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Lords of the Fallen Pyromancer Build Guide (2023)

In this Lords of the Fallen Build Guide, I’m going to be showing you my Seismic Sorcerer Build. This is a Pyromancer Build aimed at the middle part of the game and I’ll explain why. However, a big shout out to Hexworks Studios and CI Games for sponsoring this article. If you guys are picking up the game or considering it, remember to use our link below to support the channel.

Lords of the Fallen Pyromancer Build Guide (2023)

Lords of the Fallen - Pyromancer Gameplay

If you’ve been playing Lords of the Fallen or you’re just starting out, you’re going to notice pretty quickly that there are not too many Pyromancy or Inferno Spells available at the beginning compared to Radiant and Umbral Spells, which are immediately available at Skyrest. So you’re going to be wondering where to get more Spells and how to put a Pyromancer Build together. So part of this Build is showing you how to do those. 

Lords of the Fallen Pyromancer Build – Seismic Sorcerer Character Creation

If you’re playing a Pyromancer, you’ll probably want to start as the Pyric Cultist Class. This will give you 18 Inferno to start with, which is fantastic because you’ll need a lot of Inferno for this Build. You’re also going to gain a Spell Infernal Orb that allows you to range down enemies. What I really like about this Spell is it has a bit of an arc to it. 

Lords of the Fallen - Character Creation

If you play a Radiant Build or start as an Orian Preacher and you’re using Radiant Flare, you’ll notice that it goes in a straight line from where you cast it. Sometimes it’ll hit the lip of enemies that are higher up and not actually damage them whereas the orb kind of arcs up so it’s always going to hit them over. So you’ll have a less difficult time connecting with this Spell than you do with Radiant Flare. 

Now if you didn’t choose this starting Class, it’s not a big deal because you’ll need some other attributes for this Build. You’ll need some Endurance, Vitality, and a little bit of Agility, which is optional, so it doesn’t really matter if you started differently. You’ll always have to improve your Inferno much more quickly if you choose a different Class though.

LOTF Pyromancer Build – Spells

So the first thing you’re going to want to do no matter what Pyromancy Build you’re playing is you’re going to want to free the tortured prisoner and she is located out on Pilgrim’s Perch. If you go in that direction and go down, and then go back across to head up to the lift, there’s an area where you need to find the Skyrest Bridge Key. Once you get ahold of it and open the doors to go up some stairs, you’ll find her locked in a cell. She’ll need an item, which is called the Searing Accusation, in order to set her free.

Lords of the Fallen - Searing Accusation

The Searing Accusation is a catalyst for Pyromancies and is a little bit stronger than the one you begin the game with in terms of scaling even though its base spell power is a bit lower. The higher your Inferno goes, the more this will shine over the base one but you need to find this. There’s an Umbral puzzle not too far from where she is down the stairs. You need to solve that to get the item. 

If you give the Searing Accusation to her and then rest, she’s going to be gone. You’ll then find her in front of the Pieta fight. She’ll be standing there and you can buy a catalyst from her if you don’t have one as well as some Pyromancies.

LOTF Pyromancer Build – Equipment

In terms of Weapon you’ll want to use for this Inferno Sorcery Build early on, you can use The Mangler Axes. I like to dual-wield with this Build so you can use two of them if you can get two drops or you can find one and then get another drop. I think there’s one lying on the map at the beginning of Lords of the Fallen. These are not hard to get. They scale decently with Inferno for early-game Weapons and this will get you in the habit of the two-handed or dual-wield move set rather together.

Lords of the Fallen - Bloodlust

Later on in the game, we’re going to pick up Bloodlust, which is in Fitzroy’s Gorge. This location is a decent way in and we’re also going to pick up the Axe of the Flayed. What I really like about these is they have decent Inferno scaling and they deal physical and fire damage as well as bleed buildup on them. I like bleed buildup because it rips off a chunk of health on enemies that you’re hitting but not all of them bleed. 

Lords of the Fallen - Axe of the Flayed

Not all enemies can burn either but for some reason, I feel like bleeding is more effective in Lords of the Fallen than burning just because the damage it does is better. So it’ll lead into the same playstyle that you’ve probably started with if you’re using The Mangler Axes but you’ll just be more effective.

I’m also using the Pirate Cultist Armor for this Lords of the Fallen Pyromancer Build, which is what they start with. You can change this to whatever you want like something heavier that’s still in the medium roll range that would be better. Or you could even take off a little bit in light roll if you’d prefer. Armor is not super important for this Build. You could use the Infernal Enchantress if you still want to stay in the Fire Realm. Or maybe you could use some of the Ruiner Armor if you want something heavier.

