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Granblue Fantasy Relink: Locked Chests Guide

Nothing beats the feeling of finally opening up a locked chest in any RPG. In Granblue Fantasy Relink, Locked Chests are specially designed to be opened that will require certain colored keys for you to be able to gain its contents. If you’ve come across them throughout your playthrough of this game, you might’ve wondered how exactly to open these tantalizing boxes of goodies. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going through everything about these Locked Treasure Chests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Well as we’ve mentioned, Locked Chests can only be opened by using the corresponding keys for them. When you find your first Locked Chest, you might find that you still do not have the required key and will have to come back after you have acquired it. There are three different keys for opening locked chests – the Silver Key, the Gold Key, and the Whitewing Key. They are categorized as Key Items and are not consumed whenever you use them to open Locked Chests. We’ll go over how exactly you can acquire each of them and when.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: How to Unlock Chests
How to Unlock Chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink

How to Get the Silver Key

The Silver Key is the first of the three keys that you can acquire. The Side Quest that rewards it is called “Lingering Regret” and can be started as early as Chapter 1 when you first reach Folca. Your client will be a heavyset-built NPC named “Nearly Retired Adventurer,” who you can find along the path to the left of the town’s Quest Counter.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: How to get the Silver Key

However, to actually complete the Quest and ultimately get the Silver Key as a reward, you’ll have to acquire a Golem Finger. Unfortunately, the earliest you’ll be able to fight the Rock Golem which drops them will be at Chapter 6, after which you’ll also be able to unlock the Quest Counter Quest “Golemology 101: Desert Golems.” You’ll have quite a ways to go if you’re reading this as you start the game, but once you get there you’ll just need a single Golem Finger to get your key! You can skip ahead to find all the locked chests that the Silver Key opens – if you’re in the second chapter as you’re reading this, we recommend you do so to make the most out of your finds!

The Gold Key can be acquired after you progress two more chapters. In Chapter 8, your party will finally make it to Seedhollow, but everything will be a bit too tumultuous for key-hunting. After you finish the chapter, however, Seedhollow will become one of the game’s two main town areas, where you’ll be able to find more NPCs with more Side Quests to offer.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: How to Get the Gold Key

Cue in Adventurer’s Partner who you’ll find in the bazaar area across the red-carpeted staircases that go up. He’ll be in a fit about a snake and can get you started on the Side Quest called “Out of Serpentine Spite.” You guessed it – this one rewards you with the Gold Key. Unlike the previous key, there’s no waiting involved for this one, ‘cause all you have to do is kill a single Cobra, which is a large-ish snake-type monster. 

You can do so by heading out into the Dahli Relicbelt, which you should’ve already gone through, or you can head to the Quest Counter and take on the Quest called “Rilla Done Did It,” which will have you survive against waves of monsters, including our much-disliked Cobras. 

After you’ve killed even one of them, head back to our unhappy friend and complete the Quest to collect your Gold Key. You can skip ahead to find all the locked chests that the Gold Key opens. If you’re in the eighth chapter as you’re reading this, we recommend you do so to make the most out of your finds!

Now, compared to both the Silver Key and the Gold Key, the Whitewing Key is much more difficult to acquire. However, it still is just a matter of progressing through the game. Without spoiling too much, you’ll have to completely finish the main story and make it to the post-game, which is dubbed Chapter 0: Skybound Heart. Doing so will increase your Skyfarer Rank automatically to Veteran Skyfarer. From there, you’ll have to complete Key Quests and then Rank Up Quests to unlock higher difficulties, which gives you rewards every time you do, along with progressing the post-game chapter.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: How to Get the Whitewing Key

Eventually, you’ll completely finish Chapter 0 and you’ll attain the rank of Zegagrande Legend, which unlocks the Maniac difficulty Quests for you at the Quest Counter. One of the rewards for all your efforts to unlock the Maniac difficulty is the coveted Whitewing Key.

Where to Find Locked Chests?

Now that you’ve found all the keys, let’s get to treasure hunting! Thankfully it won’t be too hard, as all the Locked Chests are just found in the two town areas of the game – Folca, and Seedhollow. We’ll go over all of them by which key opens them.

Silver Key Chests

While the key is called the Silver Key, the chests it opens are actually blue but adorned with silver finishes, to differentiate them from normal chests.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: Silver Key
Silver Key

Folca Silver Key Chests

From Siero’s spot in Folca, you’ll want to take the path on your right facing Siero until you find a small merchant’s store. Your first locked chest should be by the large wooden doors, next to a Draph couple that are sat down right beside it. Opening it will net you with five Fortitude Crystal (S), Attack Power III and Health III Sigils, and a good amount of money.

Next, you’ll want to head to the Blacksmith this time and make your way to the pond by taking the path near the Erune with the Side Quest icon. Take the wooden bridge on your right along the way and follow the path to find your next locked chest next to some short steps. This one contains five Fortitude Crystals (S), Autorevive III and Drain III Sigils, along with some more money.

