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Lethal Gambit – Lies of P Build Guide

In this Lies of P Build Guide, I’m going to be covering my Lethal Gambit Build, a build that uses quick attacks with a dagger to deal huge amounts of damage in a short period of time, finishing fights quickly and with finesse.

Lethal Gambit – Lies of P Build Guide

The Lethal Gambit Lies of P Build focuses on attacking quickly and overwhelming the enemy with huge DPS, as well as unexpected staggers that are unusual coming from a dagger weapon.

Our reasoning behind the combination of the Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade with the Wintry Rapier’s Handle is purely because of the matching attack types of stabbing, and the good moveset that the handle provides to the weapon. The main weakness of daggers is that they have an extremely short range, making the weapon type feel difficult to use and frustrating. A good example of this is the Master Chef’s Knife, a dagger where the heavy and normal attacks are of a short range and don’t move the character much closer to the target, making it easy to miss unless you are completely point blank. The Rapier Handle combats this disadvantage by offering the range that most daggers lack, making you step forward with every attack as you would expect from a Rapier weapon.

Wintry Rapier’s Handle
Wintry Rapier’s Handle

The Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade has been chosen as the dagger blade because of its unique 30% Critical Strike property. This dagger is probably the strongest in the game simply for this attack type, so we use it alongside the Rapier Handle to make a deadly combo. 

We will be using a Fable Art very often in this build called the “Grind” Fable Art on the Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade. This Fable Art increases our Critical Chance for 1 Fable Slot, boosting DPS to insane levels for very cheap. This allows us to build around constantly keeping this effect up by choosing specific P-Organ upgrades, while adding a Grindstone Effect to the weapon in order to further boost its damage, on top of an amulet which increases damage done for every attack you do for up to 4 attacks, overall giving explosive DPS for short periods of time which can be repeated easily thanks to the low cost of Grind.

Lies of - P Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade
Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade

Note that this build will have some super end-game components that will boost its damage considerably, but there are alternatives to what we use for the majority of the game that work very well regardless.

Lethal Gambit Starting Class

The best starter class for this build will be the Path of the Bastard: Dexterity, as the Wintry Rapier’s Handle favours Technique scaling, and is acquired as your starting weapon by choosing this class. However, if you choose one of the other classes, you can purchase it from a merchant. You will deal less damage if you choose the other classes, so if you want to get the absolute maximum damage output be sure to choose the Dexterity path.

Keep in mind that you CANNOT respec the starting class stats, so if you want to min-max this build, you must choose the recommended build path.

What to use before Area 6

For Areas 1 and 2, the beginner weapon will be fine as you don’t get many other options early on. Once you get into Area 3, I recommend using the Salamander Dagger if you are looking for a similar playstyle to use until you reach the Tyrants blade. You could even put the Rapier Handle on it like we do to the Tyrant blade if you want to get a feel for the moveset.

Lies of P- Salamander Dagger
Salamander Dagger

The Salamander Dagger can be found in Area 3, Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer by taking an immediate right, up to the stairs, and going into the first room on your left, which will have a trapdoor that leads to a few puppets and a safe containing the Salamander Dagger Blade and Handle.

How to Obtain the Tyrant Murderers Dagger Blade

To obtain the Tyrant Murderers Dagger, you will need to buy it from Pulcinella after acquiring the item “Incredible Venigni Collection”. This item can be located in the Opera House in Area 6. From the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer, run in a directly straight line through the door leading to the burning chandelier. From here, fall into the hole in the ground under the chandelier, and run through the corridor on the right. Take another right after reaching another corridor, and continue straight into a room with a legless puppet inside. In here will be a safe containing the Incredible Venigni Collection.

You can take this back to Hotel Krat and give it to Pulcinella to expand his inventory of merchandise, which will include the Tyrant Murderers Dagger that goes for 2000 Ergo.

The room where you can find the safe which has the Incredible Venigni Collection

How to Obtain the Wintry Rapier’s Handle

This weapon is easily obtained at the start of the game. You can either choose the starting class Path of the Bastard: Dexterity to get the Wintry Rapier for free, or purchase it from the Wandering Merchant you meet at the Cerasani Alley Stargazer for 300 Ergo.

Lethal Gambit Stats

As this weapon uses the Wintry Rapier’s Handle, it will be a Technique based build with scalings of D in Motivity and B in Technique. You can further enhance the damage by using a Technique Crank on the handle to put the scalings as 0 for Motivity and A for Technique, or you could change it to a balanced scaling using a Motivity Crank to make it a C scaling for both stats.

