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Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide

So you have beaten the Granblue Fantasy Relink, you followed the helpful tips that we provided in our Granblue Fantasy Relink Beginner Guide, and now you are wondering what to do next? If you are enjoying the game so far, I have good news for you, the endgame is really where the game really starts to open up. We will talk about what to do next in this Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide.

This article will cover our suggested progression in the later stages of the game, what are the things that you should be doing first, or even how to take advantage of some of the key features that will help you raise your characters in the quickest way possible. 

After spending at least 10 to 11 hours on average, you have likely already completed the Final Chapter if you focused on the main story campaign as we’ve suggested. After the Final Chapter, players will be thrown into Chapter 0 which is technically the start of Endgame. 

You will notice that a lot of features will start to be unlocked. After reaching Chapter 0, you will easily notice that your Skyfarer Grade upgraded from Novice Skyfarer to Veteran Skyfarer which allows you to access Higher Difficulty Quest.

Before we continue in our Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide, the best course of action is to break down how Skyfarer Grade progression works so you will have a better understanding of how the gameplay loop goes. Monster Hunter fans will find the progression awfully familiar since Skyfarer Grade works almost identically to Monster Hunter Rank. 

Novice Skyfarer Grade

There are three Skyfarer Grades from what we were able to reach in the game and the first starting grade is Novice Skyfarer. This is more of your default grade and you will have this in the entire main story campaign. This grade will let you access Easy and Normal Difficulty Quests when accessing the Quest Counter

Granblue Fantasy Relink - Quest Counter
Quest Counter

Veteran Skyfarer Grade

As mentioned previously, upon completing Chapter 10 or the ” Final Chapter ” in the game, Chapter 0 will commence and players will attain Veteran Skyfarer Grade which allows them to access Hard, Very Hard, and Extreme Difficulty Quests. 

Zegagrande Legend

The next grade is Zegagrande Legend which lets players access Maniac and Proud Difficulty Quests. These quests tend to pose a serious challenge since players will be facing the hardest content in the game. 

Now that the grades are out of the way, we will now move on to our endgame progression breakdown. This section will give you an idea of what activities you should be doing that provide the best rewards possible per Skyfarer Grade, so you can save time. 

Our goal in our Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide is to give you an idea of when or where you should be engaging in certain activities to have the fastest progression possible and avoid wasting time. 

Hard Difficulty Quests

Chapter 0 is technically part of the story and the game will still provide you with clear objectives to progress and you will never miss their objectives. Compared to the main story campaign your main objectives during the endgame will be completing a series of quests that can only be accessed at the Quest Counter. 

Now starting with the Hard Difficulty Quests, these are your highest-tier Quests as of now. Take note that the standard formula of progression will be, that the game will require you to complete a series of Quests on a specific difficulty which in this case are Hard Difficulty Quests. 

After completing the required set of quests, the game will then allow players to access a Ranking Quest that will promote them to the next Difficulty.

If you are following our recently posted Grablue Fantasy Relink Beginner Guide, we specifically mentioned and suggested that never grind until reaching a certain part of endgame content and it still applies here. I have beaten every Hard Difficulty Quest without the need for grinding, and your first four characters will suffice. Just keep on raising them and upgrading their gear (aside from Sigils) as you climb the ladder. 

The Hard Difficulty Tier was not so bad and progressing in this difficulty was a really straightforward experience. You don’t need to upgrade Sigils at this point, just equip the ones you are getting while progressing. 

Very Hard Difficulty Quests

After completing all the required Hard Difficulty Quests, the Ranking Quest for Very Hard Difficulty will appear. Complete this quest and you will have access to Very Hard Difficulty Quests. In my experience, this tier is pretty straightforward as well, just like Hard Difficulty Quests.

So just stick to your team and upgrade them along the way, complete the required quest, and eventually, you will be reaching Extreme Difficulty Quests which is where things get interesting.

Extreme Difficulty Quests

The Extreme Difficulty is where I had the most fun. On this difficulty, players will be able to grind effectively since Extreme Difficulty Quests and the higher ones provide a lot of currencies and materials. 

This is the main reason why we suggested skipping the grind during the early stages of the game. You will be getting so much currencies and materials at this point, that you will simply not believe it. And since this is where you will be starting your grinding, it’s a good idea to learn where you should farm so let’s get over Quest Types quickly.

Quest Types

So the first Quests are the Boss and Defend Types of Quests. These type of quests provides weapons and Sigil upgrades of raw materials, especially for forging new Weapons

Upon accessing the Quest Counter, you can arrange all of them by island, by difficulty, or by type. Head to the Tab Type, and you will notice that each Quest Type has its purpose. It is more about explaining the possible rewards that you will be getting.

