landing on the ground. Aside from its great damage, it’s a useful skill for hitting multiple enemies especially when fighting a horde.

Also when Lancelot leaps into the air, it will give the player the ability to dodge sweeping skills and counter with the AOE blast.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Turbulenz

Southern Cross

The next skill on the list is Southern Cross. A straightforward multi-hit attack combination. What is useful about this skill is its ability to hit multiple enemies in front of Lancelot since it has a cone-like AoE. All of his Skills can be connected to his normal attacks easily and this is one of the easiest skills to weave in when dealing with combos.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Southern Cross
Southern Cross

Blauer Dolch

Blauer Dolch grants a Supplementary buff only to Lancelot. What a Supplementary Buff does is, it will add additional hits on top of your normal attacks and Skills. Since his attack animations are speedy, you will be dealing a lot of damage when this buff is active.  

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Blauer Dolch
Blauer Dolch


Kaltzwinger is Lancelot’s CC skill. I see this skill as a perfect choice when playing multiplayer. This skill allows Lancelot to release a glacial trail that freezes enemies and holds them for a limited duration, unable to perform any actions.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Kaltzwinger


Lawinsternum is the only ranged Skill in Lancelot’s repertoire. This looks underwhelming at first glance since you will be thinking, Lancelot’s playstyle revolves around melee attacks. However, this skill is for those players who love to constantly deal damage, even if the boss is out of reach.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Lawinensternum


Schwertgeist is Lancelot’s SBA Gauge distributor. At first glance, you might think, why would you want to distribute your SBA Gauge? Since Lancelot can continuously deal attack combinations to targets consistently, he will be filling up his SBA Gauge faster than anyone. This skill will help you distribute more SBA Gauge to your allies, so your party members will be ready to pull off a Full Chain Burst in combat.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Schwertgeist


The last skill on the list is Luftspiegelung. This applies a Mirror Image Buff only to Lancelot which nullifies incoming damage until a certain number of hits. This skill can be taken advantage of by beginners who are still adjusting to Lancelot’s gameplay or Granblue Fantasy Relink in general.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Luftspiegelung

Now that we’ve covered all of Lancelot’s skills in Granblue Fantasy Relink, the following are my skill recommendations. What I usually run with him is Blade Impulse, since this is my gap closer, a non-negotiable skill. Turbulenz is my second pick so I do have an option to deal an AOE attack or dodge incoming sweep attacks effortlessly. 

For the third skill, Southern Cross is what I am using as an additional offensive skill. I am the type who loves a High APM ( High Action Per Minute ) gameplay so I opted for this. The last skill in my loadout is Blauer Dolch. The Supplementary Damage Buff it provides adds a lot of value to his entire kit. 

You can change Southern Cross with either Lawinensternum if you want to have a ranged skill, or with Kaltzwinger if you are playing multiplayer.

Kaltzwinger lets you hold bosses for a decent duration and your allies can take advantage of that window to get some attacks off. I prefer not to use this skill when playing single-player since the CPU tends to just stand around while I am freezing a target, wasting the opportunity.

Also, Schwertgeist is not a bad pickup when playing in multiplayer, since you are going to be one of the main distributors of SBA gauge in your party if you go for this route. 

Now that skills are out of the way, let’s tackle the suggested Build for Lancelot in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Since his gameplay allows him to deal consistent multiple hits at high speed, my main recommendation is to build him around Stun Power. 

By increasing his Stun Power, you will be seeing a lot of Link Attacks since it is so easy to stun enemies thanks to his gameplay.

Stun Power

Weapon – Hoarfrost Blade Persius

We will start with Lancelot’s weapon first. Since we will be building him around Stun Power, Hoarfrost Blade Persius is the best pick. This weapon will be the main source of your Stun Power. If you are building him around damage, the weapon Vegalta is suggested for Critical Hits, or Knight of Ice for more Attack Stats. It depends on what build you are going for.


When it comes to Sigils, we will be prioritizing the Stun Power Trait and also adding some of the Traits that I think will work best with this build. If your Sigil slots are limited at the moment, prioritize Stun Power first. Note that the tiers of the suggested Sigils in this setup are not mandatory but the ideal ones, just work with what you currently have.

HP & Aegis Sigils

When playing Maniac or Proud Difficulty Quests, enemies can take you down in one to two hits. So increasing your HP with Health or Aegis Sigils will give this build more survivability. Depending on your skill level or how well you know a certain fight, you can remove these and equip more offensive Sigil types so you can enjoy higher damage.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Aegis Sigils
Aegis Sigils

I suggest aiming for at least level 22 for the HP Trait and level 11 for the Aegis Trait to gain a substantial boost to surviveability. As mentioned previously, you are not required to have the same Trait levels, I am just providing suggestions for you to know what to aim for. 

