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Lords of the Fallen Strength Build – Fire Knight Build Guide

In this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build, I’m going to be showing you my Cinder Build, which is a Fire Knight Build. It has some fire elements to it, uses the Sword, Shield, and Crossbow, and has some really good things going for it.

Lords of the Fallen Strength Build – Fire Knight Build Guide

Lords of the Fallen - Fire Knight in Combat

Taking a look at the Weapon that I’m using for this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build, I’m using the Proselyte Sword, which drops from the Proselyte enemies from the game. There’s one very early on in the Abandoned Redcopse and then another outside Skyrest Bridge. This can be farmed but it can take a while to get one of these and you don’t absolutely have to have one of these for this Build.

Lords of the Fallen - Proselyte Sword

But there are a few things I like about the Proselyte Sword. First of all, it only has Strength scaling and requirements, meaning, that you can just dump points into Strength in order to meet the requirements for this Weapon and to get damage out of it. You don’t have to worry about meeting some 13, 10, or 12 Agility requirements and end up wasting points there. Second, is that this has physical and fire damage but only requires Strength scaling, not Inferno. So again, all your points can go into Strength, which is nice and it also has burn buildup when you hit enemies enough times.

Lords of the Fallen Strength Build – Equipment

Thorned Crimson Rector Sword

Lords of the Fallen - Thorned Crimson Rector Sword

Now, if you don’t want to use this Weapon or you’re simply farming it and can’t get it, the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword is not a bad replacement. It has the same Strength requirements, scales with Strength as well and it does bleed buildup instead of fire buildup. Bleed is really strong in this game so that’s a good alternative. Feel free to use either of those two Swords.


Lords of the Fallen - Hallowed Knight Shield

For my Shield, I’m using the Hallowed Knight Shield. This can be any Shield that you want really. You’re going to have tons of Strength so you’ll be able to meet the requirements for a lot of them. It comes down to weight. How much weight do you want on your Shield versus how much you want for your Armor to protect you so it’s really up to you. You could use a much better Shield if you want but you absolutely want to use one for this Lords of the Fallen Fire Knight Build.

The reason for that is even though we’re predominantly attacking with the Proselyte Sword or the Thorn Crimson Rector Sword the whole time, that Shield is going to work as a medium to use rune slots. These rune slots can be applied to things to further benefit your Build so even though it’s going to take some weight, those rune slots are more than worth it.

Ranged Weapon

Lords of the Fallen - Trapper Crossbow

For my Ranged Weapon, I’m using the Trapper Crossbow, which I really love. It drops not super far into the game from Trapper enemies. Has a high Strength requirement, has very good Strength scaling, and also has burn buildup not unlike the Proselyte Sword. So if you hit something with a Trap or Crossbow Bolt and then attack, it’ll be more likely to be set on fire. It also has a higher attack power with fire than holier wither so if you’re trying to use Cinder Bolts, which we use in this, it’s going to be much more effective with those than some other Crossbow

LOTF - Bolts

For Bolts, you’re going to use whatever you can get your hands on but here I have Weighted Bolts, Cinder Bolts, and Radiant Bolts. We predominantly use Cinder Bolts for this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build because the Crossbow itself works better with Cinder. And also, the Burn buildup from the Bolts synergizes very nicely with the Proselyte Sword. These Bolts also hit like a truck. They have very high attack power so you’re going to get a lot of damage per shot.


LOTF - Flexible Armor Options

When it comes to Armor, it doesn’t matter so much what this is. It’s going to be pushing you right up to the weight limit of being in the medium encumbrance. You can still medium roll whatever you can get protection-wise, that keeps you just under heavy depending on the Shield and Sword you’re using. 

They might have a little bit different weight but you can really pick whatever you want. I just went for something that looked knightly even though protection is a big part of this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build but it’s not the focus. So use whatever you want if you’re using a really heavy Shield, use some lighter Armor. If you’re using a light Shield, use some heavier Armor.