Besides Technique, you need high Vitality for survivability, and high Vigor to be able to relentlessly attack after casting Grind. Lastly, get a bit of Capacity to hold more puppet parts. However, this stat will be quite low at the endgame as we are only equipping a dagger, giving us lots of weight to spare. Advance and Motivity are not needed at all in this build.

As for the order in which you level, invest into Vitality for the first 10 levels, as extra HP allows you to make more mistakes without dying. Then for the next 20 or so levels you should focus on Technique for weapon damage and Vigor. At this point in the game, you will get puppet parts that start to weigh you down, so start leveling Capacity a tiny bit to increase the amount of weight you can hold so P stays under 80% load in his weight stat. This is important because your normal roll becomes much slower when you pass the 80% threshold, so if you want to equip those heavy puppet parts to be tanky, level Capacity once you start getting them.

From this point, you should level all of the Default Abilities equally, following these end-game stat distributions as a goal:

Level 90 Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

  • Vitality: 37
  • Vigor: 26
  • Capacity: 18
  • Motivity: 5
  • Technique: 37
  • Advance: 6

37 Vitality gives you about 700 Health which allows you to tank tons of hits, and 26 Vigor feels like the sweet spot for how long you can spam this weapon. 18 Capacity allows you to get the bare minimum weight to equip the heaviest puppet parts along with the rest of the build, giving you an overall of 77% capacity. 37 Technique gives tons of damage, but you could allocate points elsewhere after reaching 35 since you barely increase weapon damage after that point.


For this build there will only be 1 Special Amulet that is extremely important to the damage of this build, so make sure you don’t spend the Boss Ergo on the weapon counterpart.

In the first Amulet Slot will be the Assassin’s Amulet. This is a super late-game Amulet found in the Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge in the final Area. This is amazing for our overall DPS as we get to boost our Crit DMG. An earlier alternative to this amulet can be swapping between any of the three extra damage to enemy type amulets: the Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, Murderer Puppet’s Amulet or the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet. This will give a general damage buff which is probably on par to the damage increase you would get from the Assassin’s Amulet, but only to specific enemy types.

Lies of P - Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
Carcass Butcher’s Amulet

In the second Amulet Slot, I put the Arm of God Amulet. This amulet will increase your damage every time you attack for up to 4 stacks, for 5 seconds after attacking. The Wintry Rapier’s Handle has an extremely fast moveset so you can very quickly stack this damage buff and pair it with the Grind Fable Art to deliver really good DPS.

In the third Amulet Slot, the Carriers Amulet +1. This or the normal Carriers Amulet is great for saving us some levels that we would have to spend on Capacity in order to naturally hold all of our gear and high tier puppet parts. An alternative amulet for if you wish to use a squishy build with less heavy puppet parts would be the Patience Amulet to get you back in combat quickly with enhanced stamina regeneration.

Lies of P - Carriers Amulet
Carriers Amulet

In the last Amulet Slot, I decided on the Red Fox Amulet. This amulet will increase Technique and Motivity by +3, but unfortunately it is also in the final area of the game. The early alternative would simply be the Technique Amulet for an easy +4 Technique. The reason why the Red Fox Amulet is better than the Technique Amulet is because each point counts as a level to your character, which gives you extra resistances against physical damage, fire damage etc. The Red Fox Amulet will give a very slightly lower damage bonus but give 2 more levels of resistance, making it the better amulet.

Lies of P - Red Fox Amulet
Red Fox Amulet


In the early game I found that the Flame Grindstone was great for increasing the DPS of this build further, as targets who are overheated will take increased damage from Fire Damage. However, this is not the best grindstone to use; the best grindstone will be the Satisfaction Grindstone which will increase the Critical Rate of your weapon. Using this paired with the Grind Fable Art will give you close to 100% Critical Chance on the dagger, making it do Greatsword levels of damage in its Normal and Heavy attacks, which is ridiculous for its attack speed. Stack this with the Assassin’s Amulet, and you will be wielding the Holy Sword of the Ark shrunk to dagger form. 

