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Stormsteel Templar – Lies of P Build Guide

In this Lies of P Build Guide, I’m going to be covering my Stormsteel Templar Build, a build that can be almost fully completed by Area 4, and one that wields a ginormous Special Greatsword and pairs it with Electric Blitz to deliver colossal damage in only a few swings.

Stormsteel Templar – Lies of P Build Guide

The Stormsteel Templar is a heavy-hitting build that utilises the heavy stagger damage of the colossal Holy Sword of The Ark by applying Electric Shock on enemies. Applying Electric Shock will not do any damage over time, but instead increases the amount of Physical damage and Electric Blitz damage they take. It also makes enemies experience increased Stagger Damage, which makes it a fantastic pair with the Holy Sword of the Ark (HSA).

Lies of P - Holy Sword of The Ark
Holy Sword of The Ark

The Holy Sword of the Ark has the Fable Arts “Patient Smash” and “Alter”. Patient Smash will charge up a great overhead attack that deals good damage. Alter is more interesting as it extends the range of the Holy Sword of the Ark and decreases its stamina cost. This form is not temporary and only returns to its original shape if Alter is used again. Once used again, the sword will glow red, indicating that the next attack will be empowered.

In order to apply Electric Shock in this build, we need to have a source of Electric Blitz, of which we have a few. Our main source will be from the Legion Arm Fulminis; a Legion Arm which charges up a big electric shock that does decent damage and applies a ton of Electric Blitz. Our next source will be from the Electric Blitz Grindstone, which simply imbues Electric Blitz to the Holy Sword of the Ark. The last possible source of Electric Blitz is a consumable, the Throwing Cell. Using this consumable will throw the item, do a bit of damage, and apply Electric Blitz. This will usually apply Electric Shock within 2 uses. 

Lies of P - Electric Blitz Grindstone
Electric Blitz Grindstone

The basic rotation of this Builds playstyle is to enter the battle with Alter activated, apply Electric Shock with any of the previous sources, slash away with that extra damage buff until the enemy is staggered, then after using a Fatal Attack alter back to normal in order to execute a charged heavy attack that will be empowered from Alter, and deal extra physical damage from Electric Shock. Then, repeat from the start whenever Electric Shock is not on the enemy.

Stormsteel Templar Starting Class

The best class to start for this build will be the Path of the Sweeper: Strength as the Holy Sword of the Ark is a Greatsword with B Motivity Scaling and C Technique Scaling. Using a Motivity Crank can increase this to an A in Motivity and a C in technique, giving a slight damage boost. If you chose Path of the Bastard: Dexterity, then it may be better to stick to the Technique scaling by using a Technique Crank to make the weapon have a B Scaling, though you wont get as much damage as if you were to use Motivity and have an A Scaling on the weapon.

Keep in mind that you CANNOT respec the starting class stats, so if you want to min-max this build, you must choose the recommended build path.

Motivity Crank

What to use before Area 4

For Areas 1 and 2, the beginner weapon will be fine as you don’t get many other options early on. For Area 3 and its Boss, as well as a chunk of Area 4, the easiest weapons to pick up are the Booster Glaive Blade and the Electric Coil Stick Handle (Does not scale great with motivity, but shouldn’t matter in the early game and it gives a good moveset.). 

Lies of P - Booster Glaive Blade
Booster Glaive Blade

The Booster Glaive can be found in Area 3, Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer by taking an immediate left and going down the ladder towards the Puppet of the Future, and then going to the opposite end, where there will be a chest with the Booster Glaive Blade and Booster Glaive Handle. 

The Electric Coil Stick can be found in area 2, Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer where there is a merchant located in the same house as the Stargazer. This Merchant will sell the Electric Coil Stick for 1200 Ergo.

How to Obtain the Holy Sword of the Ark

The Holy Sword of the Ark is a Special Weapon, which means it can only be obtained by purchasing it from Alidoro for a specific Boss Ergo. Luckily, the boss you need to defeat for this weapon is in Area 3; King’s Flame, Fuoco. This means as soon as you meet Alidoro in Area 4, you can purchase the Holy Sword of the Ark.