Seedhollow Silver Key Chests

The other two Silver Key Chests are in Seedhollow. Head over to Siero’s and you’ll find your first one there right in plain sight behind Siero’s stall, beside some NPCs sitting on the stone bench. This one contains five Fortitude Crystals (S), Tyranny III and Improved Guard III Sigils, along with the usual money.

Next, you’ll want to head to Zathba’s Pub where you can access the Appraisal feature. Before you enter the establishment, you’ll see the locked chest at the foot of the stairs, containing another five Fortitude Crystals (S), Combo Booster III and Guts III Sigils, along with some more money.

Gold Key Chests

Just like the ones opened with the Silver Key, the chests that the Gold Key opens are actually more blue but adorned with golden finishes. As they are a bit rarer, they might be a tiny bit more difficult to find.

Folca Gold Key Chest

Back at Folca, you’re going to want to start at the Blacksmith’s again. Just like with the last Silver Key Chest here, take the path beside the Erune quest-giver to head toward the pond. Head past it to the right and continue forward until you find a large house to your immediate right that looks like a jumping puzzle waiting to be solved. Jump on the roof and make your way to a level where you can walk around to the other side to find a balcony where your first Gold Key Chest is hidden. Open it to be rewarded with a Fortitude Crystal (M), Health IV and Critical Hit Rate IV Sigils, and more money than you got from the silver key chests.

Seedhollow Gold Key Chests

For the Gold Key Chests at Seedhollow, head on over first to the entrance of the bazaar which puts you right in front of Siero’s shop. Turn around and head toward the Docks but take an immediate left to a dead end where you’ll find your first Gold Key Chest in Seedhollow. It contains a Fortitude Crystal (M), Drain III and Stun Power III Sigils, and – you’ve guessed it – money, money, money.

Next, you’ll want to head to the Quest Counter first and then take the immediate path to the right, facing the Quest Counter NPC. When the path forks at a flower shop, take the one to the right and keep going as you head up a short set of stairs. At the end of the path are large gates, but before that, you’ll see some stairs on the right leading to a small alcove of sorts. You’ll find the other Gold Key chest here, containing another Fortitude Crystal (M), Aegis III and Regen III Sigils, along with some more money.

Whitewing Key Chests

Unlike the two other locked chests, chests that are opened with the Whitewing Key actually visually look the way they sound, with a regal-looking design and white and gold finishes. These chests contain high-level materials and equipment.

Granblue Fantasy Relink Locked Chests Guide: Whitewing Key
Whitewing Key

Folca Whitewing Key Chest

Back again at Folca, the first and only Whitewing Key Chest here is found near the large cathedral. Head up the path toward it and then head up the stone stairs to the right, facing the church. Past the arch, turn left to find your first Whitewing Key Chest hidden behind some bushes and twigs. You’ll find that it contains an Azurite Splendor, Damage Cap IV and Tyranny IV Sigils, and about two or three times more gold than the Gold Key Chests.

Seedhollow Whitewing Key Chests

The last two locked chests are Seedhollow. Start at the entrance of the bazaar and run forward right past Siero’s shop. Take the path to the left of the red-carpeted stairs here, to the left of another flower shop. As you move forward, keep panning your camera to your right to find the locked chest behind two NPCs conversing about a guy they know who joined the Church of Avia. This one contains a Damascus Ingot, Quick Cooldown V and Improved Dodge Sigils, and just as much moolah as the last Whitewing Key Chest.

From this chest, turn around and look for an alleyway on the other side of the street. The end of it leads to a house surrounded by red brick walls. As you turn, you should be able to find the last locked chest immediately to your left, containing a Silver Spellbook, Skilled Assault IV and Stamina IV Sigils, along with some more money.

Why Open All Locked Chests?

And there you have it! If you’ve been following this guide and have found and unlocked all ten of the game’s Locked Chests, you’d have attained the Unlocked and Unloaded Trophy, if you’re playing on the PlayStation, which is the first reason you’ll want to get all of them. 

Another reason to collect them is to get rewards from the Trophy section of Lyria’s journal, which you should be checking regularly. In this case, whenever you find and open a certain number of treasure chests in the game, you’ll be able to collect rewards, and yes – this count includes the locked ones.

Finally, if you opened the chests as you got the corresponding special keys, you might suddenly find yourself having stronger Sigils that might help get you through your next challenges in the main campaign, depending on whether or not you’ve been diligent with your Side Quests. The Whitewing Key Chests also get you started on some very valuable post-game upgrade materials, which you’ll eventually need for cleaning the hardest contents of the game.

That’s it for today for the game’s Locked Treasure Chests! As always, feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions, or even if you just want to let us know your progress with finding all of the game’s box of goodies.

For more in-depth information on different aspects of the game, like all the Side Quests, where to find upgrade materials, and how to even use all of them, don’t forget to visit our site and our wiki!

Happy treasure hunting, and we’ll catch you on the next one!

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