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Granblue Fantasy Relink: Best Sigils Guide

Cygame’s take on modern Action RPG in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, leaves players no want for action, adventure, and all the challenges that come along with it. But how have they made players able to navigate these challenges? Well, the game’s simplified Equipment system has done away with complex multiple pieces of gear to shape up your character’s build. However, simplicity has its limits, as the game wants you to be able to play your favorite characters in whatever playstyle and role you think is best!

Cue in Sigils. This is the game’s take on the usual Accessories in role-playing games. As we’ve mentioned, Equipment in the game is simplified to just two – Weapons and Sigils. However, characters will actually be able to equip multiple Sigils in order to maximize their full potential. We’ll be revealing all the ways you can utilize Sigils for your build, from the basic to the not-so-apparent details. Keep reading to find out that it might not be an exaggeration to say that equipping or unequipping a Sigil may make or break whether or not you come through alive from the next fight. We’ll be covering this and more in our Granblue Fantasy Relink Sigils Guide.

You can customize your Sigils as early as the first chapter when the game acquaints you with all the menu sections and the features in a town. Granted, you’ll likely only have one to equip on your character, if any at all. When you do acquire one, you’ll see that each of them grants a Trait that takes after its name. You’ll also notice a number signifying the Sigil’s tier.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Sigils

Similar to Weapons, Sigils also have their own levels. Increasing their level will also increase the level of the Trait they come with. The Sigil’s tier signifies their level cap. First-tier Sigils cannot be upgraded at all. Second-tier ones can be raised to level 3, third-tier ones can be raised to level 6. Tier IV and V ones can be raised to a maximum level of 10 and 15 respectively. To give an overall example, a Tyranny III Sigil grants its wearer the Tyranny Trait. It can be raised to a maximum level of 6, which also raises the Tyranny Trait’s level to 6.

Traits are passive abilities that give certain passive boosts or Stat bonuses that are granted by Equipment in the game. Weapons have initial innate Traits and have the potential to be imbued with more come post-game. Sigils each come with just one Trait, at least in early to mid-game, and cannot gain more, unlike Weapons. Traits are active on a character as long as they are equipped with the Equipment that grants them. All of the Traits with the same name and effect stack on top of each other. It cumulatively raises the level of that Trait on the character.

Given that each character can equip multiple Sigils and only one Weapon, Sigils will be what you’ll be customizing, for the most part, to build up your characters however you want to play them. By upgrading the right Sigils and juggling and managing your character’s Traits, you’ll be able to play your favourite characters the way you really want to play them!

How Does Sigil Upgrading Work?

The feature to upgrade Sigils becomes unlocked in Chapter 2 once you acquire your first Sigils. Crabby Resonance doesn’t unlock this feature because you don’t need to upgrade Crabby Resonance to raise its level (skip ahead if you want to find out what this Sigil is! ). Once you visit the Blacksmith, you’ll be prompted to learn how to undertake the process.

Upgrade Sigils at the Blacksmith
Upgrade Sigils at the Blacksmith

Similar to Weapons, you’ll just have to pick a Sigil you want to upgrade, and then confirm the process if you have enough of the materials needed. Upgrading Sigils will primarily require Prism materials (Prism Chip, Flawed Prism, Flawless Prism), along with other monster drops and Treasures and rupies. As mentioned before, you’ll see that confirming the process will increase the level of the Trait along with the Sigil.

Can I Uncap Sigil Max Levels?

Unfortunately, the quick answer is no. Unlike Weapons, Sigil growth pretty much gets stunted when they reach their maximum level, as dictated by their tier. You can’t improve a Sigil and make it into a higher-tiered version of itself. 

This means that you’ll have to really keep an eye out for the stronger Sigils you come across and will have to swap constantly whenever you get higher-tiered ones. You’ll also have to make decisions on what to use resources on, especially given that lower-tier Sigils won’t really have as much value anymore come post-game.

Do I Always Have to Start At Level 1?

You will be getting a lot of Sigils as you play through the game, may it be from chests in the semi-open world, loot dropped from all the enemies, or rewards from Quests. If you have to manage your character’s Sigils and constantly switch over to higher tier ones, or ones that better fit your characters’ builds, do you always have to start upgrading new ones from the first level?

Some higher level Sigils can be found in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Some higher level Sigils can be found in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Well, probably to save us from at least a bit of the resource grind-hell, Sigils you acquire can actually already be somewhat leveled up when you get them. So you’ll find that even if they’re new (marked by the yellow exclamation symbol on the list), they won’t have to start at level one and you’ll get to save some resources for upgrading.

How to Unlock Sigil Slots?

When you first start the game, you’ll only have exactly one slot to equip Sigils with on your characters. You’ll be able to see this when you get your first Sigil, the Crabby Resonance Sigil. From there, you’ll have two ways to increase your Sigil Slots.

Unlocking Sigil Slots: Masteries

The Masteries feature pretty much stands in as the Skill Tree system for your characters to develop and improve over time. It has its own special currency, and nodes to unlock with them. Some of these nodes unlock your character’s Sigil Slots.

Unlocking Sigil Slots: Fate Episodes

The Fate Episodes feature is a feature reminiscent of gacha-game systems that focus on the side story of your acquired character. In this game, you can access Fate Episodes from the Quest Counter to get to know each of your characters, visual novel style. 

