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Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build & Character Guide

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build & Character Guide – Narmaya has mastered the art of the blade to defeat enemies with lightning-speed strikes and masterful counterattacks. She is a strong yet nimble warrior who dedicated her life to mastering her style. By combining her family’s martial arts with magic, Narmaya crafted her unique blade technique through rigorous training.

Being able to perform two deadly stances which are the Dawnfly and Freeflutter Stance, she has two distinct sets of lethal attack combinations available to her.

Narmaya’s combat style revolves around her Stances and demanding normal attack combination rotations. Equipped with high-damaging skills that also require proper focus to deal the highest damage possible, her damage output is one of the best in Granblue Fantasy Relink, but her gameplay requires practice and dedication to be effective in combat.

Being able to access two stances fluidly in combat, players will be switching back and forth between Dawnfly and Freeflutter to maintain her deadly combo loop. Not only she can deal tons of damage, but her skills also allow her to move swiftly in combat. Let’s go over her Support Skills or special passives first, before we get into the skills themselves.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build

Narmaya Special Passives – Support Skills

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect allows Narmaya to instantaneously switch between her two stances, which gives her access to two different sets of attack combinations.

Take Flight

The Take Flight Skill on the other hand, grants Narmaya the accumulation of Butterflies upon landing specific attacks. The more Butterflies that Narmaya accumulates, the more damage Narmaya’s skills can deal.

Let’s next move on to Narmaya’s Active Skills. I will be going through each of them and providing my recommendations as well to giving you an idea of how these skills should be utilized.


Kyokasuigetsu is Narmaya’s lunge attack or her gap closer. A non-negotiable Skill that helps her blitz into the enemy and deal damage with continuous attacks. This is one of the skills that makes her mobile in combat.


Transient is a multi-hit attack that changes based on what stance Narmaya is in. This skill is one of her hardest hitting Skills and a beginner-friendly one. I prefer using this skill when in Dawnfly Stance to have that fast multi-hitting animation.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Transient

Apex of Nothingness

The next skill on the list is Apex of Nothingness. I suggest prioritizing this Skill when tinkering with your loadouts. This is Narmaya’s parry skill and parrying attacks in Granblue Fantasy Relink is very forgiving in the sense that you will have a generous window in which to perform them.

After the successful parry, Narmaya will leap into the air and counter with an overhead slash, and inflict the enemy with Slow. Technically, you can parry almost everything in GBF Relink, and this skill can be a lifesaver if you find yourself unable to get out of the path of a deadly boss attack.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Apex of Nothingness
Apex of Nothingness


Moving on to the next skill, Setsuna. This is the strongest Skill in Narmaya’s kit. A devastating unsheathe attack that can be charged to even deal more damage. I highly suggest sticking to Transient if you are a beginner since this skill requires precision and timing. 

Due to its long charging time, you will likely suffer damage from enemy attacks if not used properly. Only use this if you are confident enough with her playstyle. 

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Crescent Setsuna

Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon Skill is pleasing to the eye in terms of animation. It does provide great mobility to Narmaya, especially if you are not comfortable using her parry skill. This skill will allow you to effortlessly disengage from the enemy and deal long-range slashes in the process.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon

Dance of Blue Petals

Dance of Blue Petals is her Defense Up buff, and also grants her three Butterflies upon usage. I don’t use this as much since I prefer slotting a better Skill than this, but I do see this as another beginner-friendly skill. Having that extra 40% Defense may save the user from getting one shot in difficult fights while still learning mechanics.

Dance of Blue Petals

Utter Devotion

Utter Devotion is pretty interesting since this is Narmaya’s debuff skill. The 25% Defense Debuff is useful particularly when dealing with Bosses. Although the user will be more likely to be targeted due to the Hostility Status, it will not be an issue if the player can pilot Narmaya effectively.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Utter Devotion
Utter Devotion

Dance of Pink Petals

Dance of Pink Petals is Narmaya’s best in slot buff which grants her Supplementary Damage, Stout Heart, and a 30% Attack Buff. This is huge, as this skill also provides three butterflies upon usage. This is one of Narmaya’s staple skills and you can’t go wrong with this one. 