The next Quests are Conquest and Horde Types. These quests drop Fortitude Crystals which you can use to level up your weapons. You will be spamming these a lot since the need for Fortitude Crystals is high.

Next on the list are Survival and Explore Types and what these Quests provide are tons of Experience and Mastery Points. Depending on your needs, you’ll know where to farm. Always remember to only spam Extreme or Higher Difficulty Quests to avoid wasting time.

Now depending on your party composition, the best spots of quests may vary deeply. What I do is access the highest quests available that I can clear efficiently, when farming certain raw equipment materials. When farming EXP for example, I usually go to a Survival Type Extreme Difficulty Quest and spam it.

I highly suggest running the available quests and finding spots that you can comfortably and efficiently clear. When grinding at Extreme Difficulty, you will be able to max your first four characters in no time in terms of levels, advance their Masteries, level up weapons fast, and most importantly, get more Sigils which I will be explaining more later on. 

Make sure to have the correct Sigils for your build

Before progressing to the next tier, your first four characters should be level 100 and at least with level 100 weapons. It is expected as well that they have decent Masteries progress during this period and have the right Sigils that match their builds.

Maniac Difficulty

So you’ve managed to get a little bit of a footing at endgame after all that grinding and you decided to progress. The next difficulty is Maniac and this is where you will be unlocking more quests that can provide better rewards so keep an eye on that.

In this difficulty, you will start to feel that the enemies are getting stronger and you will be forced to learn some of the mechanics of the fights. Grinding in this difficulty will allow players to have access to level 150 weapons, more efficient ways to get Sigils, and more.

It is advisable to have your characters’ weapons reach levels 125 to 150 and have Tier IV and Tier V Sigils equipped. Bust most importantly, character Masteries need to be at least 60 to 80% progressed for both the Offensive and Defensive Side and at 35% progress in the Collections Tab. 

Proud Difficulty

Now on to the next difficulty, and this is where things start to get spicy. In this difficulty, you will be dealing with level 120 Enemies with huge health pools. So proper preparation is needed which we will go over in this Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide. Not that they are tanky, but they can easily one-shot my Characters especially when tackling fight mechanics.

It is suggested to have level 150 weapons, fully upgraded Tier IV or Vs Sigils, defined builds that suit your characters’ playstyles and even 90 to 100% Progress for Offensive and Defensive in terms of Masteries. It is time to go all-out as fights will drag out in most cases if come unprepared.


You will be spending a lot of time here since you will be maxing out your first four characters. Although we did have significant returns when farming in Extreme and Maniac Difficulty Quests, Masteries and upgrading Sigils take time. Reaching level 150 for all the available weapons for a certain character will take a lot of time as well but it will pay dividends as you unlock more stats from the Collection Masteries.

After you have maxed out your first four characters, taking advantage of Elemental Weaknesses will be the next best course of action. So it is time to raise more characters and begin maxing them out. Getting all the additional damage that you can get will be helpful especially since Bosses will have millions of HP. 

Final Tips

A couple of suggestions before I wrap up this Granblue Fantasy Relink Endgame Guide. I keep on mentioning equipping decent Sigils previously but in this section, I will provide the exact methods that you need to take advantage of to get the best sigils in the game.

While grinding in Extreme Difficulty Quests, you will be getting a lot of excess materials. Don’t sell them for Rupies! This is one of the biggest traps in Granblue Fantasy Relink! Instead, head into Folca or Seedhollow and visit Siero’s Knickknack Shop. 

Access Knickknack Vouchers and head to Trade Treasures. With this feature, you will be able to Trade any of your unwanted raw materials in exchange for KnickKnack Vouchers. Unwanted Sigils and Wrightstones can be traded for Vouchers as well. These Vouchers can easily pile up in no time. I usually reach the 999 cap within a short period. 


After getting a significant amount of Vouchers, access Transmute Sigils in Siero’s shop and access the highest level of Transmutation that you can. In this method, you will be getting a lot of High-level Sigils and Wrightstones so you can build your main characters with the proper Traits that will match their playstyles.

There is a lot of RNG involved in Transmutations however, this is one of the fastest ways to get Sigils and Wrightstones easily and you will be stockpiling them in no time. You can also exchange your Dalia Badges for specific Tier V Sigils from Siero as well but it will require you 10 Quick Quests Runs in the Quest Counter.

Don’t forget to visit our website and wikis for more detailed guides on the many aspects of the game that we touched on here. Be sure to check out more our Granblue Fantasy Guides in How to Upgrade Your Weapons and How to Respec.

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