Fate Episodes
Fate Episodes

Each character has eleven Fate Episodes in total, and completing each will grant permanent HP and Attack boosts for that character. Of these, the 4th and 8th episodes are completed like any other Quest instead, with combat engagements, and will instead reward players by unlocking a Sigil Slot for that character.

What is the Crabby Resonance Sigil?

As mentioned previously, the first Sigil you’ll likely acquire is called the Crabby Resonance Sigil. In the first chapter, you’ll be able to find a cute tiny creature called the Wee Pincer while you explore the Sundappled Grove. When you bring it with you to Folca, you can finish a Side Quest called “Save the Crustaceans” to receive the Crabby Resonance Sigil.

Crabby Resonance Sigil
Crabby Resonance Sigil

The Crabby Resonance Sigil is a special Sigil that doesn’t get upgraded normally through the Blacksmith. Instead, every time you collect some Wee Pincers, the Trait will increase in level, granting its wearer more Attack. This might be a pretty viable way for some players to get some good Attack stat boosts in, especially considering that you’ll be stuck with lower-tiered Sigils until post-game.

How To Get The Best Sigils?

And there lies the crux of the matter. When you tackle the game’s content that has the highest-difficulty, low-tier Sigils, with their meager level caps, just will not cut it anymore, especially not if you want to play characters a particular way.

So how do you get stronger Sigils? We’ll lay out your options for you. Note that most of these features pretty much open up post-game, meaning you’ll have to complete the main campaign first. Fortunately, your characters won’t really need to be too strong to finish the main campaign, so until then just make the most of the Sigils you find.

As with most materials and Equipment in the game, you can first and foremost clear some Side Quests at the Quest Counter to obtain them. Some of the more difficult Quests have rare materials and Sigils as first-time clear rewards. Otherwise, you can also get lucky and get them from the chests that pop out every time you clear a difficult Quest.

Still, there are more reliable ways to make sure you’re able to at least get a Tier IV or V Sigil and we’ll give you the rundown on some of them.

Trade for Tier IV and V Sigils

After you finish the main campaign and earn your Veteran Skyfarer Rank, you’ll have access to Quick Quests at the Quest Counter, along with higher difficulty Quests which grant the best rewards. Quick Quests allow you to queue up to join a random quest with a random difficulty rating from Easy to Very Hard. Completing a Quick Quest rewards you with Dalia Badges.

Trade Dalia Badges
Trade Dalia Badges

You can then go to Siero’s Knickknack Shop to trade these Dalia Badges for rare materials, and even rarer still, Tier IV and V Sigils. As with some Sigils you get from drops or Quest rewards, these Sigils will also be leveled to a certain extent, so you won’t need to start from level 1 to upgrade them.

When you reach the Zegagrande Legend Skyfarer Rank, which gives you access to Maniac and Proud difficulty Quests, you’ll also get access to character-specific Sigils. These Sigils give strong Traits that work well for how a character was intended to be used. They can be acquired at the Treasure Trade feature at Siero’s for high-level monster drops and rare materials.

Treasure Trade
Treasure Trade

Transmute Sigils

Although not as reliable as trading Dahlia Badges, at post-game you will also gain access to a fun new feature, still at Siero’s, called the Transmute Sigils feature.

This feature is another one reminiscent of gacha games. You’ll be able to exchange a certain number of Knickknack Vouchers for a chance to get a random high-tier Sigil. The higher the level of Transmutation you want to do, the higher the number of Knickknack Vouchers that have to be traded for the process, which also means you have better chances of getting rarer Sigils.

Use Knickknack Vouchers to Transmute Sigils
Use Knickknack Vouchers to Transmute Sigils

The higher level you go, the more exclusive the pool is to higher-tier Sigils. However, this feature doesn’t allow you to pinpoint certain Sigils for your character and purely relies on chance. You do have a small chance of getting Wrightstones from these features, which can imbue Weapons with additional Traits.

Knickknack Vouchers can be acquired by collecting Trophy rewards from Lyria’s Journal, trading with Siero in exchange for Gold Dahlia Badges, and after gaining certain amounts of EXP points after the character has reached the maximum level of 100.


At post-game, Sigils that you get from the higher-difficulty Quests have a chance to have a plus sign beside them, from third-tier and above. For example, instead of a Tyranny III Sigil, you might find you acquired a Tyranny III+ Sigil instead. You also have a chance of scoring these using the Transmute Sigils feature.

Tyranny III+ Sigil
Sigils with these plus signs have an extra Trait attached to them

Sigils with these plus signs have an extra Trait attached to them! Which means these can be invaluable if you manage to be lucky enough to get synergistic Traits on one Sigil, or at least two Traits you already want your character to have.

And that’s all she wrote for now for Sigils! Sigils are essentially what will make up your post-game builds for your characters, so it’s important to get the fundamentals down pat. As some of these features require a good deal of luck, it’s good to at least have all your options down so you can make good decisions as to which to spend your time and resources.

As always, if we missed anything or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below! Don’t forget to visit our website and wikis for more detailed information about the Sigils and what each of them can do, to help make your characters’ builds stronger.

Happy hunting, and may the odds be in your favor!

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