Equipping the right Sigils is more important so just equip yourself with what you have, especially in the early parts of Endgame.

Stun Power Sigils

Of course, we will be equipping Lancelot with additional Stun Power to bolster his stunning capabilities. The Hoarfrost Blade Persius is perfect for this build and it will already provide you with an insane Stun Power Trait at level 100 to 150.  

We need all the Stun Power we can get and you will preferably reach the maximum Trait level cap which is level 45.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Stun Power Sigils
Stun Power Sigils
Combo Booster Sigils

Combo Booster Sigils will work perfectly for this Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build. What They do is, gradually boost the user’s damage of each successive hit to enemies. Characters that can do high-speed attack combinations will benefit from this Trait and Lancelot is one of them. 

Combo Booster’s ideal trait should be level 20 and above to have that minimum 80% boost to damage dealt.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Combo Booster Sigils
Combo Booster Sigils
Cascade Sigils

Cascade Sigils shorten skill cooldowns whenever the user hits a target. This is perfect for Lancelot as he is constantly toe to toe with bosses and you will be seeing shorter cooldowns, thanks to his attack flurries. The ideal Trait Level for Cascade should be level 15 and above to have a minimum of 1.5% skill cooldown reduction per hit.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Cascade Sigils
Cascade Sigils
Critical Chance Sigils

Critical Chance Sigils are also advisable since Lancelot is a DPS so he will be benefiting a lot from the Critical Hit Trait. 

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Critical Chance Sigils
Critical Chance Sigils
Critical Damage Sigils

Since we have increased his Critical Chance Trait, you might as well slot in a Critical Damage Sigil for more damage multiplier.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Critical Damage Sigils
Critical Damage Sigils
Damage Cap Sigils

Damage Cap Sigils play a pivotal role in increasing your overall damage when reaching endgame. This Trait increases your damage ceiling so pay attention if you are not gaining higher damage numbers despite increasing your Attack Stat. If this happens you need to add this Trait to gain more damage. With this Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build, we don’t focus as much on damage as we do on Stunning, so it’s not as important if you don’t build him purely for DPS.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Damage Cap Sigils
Damage Cap Sigils

Now that we already tackled the Granblue Fantasy Relink Build for Lancelot, let’s now move on to his actual usage. Lancelot is fairly easy to use, especially his skills. In combat, your goal is to spam his normal attack flurries as much as you can since this is one of the fastest ways to Stun enemies.

Since we have built him as a Stunner, the enemy Stun gauge will fill up fast and eventually will lead to Link Attacks. The more you do Link Attacks, the faster you can access Link Time and even deal more damage as a group.

Since we do have a Combo Booster Trait, your damage increases on each hit and you want to try to maintain your combos to keep your damage up. To maintain them effectively, avoid using the normal dodge and instead rely on his unique ability Wilberwind to dodge incoming attacks. 

Combo Booster Sigils

Taking advantage of Wirbelwind will allow Lancelot to not break his ongoing combo even when dodging enemy attacks. Timing Wirlberwind perfectly can lead to perfect dodges.

Using Combo Finishers or Skills will also tremendously increase the Stun gauge of enemies and Bosses, so weave in whatever Skills that are off cooldown while you are in the middle of your attack flurries. Skills should be available fairly quickly since the Cascade Trait helps you reduce their cooldown through continuous attacks against enemies.

Suggested Party Composition For Lancelot in GBF

In terms of party composition, Lancelot can fit right in any party setup. He is ideal as a second pure DPS. If you built him as a Stunner, it is highly advisable to include another pure DPS that is built solely for damage. Pair them with two supporting characters and you are all set.

One party example would be, a well-built Zeta as a pure DPS with Signo Drive to buff the entire party. Following up with Lancelot as a stunner and secondary DPS. A Gran with support skills and has access to Armor Break for lower enemy defenses and Phalanx so he can provide damage mitigation. Lastly, Cagliostro for burst heals, revives, and all-around buff.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Lancelot Build - Signo Drive
Signo Drive

Another good party composition would be, a Narmaya set as the main damager of the group. Lancelot for stuns and damage. Ferry can fill in the support role this time with her all-around buffs and heal regens. The last party member would be Gran, set as the main support of the group since he can do revives and burst heals as well. 

These are examples of what parties can be done with Lancelot. His role is so good, that he can fit in almost all party composition. That’s it for this guide, I hope you learned a bit about Lancelot and how to use him and if you have more questions you can check out our Granblue Fantasy Relink Wiki, or leave a comment in the comments section below!

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