Stormsteel Templar Stats

This build will only be building Motivity as the main weapon damage stat. Leveling Advance secondarily could work as we do rely on Electric Shock a lot, which scales with Advance, but the Fulminis has the same scaling on Motivity and Advance, so it will be more efficient to just level Motivity.

For the rest of the stats, you want high Vitality to survive tanking a lot of hits and high Vigor to be able to use multiple charged attacks. High Capacity is necessary in order to equip this very heavy weapon with any special amulets and heavy duty puppet parts, and we will not  be leveling Technique or Advance.

As for the order in which you level, invest into Vitality for the first 10 levels, as that extra HP makes the game much more forgiving of your mistakes. Then the next 20 or so levels should be focused on Motivity for weapon damage and Vigor. After this point in the game, you will get puppet parts that start to weigh you down as well as your Holy Sword of the Ark, so start pumping Capacity to increase the amount of weight you can hold. It is necessary to keep under 80% load in your weight stat as the normal roll becomes much slower when you pass the 80% threshold.

From this point, you should level all of the Default Abilities equally, following these end-game stat distributions as a goal:

Level 90 Path of the Sweeper: Strength

  • Vitality: 36
  • Vigor: 25
  • Capacity: 22
  • Motivity: 35
  • Technique: 5
  • Advance: 6


There are only 1 or 2 Special Amulets recommended for this build, which can be acquired from trading the Boss Soul of the Area 1 boss and the Area 2 Boss, so make sure you don’t use this ergo beforehand.

In the first Amulet Slot, I recommend switching between the three extra damage to enemy type amulets; these would be the Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, the Murderer Puppet’s Amulet and the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet. Switch the amulet based on the type of boss or enemy you are predominantly fighting in your area for a very noticeable extra damage buff.

Lies of P - Carcass Butcher’s Amulet
Carcass Butcher’s Amulet

In the second Amulet Slot, the Patience Amulet is good for getting back your stamina after using it all up on charged attacks. An alternative Special Amulet that can also work is the Dancing One’s Amulet, which will let you roll without having any stamina. This means you can fully commit to charged attacks, spending your whole stamina bar, and still get out of danger safely. The only downside is the weight of this amulet, which is almost as high as the main weapon of the build.

Dancing One’s Amulet

In the third Amulet Slot, the Carrier’s Amulet will increase the weight threshold so that you can equip heavy parts and amulets without having to spend levels into capacity that could be spent on Motivity. Alternatively, if you don’t use heavy puppet parts, you can use the Strength Amulet to get a slight edge in damage.

Lies of P - Extreme Modification Amulet
Extreme Modification Amulet

In the last Amulet Slot, the Extreme Modification Amulet is a good fit for this build. As the main Fable Art used in this build is Alter, which only takes 1 Fable Slot, you will often have 3 Fable Slots to spare. This amulet will increase basic weapon damage depending on how many Fable Slots are charged, providing an easy damage boost to the build.


The best P-Organ Synergy Effects for this build are the following:

  • Increase Pulse Cells
  • Link Dodge
    • Be able to dodge farther away from wide AOE attacks
  • Add Amulet Slots
    • Equip more Powerful Amulets which can increase damage, improve survivability and provide special effects.
  • Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery
    • Survivability and sustain against Bosses/Areas
  • Increase Staggerable Window 1
    • Increase the stagger time to pull of the full combo against bosses who have a very short Stagger time
  • Add Fable Slots
    • Use Alter more often
  • Increase Special Grindstone Uses
    • Use Electric Blitz more often
  • Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness
    • Break the stance of minibosses to buy time in order to do a heavy attack

For the individual effects you get from spending 1 Quartz:

Attack Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Enhance Charge Stagger ATK
    • Get more stagger damage to use your Fable Art more frequently
  • Enhance Fatal ATK
    • We stagger a lot with this build, so boost the damage of the Fatal Attack that comes with it
  • Enhance Ambus Stagger ATK
    • Dash attacking is quick with this weapon, so increasing the stagger for dodge and dash attacks is great.