Now that we’ve covered all of Narmaya’s skills, here are my Skill recommendations. From a beginner’s standpoint, I see Kyokasuigetsu as a must-skill for mobility.

Narmaya is most of the time, the strongest DPS in the party, and thus she is expected to be toe to toe with bossesin order to accomplish this, and Kyokasuigetsu will help you achieve that. This skill will help you close the gap between you and your target effortlessly so you can concentrate on dealing damage.

For her main DPS skill, Transient is the perfect choice. It is easy to use due to its fast animation. 

Slot in, Dance of Blue Petals to have that 40% Defense Up and it will help you tremendously, particularly when still adjusting to Narmaya’s gameplay. However, I suggest, changing this to Dance of Pink Petals if you are already adapted to her gameplay so you can enjoy a significant boost to your DPS.

Apex of Nothingness is highly suggested as well since even if you are a beginner, you can easily take advantage of its generous parry window, and inflicting Slow to enemies is valuable when running in a group or in a multiplayer session.

After a considerable amount of training with Narmaya, Setsuna is highly advisable. If you can manage to use this skill effectively, you will be dealing a huge amount of damage to targets. The safest way to use Setsuna is if the boss is unable to move due to crowd control skills inflicted by your friends, or when in the middle of SBA Chain Burst. 

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Utter Devotion
Utter Devotion

Consider using Utter Devotion as well since the Defense Down Debuff it provides can bring value to your team. If you are going to use this, I suggest replacing Apex of Nothingness with it.

Now that skills are out of the way, let’s tackle the suggested Builds for Narmaya in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Since her gameplay allows her to deal consistent multiple hits at high speed, my main recommendation is to build her around Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Combo Booster, and other helpful Traits that increase her DPS.

Weapon – Fluorithium Blade

We will start with her weapon first. Since we will be building her around Critical Hit Chance, Fluorithium Blade is the best pick for this GBF Relink Narmaya Build. This weapon will be the main source of your Critical Hit Rate Trait and we will further bolster it with Critical Hit Rate Sigils later on.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Fluorithium Blade
Fluorithium Blade

If you want more Attack Power Trait instead, however, Venustas is the best choice while still aiming for a Critical Hit Rate when equipping Sigils. Kotetsu is also not a bad option since it can be an effective Stunner as well.


When it comes to Sigils, we will be prioritizing the Critical Hits and Critical Damage and also adding some of the Traits that I think will work best with this GBF Relink Narmaya Build. If your Sigil slots are limited at the moment, prioritize Critical Damage instead since Fluorithium Blade will provide this Build with a significant amount of Critical Hit Rate Trait. 

Note that the tiers of the suggested Sigils in this setup are not mandatory but the ideal ones, just work with what you currently have.

HP & Aegis Sigils

When playing Maniac or Proud Difficulty Quests, enemies can take you down in one to two hits, so increasing your HP with Health or Aegis Sigils will give this GBF Relink Narmaya Build more survivability. 

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Aegis Sigils
Aegis Sigils

Depending on your skill level or how well you know a certain fight, you can remove these and equip more offensive Sigil types so you can enjoy higher damage. I suggest aiming for at least level 22 for the HP Trait and level 11 to 13 for the Aegis Trait to gain a substantial boost to surviveability.

As mentioned previously, you are not required to have the same Trait levels, we are just providing suggestions for you to know what to aim for. Equipping the right Sigils is more important than the Tier of the Sigils themselves, so just equip Narmaya with what you have, especially in the early parts of the game.

