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Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build Guide (2023)

In this Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build Guide (2023), I’ll be showing you a beginner Paladin Build that you can use to get off to a great start. I’ll be covering which Class to select, which Weapons and Armor to use, which Spells to slot and what Amulet and Rings to acquire. If you’ve been looking for a solid Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build Guide, then look no further!

Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build Guide (2023)

The general concept of this Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build, is to give you high protection via good Armor and a Shield, to give you good damage through an appropriate weapon and a spell that buffs your damage, and to give you utility via Radiant Spells. This is an extremely beginner-friendly Lords of the Fallen Build, and one that can be put together very quickly.

Lords of the Fallen - Paladin
Paladins can be built using any of the starting classes making for flexible build

LOTF Paladin Build – Starting Class

There are really 3 choices of starting Class for this Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build, and those are Hallowed Knight, Orian Preacher, and if you have the Deluxe Edition, Dark Crusader. You can use any one of these and put this Build together.

Hallowed Knight

Starts with better Armor and a better Shield than the Orian Preacher, but a worse weapon, no Catalyst, no spells and much lower Radiance. This means if you select this Class, once you get to Skyrest Bridge you must buy a Catalyst, the Orian Preacher Hammer, spells, and must focus on increasing your Radiance to meet spell requirements.

Orian Preacher Hammer - Lords of the Fallen
Orian Preacher Hammer

Orian Preacher

Starts with the best weapon, a Catalyst and one spell, and has very high Radiance, which will meet the requirements for early game spells. Will need to purchase Hallowed Knights Set and Partisan Shield in Skyrest Bridge, which is slightly worse than the Hallowed Knight Shield. Will also need to focus on Endurance to use this Armor and Shield and not “fat roll”.

Partisan Shield - Lords of the Fallen
Partisan Shield

Dark Crusader

Starts with the best Armor protection of all three Classes, and the Paladin’s Pendant, boosting Strength and Endurance. Will need to purchase the Orian Preacher Hammer, Partisan Shield, Catalyst and Spells when you get to Skyrest Bridge. It will also need to increase Radiance in order to meet spell requirements, though not as much as Hallowed Knight.

Paladin's Pendant - Lords of the Fallen
Paladin’s Pendant

LOTF Paladin Build – Equipment

Paladin Weapon – Orian Preacher Hammer

The weapon I’m using for this Build is the Orian Preacher Hammer, which is the starting weapon of the Orian Preacher Class, though you can buy it from Exacter Dunmire in Skyrest Bridge if you didn’t start with that Class.

What I like about this weapon is that it scales with both Strength and Radiance (more so with Radiance), and it does really good damage to early game enemies and most enemies in general thanks to its Physical and Holy Damage.

Its moveset allows you to hit enemies behind you while attacking enemies in front of you, due to its slight backswing when pressing R1. And it’s running R2 is absolutely devastating, and hits in a wide AoE, perfect for clearing trash.

Paladin Armor – Fitzroy’s Armor Set

Early on in the game you’ll be aiming for any high level Armor Set. If you begin with Hallowed Knight, this is fine until you gain Fitzroy’s Armor Set in Fitzroy’s Gorge. If you began with Dark Crusader, you can use the Paladin Set it comes with just fine. If you have started with Orian Preacher, you can buy the Hallowed Knight Set in Skyrest Bridge when you arrive.

These Armor Sets give you a ton of protection which helps you stay alive, and not need to focus as much on Vitality early on as some other Builds need to. Just make sure you have enough Endurance to be in the Medium Encumbrance range, ideally at the very top of this range since you will likely have more protection if you have heavier armor.

Paladin Catalyst – Agony’s Light

The Catalyst we’ll be using for this Build is Agony’s Light. You can acquire this from defeating Ardent Penitent enemies in Pilgrim’s Perch, which are the spikey head guys that headbutt you.

This Catalyst has 3 slots but much more Spellpower than the Orian Preacher Catalyst. It has one less Spell Slot than Wilmarc’s Catalyst which you can also get early on, but I find you only really need about 3 spells early on, and Wilmarc’s has much lower Spellpower as well.

Paladin Amulet – Empyrean Pendant

The Empyrean Pendant further boosts your Holy Damage by about 10% or so, and both your Weapon and Spells deal Holy Damage. You want to keep your damage high with this Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build in order to kill things quickly and this is one way we do it. You can buy this from Exacter Dunmire after you’ve advanced the game a good ways.

