Granblue Fantasy Relink: Higher Difficulty Quests Explained
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Granblue Fantasy Relink: Higher Difficulty Quests Explained

During the Main Campaign, players will have access to 2 difficulty levels, which are Easy and Normal. These are the available quest difficulties throughout Chapters 1 until 10, where you will fight the big boss of Granblue Fantasy Relink in the end. But that’s not all– players will be able to unlock more difficult quests as they continue playing after the Final Chapter.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to unlock all Higher Difficulty Quests in Granblue Fantasy Relink.


How Do I Unlock Higher Difficulty Quests?

The End Game Quests or Higher Difficulty Quests become available shortly after clearing the Final Chapter. Below, you will find the steps on how to Unlock Higher Difficulty Quests in Granblue Fantasy Relink:

  • Clear the Final Chapter
  • Speak with Id, then with the Caring Man
  • Depart for the quest through the Main Menu (click Start Quest)
  • Return to Folca Town and speak with the Caring Man again
  • Chapter 0: Skybound Heart begins, and you will unlock Quests of High Difficulty and earn various rewards
How to Unlock New Difficulty Quests

Quest difficulty tells you your current progress throughout the game, and it can also be indicated by your Skyfarer Grade. During the Main Campaign, which is Chapters 1-10, your rank is Novice Skyfarer and gives you two available difficulties: Easy and Normal. Think of this as Hunter Rank (HR) in the world of Monster Hunter where you have to take quests to increase your ranking, or in Granblue Fantasy Relink, your Skyfarer Grade.

How To Increase Skyfarer Grade?

You can increase your Skyfarer Grade by completing various quests. Every time your Skyfarer Grade gets promoted, you will earn various rewards fit for the achievement. There are 3 Skyfarer Grades in Granblue Fantasy Relink:

  • Novice Skyfarer (Easy and Normal)
  • Veteran Skyfarer (Hard, Very Hard, Extreme)
  • Zegagrande Legend (Maniac and Proud)
How to Increase Skyfarer Grade

Each of the Skyfarer Grades indicates the quest difficulties available within that grade. Once you have been promoted to Veteran Skyfarer, you will earn rewards that will help you in navigating a higher difficulty and you can now join the Online Sessions of other players who have unlocked Hard, Very Hard, and Extreme difficulties. 

The initial promotion from Novice to Veteran only unlocks Hard difficulty for your OWN quest difficulties and you still have to unlock the following levels by taking Key Quests and a Ranking Quest.

What are Key Quests and How Is It Different From A Ranking Quest?

Key Quests are Quests of higher difficulty that need to be cleared before you can take on a Ranking Quest. These two types of quests will serve as your gateway and pattern to unlocking the next level of difficulty. Key Quest first becomes available in Chapter 0 and you can find them by visiting the Quest Counter. Then, look for quests with the Orange Diamond Marker with a crossed swords symbol in the center.

You can sort Key Quests and find them according to Difficulty, Location, or Type. As long as it has the Key Quest marker, then, you are required to complete that to move on to the next level. After you have completed all Key Quests for that level, you can now take a Ranking Quest. This is the quest that will test you if you are ready to take on the next level. The objective of a Ranking Quest usually involves a race against the clock where you have to defeat a high-level boss within a certain timer and meet other conditions.

Once you complete a ranking quest, the next level will become available. From Hard difficulty, you will now unlock Very Hard and the pattern repeats until you get to Proud, which is the 7th and final difficulty.

Why Should I Unlock Higher Difficulty Quests?

There are a few reasons to unlock higher difficulty quests including gaining access to endgame Mastery Nodes, Over Mastery Bonuses and Endgame content:

Unlock Endgame Mastery Nodes

Aside from the rewards that you get from increasing your Skyfarer Grade, players get one very important feature from unlocking Higher Difficulty Quests, and that is unlocking Endgame Mastery. Masteries basically determine the Skills, Buffs, and Raw Stats that your character will have and help you establish the role and identity of your characters in combat.


As you reach Endgame, Masteries Progression will be locked behind Quest Difficulties. The goal is to unlock Quests of Higher Difficulty so that nodes of Offense and Defense Mastery Progression will be further unlocked until you reach Proud difficulty. This means better stats, stronger skills, and other augments to improve your character build.

Reach Level 80 to Unlock Over Mastery

By completing Key Quests and Ranking Quests, you will not only earn various rewards but doing so will also increase your character levels. As you continuously play in the Endgame, players will unlock a new feature called Over Mastery. This is a new type of Masteries Progression that unlocks after a Character reaches Level 80. Just like the other categories under Mastery, you will need Mastery Points to unlock these special nodes. If you need some check out our guide for Granblue Relink Masteries.

An Over Mastery grants 4 random bonuses per node that grant various stat boosts to that character. One node of Over Mastery is unlocked at Levels 80, 90, and 100. 

Over Mastery

The list of bonuses is obtained at random. Stars will represent the Strength of each Over Mastery Effect and you can find the list of Possible Bonus Effects below:

  • Attack Power Up
  • Critical Hit Rate Up
  • Skill Damage UIp
  • Chain Burst Damage Up
  • Skill Damage Cap Up
  • Healing Cap Up
  • Health Up
  • Stun Power Up
  • Skybound Art Damage Up
  • Normal Attack Damage Cap Up
  • Skyboard Art Damage Cap Up

Chapter 0 and Endgame Quests

Chapter 0 marks the beginning of the Endgame Content where you begin the loop of taking quests, clearing objectives, character upgrades, and boss battles. The Endgame in Granblue Fantasy Relink is exactly how I imagined it. Enemies are stronger, objectives are stricter, and bosses are far more ferocious. The Endgame Content also unlocked new features, quests, and other additional content that will keep players hooked.

Endgame Content

The Endgame Content is more than just the grind, because even after you have completed the Main Story, there’s still a puzzle to be solved and endless progress to be made, whether you’re upgrading your Character Mastery or optimizing your party composition, there’s a ton more to do at Chapter 0.

If you’re looking for more Granblue Fantasy Relink don’t miss our coverage on its extensive end-game and which characters to play. You can also drop by our wiki for all the latest info on WeaponsArmorSkybound ArtsSigils and more.

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