Critical Hit Rate Sigils

Critical Chance Sigils are expected for this Narmaya Build. Our main goal is to have near 80% Critical Hit Chance. A level 150 Fluorithium Blade provides a level 25 Critical Hit Rate Trait, so in most cases, this should be enough. But if your Fluorithium Blade is not yet maxed, you can use Critical Hit Rate Sigils to reach the suggested Trait level.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Critical Chance Sigils
Critical Chance Sigils

Critical Damage Sigils

Since we have increased the Critical Hit Chance Trait, it is a must to slot in Critical Damage Sigils for more damage multipliers. Preferably, this Trait should be nearing the max level, which is 30, to have that 50% damage multiplier.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Chance

Combo Booster Sigils

Combo Booster Sigils will work perfectly for this Narmaya Build as well. What it does is, is it gradually boosts the user’s damage of each successive hit to enemies. Characters that can do high-speed attack combinations will benefit from this Trait, and Narmaya is one of them. Combo Booster’s ideal trait should be level 20 and above to have that minimum 80% boost to damage dealt.

Cascade Sigils

Cascade Sigils shorten skill cooldowns whenever the user hits a target. This is perfect for Narmaya as she is constantly toe to toe with bosses and you will be seeing shorter cooldowns, thanks to her attack flurries. The ideal Trait Level for Cascade should be level 15 and above to have a minimum of 1.5% skill cooldown reduction per hit.

Stun Power Sigils

Later on in Granblue Fantasy Relink, if you already max your Sigil upgrades, you will be freeing some slots and I see Stun Power benefitting Narmaya. Stunning enemies is a great strategy to access Link Time frequently, so consider slotting this one.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build Stun Power Sigils
Stun Power Sigils

Damage Cap Sigils

Damage Cap Sigils play a pivotal role in increasing your overall damage when reaching Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame. This Trait increases your damage ceiling so pay attention if you are not gaining higher damage numbers despite increasing your Attack Stat.

Damage Cap Sigils

Now that we already tackled the Build for Narmaya, let’s now move on to her actual usage. The majority of her DPS comes from her normal attack loop thus it is a must to master both of her Stances. You will be playing with a lot of charge attacks while using her so it may pose a challenge for newer players. 

What I usually do is buff myself Dance of Pink Petals at the start of the battle to gain the Supplementary Buff and Attack Boost. Then will lunge into my target with Kyokasuigetsu and follow up with a normal attack charge. 

After the charge attack animation, notice that she will glow, signaling that it is the perfect time to switch to Freeflutter Stance. After switching to this stance, I am exhausting its combo until I reach its spinning animation. 

When the spinning animation completes, you will notice that she will glow again, signaling the user to switch Stances again. If you manage to switch Stances correctly, she will do a special animation depending on what Stance you switched into.

By following this pattern, you will be starting her combo in the Dawnfly Stance and it will later then switch back to Freeflutter. It is overwhelming at first since it is quite challenging to manage her rotation, especially in a real combat scenario, thus I see her as an advanced character to use.

To make things easier, always remember that with every Skill that you will use, you should be using her charge attack when in Dawnfly Stance. What it does is it quickens the charge time, making these easier and faster to pull off.

By also landing the fourth hit of the Dawnfly Stance combo, always do the charge attack so that after its animation you can transition back to Freeflutter Stance. If you have done this correctly, she will release a shockwave that deals damage over time.

Suggested Party Composition For Narmaya in GBF

In terms of party composition, Narmaya can fit right in any party setup as a main DPS. You can bring another DPS as a stunner if you wish so you can enjoy more Link Attacks. Pair them with two supporting characters and you are all set.

For a party composition example, Narmaya would be the main damage dealer of the group. Lancelot for stuns and damage, and he can also use his Glacial Crown control skill to hold enemies. Cagliostro can fill in the main support role with her all-around buffs and burst heals. She can also do the revives for clutch moments. 

Granblue Fantasy Relink Narmaya Build - Cagliostro

The last person would be Gran, set as a secondary support equipped with the Skill Stall, to inflict Slow to targets so Narmaya can have more openings, especially when charging her attacks.

This is just one example of a party composition that can work with Narmaya. She is an utter beast in terms of damage so she will fit in almost all party compositions. Despite her demanding gameplay, if you can master her, she will do wonders for your team. 

If you’re looking for more Granblue Fantasy Relink don’t miss our coverage on its extensive end-game and which characters to play. You can also drop by our wiki for all the latest info on WeaponsArmorSkybound ArtsSigils and more.

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