Lies of P - Holy Sword of the Ark
Holy Sword of the Ark


The best P-Organ Synergy Effects for the Lethal Gambit are the following:

  • Increase Pulse Cells
    • Survivability and sustain against Bosses/Areas
  • Link Dodge
    • Be able to dodge farther away from wide AOE attacks
  • Add Amulet Slots
    • Equip more Powerful Amulets which can increase damage, improve survivability and provide special effects.
  • Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery
    • Survivability and sustain against Bosses/Areas
  • Add Fable Slots
    • Be able to use the Grind Fable Art as often as possible
  • Retain Guard Regain 1
    • Some extra survivability to add to the kit
  • Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness
    • You will be Perfect Guarding in order to generate fable quickly, so this pairs well
  • Increase Special Grindstone Uses
    • The Grindstone becomes a core part of the build later and is good early too, so increasing its uses will be useful.

For the individual effects you get from spending 1 Quartz:

Attack Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Enhance Charge Stagger ATK
    • Charge attack is quick and you will be able to use it a lot, but it doesn’t do much stagger as it is a dagger so this will help speed things up
  • Enhance Fatal ATK
    • Do more damage with staggers
  • Increase Fable Art Effect Duration
    • We will keep the Grind Fable Art up for longer, so we can maintain our big DPS boost
  • Lower Weapon Durability Consumption
    • I often found myself losing durability quickly, maybe because of how many times the weapon strikes compared to other weapons.
  • Enhance Stagger Attack from Behind
    • You want to get at least 1 stagger in every Boss Fight, so any extra stagger we can get is useful

Survival Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Enhance Guard Regain Recovery
    • Get more health back after damaging enemies right after blocking their attacks
  • Lower Damage While Dodging
    • If you fail a dodge, you are forgiven with slight damage reduction
  • Lower Guard Regain Reduction
    • Gives you more time to attack the enemy before the temporary health from blocking depletes 
  • Perfect Guard Guard Regain Recovery (NOT A TYPO)
    • When you are being pushed back by relentless attacks, Perfect Guard will be able to heal any damage that you take making you less prone to burst deaths

Ability Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption
    • Lower the stamina consumption of the counterattack and the normal heavy attack
  • Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance
    • Make the Perfect Guard from the counterattack generate Fable to use the Grind Fable Art more often
  • Reduce Stamina Consumption from Dash
    • When you need to disengage from a boss, or get behind it, use less stamina so that you can fit in more attacks
  • Fatal Attack Fable Charger
    • Generate Fable after staggering an enemy and Fatal Attacking so we can pop the Grind Fable Art right after
  • Special Grindstone Weapon Durability Recovery
    • If you run out of durability mid combat, use the Grindstone to not only get a special effect on your weapon, but completely replenish the durability instantly

Item Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Special Grindstone Increase Effect Duration
    • The Grindstone is a core part of the build for enhanced DPS, so increasing its effect duration will be useful

Legion Arm

The Legion Arm that felt best with this build is Puppet String to close the distance between you and an enemy since your range is still a little short despite using the Wintry Rapier’s Handle. You can’t get crits from the Attack Link upgrade, but it’s nevertheless good damage and stagger.

Other Legion Arms can work, so don’t feel limited to these options and experiment with what you enjoy the most!

Lies of P - Puppet String
Puppet String

Puppet Parts

In this build, I always used the highest-weight puppet part I found, which made me extremely tanky by the end of the game. I kept my equipment weight down using the Carrier’s Amulet when needed and leveling capacity, allowing me to equip these heavy parts without passing the weight threshold.

Lies of P - Carrier’s Amulet
Carrier’s Amulet

Final Tips

While an aggressive playstyle is intended with this build, it’s easy to go overboard and forget about perfect parrying and dodging attacks while completely immersed in the big red crits that you deal. Make sure you balance aggression with a reasonable defence, as if you can’t make the most out of your Grind Fable Art while it’s active because you got knocked down, you will find yourself out of fable slots and thus down DPS until you charge up more Fable.

Next, try to ignore your Arm of God passive that you can see while playing. You may feel anxiety and try to get an attack in before the buff runs out, but trying to play around the 5 seconds of uptime the damage boost has will just make you misplay by attacking when you aren’t supposed to. This weapon attacks stupidly fast, so you can get all your stacks back from just 1 quick heavy attack and 1 light attack.

Lastly, don’t use the Grind Fable Art against normal enemies. The weapon already has a built in Critical Rate that will deal some extra damage, and using a Fable Slot for a bonus on trash mobs is a waste. I recommend using it constantly against minibosses and any tanky mobs that you find in the game.

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