Survival Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Enhance Guard Regain Recovery
    • You are more likely to block than dodge with this build, so enhancing Guard Regain Recovery will help you get back the HP you lose from blocking
  • Lowers Damage of Charge Attack / Fable Arts
    • If you mistime a perfect parry, you wont take as much damage from the Red Attacks.
  • Perfect Guard Guard Regain Recovery (NOT A TYPO)
    • When you are being pushed back by relentless attacks, Perfect Guard will be able to heal any damage that you take making you less prone to burst deaths

Ability Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption
    • Lower the stamina consumption so it can be used more often and thus stagger more often
  • Reduce Stamina Consumption from Dash
    • When you need to disengage from a boss, or get behind it, use less stamina so that you can fit in more attacks
  • Fatal Attack Fable Charger
    • Get more Fable Generation to increase our weapon damage through the Extreme Modification Amulet
  • Special Grindstone Weapon Durability Recovery
    • The Special Grindstone will be used often to generate Electric Shock, this upgrade will make it even more useful.
  • Auto Charge Legion
    • Auto Charge so that we don’t need to expend Legion Magazines as often, which would leave us vulnerable
  • Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance
    • Make Perfect Guards charge Fable Slots faster and increase our weapon damage through the Extreme Modification Amulet

Item Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Legion Magazine Effect Enhance
    • Fulminis is a big source of Electric Shock, so we will be using Legion Magazines to make sure we always have charge
  • Special Grindstone Increase Effect Duration
    • The Special Grindstone will be used often to generate Electric Shock, increasing the duration will let us apply it for longer
  • Charge Fable upon Pulse Cell Use
    • Increase weapon damage with Pulse Cells through the Extreme Modification Amulet

Legion Arm

The only Legion Arm which can generate Electric Blitz which leads to Electric Shock is the Fulminis, which is unlocked in Area 2. Once the Fulminis is fully upgraded, it will deal devastating damage and stagger after its 3 charge ups, and will apply a good amount of Electric Blitz to apply Electric Shock.

Lies of P - Legion Arm Fulminis
Legion Arm Fulminis

To use this Legion Arm without getting hit, you need to find downtime between enemy attacks where they stay still and allow you to charge the Fulminis. This is ideally the first thing you do in a boss fight as Electric Shock lasts a long time and will get the best value if applied as early as possible. If you ever run out of charge, feel free to use Legion Magazines to recharge it, as these are very easily acquired from Polendina for very cheap.

Special Grindstone

The Electric Blitz Grindstone is fantastic for generating Electric Shock onto enemies, and will also give the Holy Sword of the Ark a damage boost against any enemies who are afflicted with Electric Shock. If you want, you can try using the Destruction Grindstone as an alternative in the late game to get more Stagger Damage, but with the Electric Blitz Grindstone you can get extra damage on top of Stagger Damage, so it may not be as good.

Puppet Parts

In this build, I always used the highest-weight puppet part I found, which made me extremely tanky by the end of the game. I kept my equipment weight down using the Carrier’s Amulet when needed and leveling Capacity, allowing me to equip these heavy parts without passing the weight threshold.

Lies of P - Carrier’s Amulet
Carrier’s Amulet

Final Tips

When using this build outside of Boss Fights, don’t always use Alter; The form has its downsides as well as its upsides. In small corridors, the weapon is basically unusable as the length and the moveset of the sword will cause the sword to constantly bounce off the wall. Alter is great otherwise with its large AOE slash attacks and reduced stamina costs, but this one disadvantage can easily get you killed, so be sure to remember this!

Lies of P - Throwing Cell
Throwing Cell

Next, don’t forget to use the Throwing Cell against bosses for an easy Electric Blitz build up. These are especially helpful when you have to play safe but need to apply Electric Shock, as this is the only way to apply the effect from a range. Be careful on how many you use however, as these items are not easily acquired like Legion Magazines or Fable Catalysts.

Lastly, there is difficulty to pull off massive damage boost to this build using the Fable Art, Patient Smash. As aforementioned, after we Fatal Attack the enemy, we can unalter our weapon to make our next attack deal extra damage. Usually, you won’t have enough Fable Slots to use Patient Smash, but in the endgame when you have 5 Fable Slots and get extra Fable charge from many sources, you can start using Patient Smash instead of a normal Heavy Attack for absolutely colossal damage against bosses.

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