Relic of Perpetuation is also a good choice earlier on for more Health. This will help keep you alive and let you focus more on Radiance to up your damage. If you have the Paladin Pendant from Dark Crusader, you can stick with that too if you want.

Paladin Rings – Mineowner’s Ring & Ring of Duty

Both of these Rings can be acquired extremely early on in the game. The Mineowner’s Ring is near the second Vestige of the game, and the Ring of Duty can be purchased in Skyrest Bridge when you arrive.

These increase your Stamina, Stamina Recovery and further boost Vitality and Endurance. These make you more effective in combat, and help with Blocking, Dodging and Attacking. The added Vitality and Endurance means you can spend time on more levels, increasing Radiance for more damage and to meet other spell requirements.

LOTF Paladin Build – Spells

There are a few good spells for this Build early on in the game, so we’ll get into what those are, but feel free to mix and match as you find better ones.

Radiant Flare

This is a good spell that comes in handy when there is a pesky ranged enemy annoying you, or that you just can’t get to in order to melee it. You use it far less than you think, but it’s extremely nice to have when you need it. The damage of this spell will continue to increase with the Spellpower of your Catalyst.

Radiant Weapon

This is your weapon buff spell, and it adds Holy Damage to your attacks for a decent amount of time. It’s not super expensive Mana-wise, but it’s not cheap either, so use it when you know you will be fighting if possible. You should always have this on when fighting if possible. As you increase your Radiance you’ll gain more Mana, making this easier to use for longer stretches. Note that the damage of Radiant Weapon is based only on your Radiance Stat, not your Catalyst or Catalyst Upgrade.

Blessed Reflections

This is an extremely good spell that can melee enemies or attack them from range (which is how I suggest using it). It summons two angels that attack your target, and provides significant burst damage. You can acquire this from the Remembrance of Pieta at Molhu after giving him the Bowl of Revelations, which is found in Pilgrim’s Perch. Its damage increases with your Catalyst’s Spellpower.

Aura of Tenacity

This spell buffs your defense significantly as long as you have the Mana for it (your co-op partner’s too). It will continuously consume your Mana until you have none left, making it very situational. Consider slotting this for Boss fights, when you need a little extra defense in place of Radiant Flare or Blessed Reflections.

LOTF Paladin Build – Stats

At level 50 your Stat spread for this Lords of the Fallen Paladin Build should look something like this:

  • STR – 13
  • AGI – 8
  • END – 16
  • VIT – 26
  • RAD – 34
  • INF – 8

Those don’t need to be exact, but you can see here we prioritize Vitality to keep us alive and to be able to absorb some hits, and Radiance to boost spell damage, melee damage, and to meet requirements for Spells. Strength is only there to meet Shield Requirements, so this my fluctuate based on which Shield you use or find, and Endurance is just enough to use the equipment we are using and not fat roll. This might also fluctuate a bit based on your exact setup.

From here you will continue to increase END, VIT and RAD as necessary, only increasing STR for a better Shield, OR if you find a STR/RAD weapon that you like more that has better STR scaling.

LOTF Paladin Build – Final Tips

Utilize your running R2 attack, and avoid using running R1. Running R1 actually does less damage than a normal R1, so should be avoided at all costs if possible. Conversely, running R2 does way more damage than a regular R1 attack, and you should get into the habit of using it to begin combat.

Remember that Blocking still gives you Wither Damage, and that you need to hit enemies quickly after receiving it to regain Health. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will be hit, and lose all that Health. Still get in the habit of Blocking when you need to, it’s better than just straight-up taking a hit.

Feel free to experiment with other Spells. You will meet the requirements for all of them with this Build, and they are usually pretty cheap to buy from Exacter Dunmire. New Spells usually show up in his inventory as you progress the game, so check back often, and don’t forget to check Remembrances at Molhu for Spells too.

Lastly, ALWAYS use your Radiant Weapon Spell! This thing gives you tons of damage, and even if an enemy is resistant to Holy Damage, it still adds damage so use it. Try to always, always, always fight with it on, and rebuff before it runs out if you have to. You can use Manastones to replenish Mana if you need to.

Don’t forget to check out our LOTF wiki for all the latest info on weapons, armor, spells, and more builds.

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