LOTF - Crossbowman's Ring

For Rings, I’m using Crossbowman’s Ring and Lucent Sword Ring. The Crossbowman’s Ring reduces the ammo cost of your Bolts by one so instead of all of these Bolts that I’m using, which normally cost three ammo, they’re only going to cost two, which is really great because we have a lot of ammo with this Fire Knight Build. This is basically a 50% increase in ammo by slotting the Ring. And since we hit really hard with our Crossbow, that’s good.

The Lucent Sword Ring is one that takes you quite a ways into the game before you even get but what I really like about this is that it adds physical damage when you’re at full or almost full health. This also applies to both your ranged and melee attacks so you’re going to get something out of it for both.


Lords of the Fallen - Warrior's Claw

And then for our Pendant, I’m using Warrior’s Claw, which increases your physical damage and physical defense. This is really nice even though your Sword has some fire damage and you tend to use some Cinder Arrows with this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build. You still deal a decent amount of physical damage but this will boost both your ranged and melee damage. 

If you happen to use the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword, this will be even better for you because you’re going to have exclusively physical damage on your melee and also getting that extra physical defense just makes us tanker.

Lords of the Fallen Strength Build – Gameplay

Lords of the Fallen - Pick Off From a Distance

So the general strategy I apply with this Fire Knight Build is to basically use my Crossbow to pick off anything that’s dangerous at range or even when taking down really hard-to-kill enemies or softening them up to a third health before engaging with them in the melee range. I don’t use all my Crossbow Bolts but I’m not having to fight them in melee the whole time and it’s effective. You’ll pop back and forth between range and melee not unlike the Blackfeather Archer Build I did, except that you’re not playing an Agility-based Build. 

As a Strength-based Build, your Crossbow is more secondary whereas for that Build, the Bow is more primary. Although, it comes in handy all the time and for the runes that we use on our Sword, we’re basically focusing on anything that boosts our damage. You want increased physical damage, increased fire damage, and anything that’s going to increase your damage more with your attacks. 

And then for the Shield, I have increased ammunition because we can’t have enough ammo with this Fire Knight Build. I also have increased stamina regeneration. You’ll use a lot of stamina with a Longsword so going through this resource can be a problem. 

Lords of the Fallen Strength Build – Attributes

Lords of the Fallen - Fire Knight Stats

Stat-wise, this Lords of the Fallen Strength Build is Level 85 but obviously, you can play it much earlier than that. Most of the available Equipment can be obtained quite early on with the exception of the Accessories, which take a little bit longer to get. You can fill in other things in the meantime because they’re not the backbone of this Fire Knight Build. 

Here, I have 45 Strength, 10 Agility, 31 Endurance, 32 Vitality, 12 Radiance, and 8 Inferno. The Radiance is there just because I started as a Dark Crusader with this Class and you start with 11. I placed one point in there because I wasn’t sure which direction I was going but you really don’t need any Radiance, Inferno, or Agility for this. If you were playing an optimum Build, you would pick a Class that has 8 Agility, 8 Radiance, and 8 Inferno and has all Strength, Endurance, and Vitality because that’s all you really want for this Build.

Lords of the Fallen - Stats in Combat

You probably want somewhere around 30 Endurance and 30 Vitality at this point of the game with everything else and Strength just to maximize your damage earlier on. As you’re putting this together, you’re going to focus more on Endurance and Vitality rather than Strength, which is enough at 19 to use the Weapon, to avoid dying in a couple of hits. As you increase these Attributes, you also increase your ammo count to help give you more Crossbow Bolts as well.

Final Thoughts

Lords of the Fallen - Final Thoughts

So that wraps up my Lords of the Fallen Strength Build, I hope you guys found this helpful. It’s a really easy Build to use in my opinion. I thas very good melee and ranged damage. The synergy between Crossbow and Strength Weapons is really nice, particularly since we’re using a Crossbow and a Weapon that has only Strength scaling. The synergy is also good between the Weapon having fire damage and burn buildup, the Crossbow having burn buildup and Cinder Arrows having burn buildup. All works very, very nicely for this Fire Knight Build. 

If you are enjoying these and if you have things you want to see, let me know in the comments below. 

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