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Lords of the Fallen Agility Build – Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build Guide

In this Lords of the Fallen Agility Build, I’m going to be showing you my Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build Guide, which is an Assassin Build. This focuses on dual-wielding Daggers and stacking up status effects to obliterate enemies quickly.

Lords of the Fallen Agility Build – Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build Guide

Lords of the Fallen - Status Effect Assassin

So the Weapon that I’m using for this Fallen Agility Build is the Kinrangr Hunter Dagger, which I have two of. What I like about this dagger is it has okay Agility scaling but more importantly, it has frostbite buildup. Frostbite is a Status Effect in Lords of the Fallen that rips off a lot of posture on enemies. When it triggers and deals a decent amount of damage. And on players, if you’re PvPing, it reduces their stamina bar by half for its duration.

What’s good about that is the damage that pops off when this triggers, particularly against trash enemies. Against medium-difficulty targets, you’re usually going to get a nice burst of damage in the middle of your dagger combo to finish them off to die faster. 

Lords of the Fallen Agility Build – Gameplay, Equipment & Spells

Kinrangr Hunter Daggers

Lords of the Fallen - Kinrangr Hunter Dagger

The reason why I’m using the Kinrangr Hunter Daggers instead of the Fungal Bowman Daggers, which deal poison buildup, is that we’re using the Poison Weapon Spell here to buff our damage and to give us the poison status effect buildup on our Weapons when we attack. We’re getting the frostbite and poison buildup so these enemies are taking damage. 

One of the nice things I’ve noticed is it seems like frostbite damage is based on the total health of the enemy and poison is as well. So the higher the health pool that these enemies have, the more effective the buildup will be against them. Furthermore, it doesn’t taper off on new game plus or the further you go into the game because it’s based on the health of the enemies or at least it is for my testing.

Lords of the Fallen - Rapid Combos

What you have here is a very rapid combo where you keep applying the poison status effect buildup until it pops. Enemies are then poisoned over time. Remember to keep applying frostbite as well for enemies to take damage. This usually kills weak ones almost always but all but kills medium enemies and takes a big chunk of health off hard-to-kill targets.

Bloodbane Ring

Lords of the Fallen - Bloodbane Ring

And then we’re using the Bloodbane Ring, which makes it so that when we inflict poison buildup, we also inflict Bleed buildup. What bleed does is it triggers a status on an enemy that where you hit them, they take extra damage. This only happens for several hits but that’s going to rip off a huge chunk of health at the same time just by what we’re doing already. 

So what’s going to happen is you’re going to apply bleeding, poison, and frostbite to an enemy just by attacking with your buff Weapons and that will rip off huge chunks of health in a hurry. 

What I like about the dagger move set compared to something like Short Swords, which you could arguably make a similar Build, is that Daggers consume far less stamina when attacking. It also allows you to keep chaining your attacks and they reach a lot further than you would think. The character steps forward a very good distance when you’re fighting so it’s not very difficult to close the gap with enemies. 

Poison Weapon

So to be able to use a Poison Weapon, which you can purchase very early on in the game from Molhu in Skyrest Bridge. We’ll need an Umbral Catalyst. We’re using the first one here called Charm of Fortune’s Sight. I’ve upgraded it simply because we sometimes use Umbral or as a ranged attack, in pinches, where we need to take out a pesky ranged enemy. We don’t use it very often but having more damage with it is better than having less damage.


Lords of the Fallen - Putrefaction

So I have upgraded a little bit here as well and also, I have Putrefaction here, which summons an AOE poison mist that can poison enemies over time. I don’t use this all that often. It’s obtainable not super far into the game in the Forsaken Fen area. You meet the requirements for it so why not have it for those times where you can poison a bunch of enemies or get a target to sit in it while you’re fighting them?

To be able to cast these Spells and use the Umbral Catalyst, you’ll need at least 12 Radiance and 12 Inferno which should probably be the first thing that you’re focused on when putting this Lords of the Fallen Agility Build together. You don’t need much to cast the Poison Weapon Spell itself. At about 15 Radiance and 15 Inferno, you’ll have 300 Mana, which will allow you to cast Poison Weapon five times without having to use a consumable or rest at a vestige. 


LOTF - Armor Options

For Armor for this Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build Guide, there are two ways to go if you want to put this together. A lot of Agility Builds will use Light Armor and have light encumbrance to be able to dodge better. You can go that way if you want. The alternative is to stack as much Armor as you can and stay in the medium encumbrance threshold. You’ll have a decent amount of protection. 

We do tend to spam chains of attack with this Build and we’re very, very hyper-aggressive. Sometimes, you’ll be chaining your attacks into an attack anyway, trying to finish an enemy off or creating damage. I kind of like it this way but you can go to the light route if you prefer. Now, if you’re going the way, that I did with this Build, meaning the medium encumbrance route. You’ll have as much protection as you can stack and you’re going to stay in that range.