LOTF Pyromancer Build – More Spells

Lords of the Fallen - Adyr's Rage

Another good Spell that you can pick up a little ways into the game past this part is Adyr’s Rage, which is going to buff your physical damage so even though you do some physical and fire damage, it’s going to increase your damage when you’re fighting. Adyr’s Rage is just good against difficult enemies or boss fights to give you a little extra damage.

To get a couple of other Spells that I like to use for this Build, you’re going to have to go ways into the game and you’re going to have to get through the Spurned Progeny boss fight. Once you do this and if you go back to the tortured prisoner to talk to her, she’ll actually sell you back the catalyst you gave her earlier. Then you can use that, equip and upgrade it, which is a little bit better than the starting one.

If you’re upgrading the starting one, you can stay with that. There’s not a huge difference between them so it’s not a big deal but once you do that, you’re going to be able to buy Seismic Slam from her. Seismic Slam is a game-changer in this game. From my testing, it sends out fire and physical damage in a line to knock enemies backward whereas others will be knocked down. 

But what’s really, really great about this Spell is it gives you a really nice AOE option from long range. Also, if you can get an enemy up against a wall and then use this a little bit in front of them, all the things on the ground will pop up directly under them to deal tons of damage since it stacks. So you want to try and get targets into a position where there’s a wall behind them to decimate them.

The only drawback is it’s a very mana-hungry Spell so you’ll have to use consumables to replenish your mana. As you’re playing at higher levels, this shouldn’t be a huge deal. These are not hard to come by since they drop in places easily to be able to farm them. You can also buy them from merchants.

If you’re using the Searing Accusation, you’ll have four slots so you can use something like Lava Burst or Magma Surge. Lava Surge is like a bigger fireball that has more of an AOE explosion but costs more mana. It’s decent in some situations but I find that Seismic Slam is usually just better, otherwise, you can use Magma Surge. Magma Surge is somewhat hard because the enemy has to stay in it in order for it to deal damage or set it on fire. It’s good against big or large creatures that tend to stay in place.

LOTF - Rhogar's Delight

For the necklace, I like Rhogar’s Delight because it increases your fire damage and fire defense. Most of your Spells spells deal fire damage as well as your Weapons so this is really good to boost your damage. You can buy this from the tortured prisoner again after defeating the Spurned Progeny.

For rings, the first one I like is Puissance Root to increase the power of your sorceries and your magic damage. You can also get this from the tortured prisoner again after defeating the Spurned Progeny. The second one is the Ring of Night’s Fire, which further boosts your fire and wither damage with this Build. The more fire damage you have, the better because it helps boost Weapon attacks and Spells. You’ll find this one in Fitzroy’s Gorge.

LOTF Pyromancer Build – Stats

LOTF - Attributes

So attribute-wise at around Level 50 or 55, you’re going to have most of your points in Inferno to boost the damage of your Weapons and Spells, also for added mana. I started as the Orian Preacher so my Radiance is fairly high but if you just imagine that those points were out of Radiance and in Inferno instead, you’ll be much stronger. You can’t have too much Inferno. There’s a soft cap of about 40 where your mana starts to not creep up as high. You go from seven or eight mana so you might want to be a little bit cautious after you hit 40 Inferno.

And then you can start pumping Endurance and Vitality. You probably want at least 25 Vitality maybe 30. For Endurance, you don’t really need a ton if you’re not engaging in Melee Combat as much as you have to. You’ll stay at range and use Seismic Slam to range things down and then engage one-on-one as needed.

The Agility here is really to just meet the requirements of Bloodlust but you may not need that depending on what Weapon you’re choosing. I do like the dual-wield setup here and unfortunately, you only get one of these axes so you can’t dual-wield both. 

Lords of the Fallen Pyromancer Build – Final Thoughts

LOTF - Pyromancy!

So that wraps up my Seismic Sorcerer Build. I hope it showed you guys how you can play a Pyromancer Build in this game early on. Although it’s kind of hard since there aren’t a lot of Pyromancies or catalysts to choose from at the beginning. Also, there aren’t a lot of items that boost damage until you get through the Spurned Progeny boss fight. 

So for those of you who want to play a Pyromancer, stick it out and know that that stuff is coming. Obviously, there will be more Pyromancies later on to add to this Build.

Stay tuned for more Lords of the Fallen Builds. We will have a Death Knight Build, an Umbral-focused Build, and a Range Build based on an Archer or something like that. If you have suggestions for Builds you want to see, leave them in the comments below.

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