Pendant of Burden

You’re going to want to use the Pendant of Burden and what this is going to do is it’s going to increase your damage for every status effect that you have inflicted upon an enemy. And since we’re inflicting poison, bleed, and frostbite constantly, this is going to crank up your damage as more and more of these apply, particularly in Boss fights or against difficult enemies where you need that extra damage. 

Princess’ Sting

LOTF - Princess’ Sting

The other option here is Princess’ Sting, which rewards you for having a lighter equip load by increasing your damage all the time. I highly recommend using this one if you plan to choose to equip the lightest load. You can wear some Armor using Daggers, etc. That way, your damage is high all the time but your protection is less so it’s up to you. Do you want more damage in general or do you want more protection? You can play either way and your pendant will change depending on what setup you have.


For Rings, you want the Bloodbane Ring as I mentioned earlier. This allows you to inflict bleeding while you’re doing poison, which is part of this Lords of the Fallen Agility Build and it’s really strong. You want to get this one and it’s located in Forsaken Fen, not too far into the game.

LOTF - Yorke’s Ring

Now, for your third ring slot, you can put whatever you want. I highly recommend putting something that increases damage but a lot of those can only be obtained later on in the game. I messed around with Yorke’s Ring, which theoretically increases your frostbite damage so when this triggers, it should boost the damage that frostbite does but in my testing, it reduces the damage so I don’t think that’s working correctly. However, if that does get patched, it should significantly boost the damage of this Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build.

Another good choice is the Lucent Sword Ring, which boosts your damage when your health is high. Or you can use Melchior’s Ring to boost your physical damage. Another good alternative is Grayson’s Ring, which makes it so that when you’re dual-building, you have increased damage runes on Weapons. 


LOTF - Dimexus

I like to use Dimexus because I gain increased physical damage while dual-wielding Weapons deal exclusively physical damage. Poison and frostbite are separate things from that so this is good. You can stack one in each dagger.

For the second Rune, I like to use the one that increases your physical damage but reduces your Strength scaling. We’re not focusing on Strength with this Lords of the Fallen Agility Build so that’s not much of a downside. And then, when you get to your third rune slot, you can use another Dimexus to further boost your damage while dual-wielding or any other rune that boosts physical damage.

Lords of the Fallen Agility Build – Attributes

Lords of the Fallen - Exiled Stalker

So jumping into the Attribute side, for starting Class, the Exiled Stalker is probably a good start. You begin with two Daggers to get into the style of dual-wielding. You’ll need to increase your Radiance and Inferno early to use Poison Weapon up to 12 each, which you can do right away and then you can start Poisoning Weapon. You won’t have the frostbite but you probably won’t need it early on.

And then, until you get these Daggers that we’re using, you can put this Lords of the Fallen Agility Build together very early on in the game. The things you need are not to Level 70, which is one of the things I like. It’s been a theme that I’ve been trying to put together even though some of the things I’m using in the late game, the general concept of the Build can start early on and it will just continue to become stronger.

Lords of the Fallen - Stats and Attributes

Attribute-wise, you’re going to want a lot of Vitality because you’re playing very aggressively and you tend to get hit particularly if you’re going the light Armor route and trying to be very light with your equip load. You don’t need a ton of Endurance with this Frostbite, Poison, Bleed Status Effect Build. Endurance is better to have a lot more of if you’re playing the light equip load but if you’re playing the way we are, you don’t need much. 

Taking a look at Agility, which is the primary scaling Attribute for this Build, if you look at the Weapon, you’ll see you’re not getting a ton of damage out of it, only approximately 48 damage from the scaling at 40 Agility. But as we upgrade the Dagger more, the scaling improves and the number will go up higher. 

But you don’t need a ton of Agility early on. You want to focus on getting your Radiance and Inferno in a good spot, getting your Vitality and Endurance where you want them, and then focusing on Agility. It’s not going to add too much damage to this Build but make sure to add it as you go. 

Final Thoughts

Lords of the Fallen - Poison All the Way

Another thing that I want to mention is you can play a similar Build to this if you want and get rid of the Catalyst and use Poison Salts to put extra poison buildup on your Weapons. You can play this way if you prefer to free up your offhand for a Bow or free up your ranged slot for Thrown Weapons. I just found out that you’re going to go through a lot of Poison Salts playing that way, particularly early on in the game. 

And you’re not going to have a lot of Vigor to spend on Poison Salts when you’re trying to level up later on in the game when you’ve already made a lot of levels, it’s a lot easier to do. If you don’t want to farm Poison Salts, then this is a much better way to do it. However if you were to min-max this Build, then using Poison Salts and having Thrown Weapons might be better.

So that wraps up my Lords of the Fallen Agility Build, hope you guys found that helpful. I think we’re going to do one or two more Builds for this game. If there’s a specific Build you’d like to see, please leave it in the comments below.

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