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Lies of P Build Guide – Dragonblade Dancer

In this Lies of P Build Guide, I’m going to be covering my Dragonblade Dancer Build, which is a build that uses and exceptionally dextrous mid-game Special Weapon. 

Weapon: Two Dragons Sword, a Special Weapon bought from Alidoro. Available after defeating the Area 8 boss.

Lies of P Build Guide – Dragonblade Dancer

The Dragonblade Dancer Lies of P Build focuses on attacking quickly while elegantly dodging and parrying enemy attacks at the same time, which is done by correctly utilizing the different attack movesets of the Two Dragons Sword.

This Sword has a very mobile and unique play style thanks to the special basic attacks. Your Light Attack without directional input will stab and slash your enemy as expected, but moving left or right while attacking will rotate you around your target, allowing you to dodge some attacks and even get behind enemies while still dealing damage.

Lies of P - Two Dragons Sword
Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword also has a special Heavy Attack. When tapped, you will gracefully slash at your enemy while dodging backwards, and away from their possible attack. Tapping again will lunge you back at the enemy, slashing them again. When you hold down the Heavy Attack, P spins the blade around him before a flicker animation appears. When released, it delivers a heavy downwards slice. Holding Heavy Attack again will charge another powerful attack slashing the enemy twice. 

For Fable Arts, the Handle has Wind of Swords: a ranged AOE blue wave of damage, and the Blade has Link Emergency Dodge: a 3 step Fable Art starting with a dash, followed by a lunging stab, and ending with a powerful slash.

What many people will miss about this weapon is its hidden mechanic; the flash you see when charging the Heavy Attack is actually the timing for a perfect parry! When correctly timed, you will break the enemy’s stance and deliver a powerful counterattack. This will be one of the core aspects of the Dragonblade Dancer Build.

Two Dragons Sword Hidden Mechanic
Two Dragons Sword Hidden Mechanic

When you meld all of these different movesets together and learn how to execute them without getting hit, this Lies of P Build will look flashy, stylish and elegant, like a dancer. 

Dragonblade Dancer Starting Class

The best starter class for this Lies of P Build will be the Path of the Bastard: Dexterity, as the Two Dragons Sword is one of the only weapons that has an A scaling in Technique, which can go up to S after using a Crank. Of course, you can still use this Lies of P Build if you chose a different starter Class, but you will miss out on a bit of damage, especially if you go Path of the Sweeper: Strength as with the Crank this weapon will have 0 Motivity scaling, making those 11 points useless.

Keep in mind that you CANNOT respec the starting class stats, so if you want to min-max this build, you must choose the recommended build path.

What to use Before the Two Dragons Sword

For Areas 1 and 2, the beginner weapon will be fine as you don’t get many other options early on. Once you get into Area 3, you will have 2 options between the Salamander Dagger or the Booster Glaive.

The Salamander Dagger can be found in Area 3, Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer by taking an immediate right, up to the stairs, and going into the first room on your left, which will have a trapdoor that leads to a few puppets and a safe containing the Salamander Dagger Blade and Handle.

The Booster Glaive can be found in Area 3, Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer by taking an immediate left and going down the ladder towards the Puppet of the Future, and then going to the opposite end, where there will be a chest with the Booster Glaive Blade and Booster Glaive Handle. 

Once you get to Area 6, another solid weapon to use is the Dancers Curved Sword. This weapon can be found from the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance. Go down the street and take the first right, over a bridge into a building. From there, go down the ladder and fight your way through the Musketeer Puppets and the Bomb puppets on the street until you reach a chest, which will contain the Dancers Curved Sword Blade and Handle.

How to Obtain the Two Dragons Sword

The Two Dragons Sword is a Special Weapon that can only be obtained from Alidoro once you have a specific Boss Ergo. For this weapon, you will need to defeat the Green Monster of the Swamp in Area 8. After defeating this Boss, you will acquire the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo which you can use to buy the weapon in Hotel Krat from Alidoro.

Dragonblade Dancer Stats

The Two Dragons Sword is a very rare weapon in that it has a scaling of A on Technique. Using a crank pushes this to S, meaning this weapon will scale fantastically for the rest of the game as you level up. 

Obviously, the main stat of this build will be Technique, but you will also want high Vitality for basic survivability, and high Vigor to be able to attack ceaselessly, as this weapon adopts an extremely aggressive playstyle. Lastly, Capacity is also necessary for survivability in order to hold more puppet parts. Advance and Motivity are not needed at all in this build.

As for the order in which you level, invest into Vitality for the first 10 levels, as that extra HP makes the game much more forgiving of your mistakes. Then the next 20 or so levels should be focused on Technique for weapon damage and Vigor. After this point in the game, you will get puppet parts that start to weigh you down, so start pumping Capacity, to increase the amount of weight you can hold in order to keep P under 80% load in his weight stat. This is important because your normal roll becomes much slower when you pass the 80% threshold, so if you want to equip those heavy puppet parts to be tanky, level Capacity once you start getting them.

From this point, you should level all of the Default Abilities equally, following these end-game stat distributions as a goal:

Level 90 Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

  • Vitality: 35
  • Vigor: 26
  • Capacity: 22
  • Motivity: 5
  • Technique: 35
  • Advance: 6

35 Vitality gives you about 650 Health which allows you to tank a lot of hits from Bosses, and 26 Vigor feels like enough for this weapon. 22 Capacity allows you to get the bare minimum weight to equip the heaviest puppet parts along with the rest of the build, giving you an overall of 79% load. 35 Technique is a good place to stop levelling because from there on, you start only getting +2 to weapon damage per level which is not a great investment.

Dragonblade Dancer Build – Amulets

The Amulets for this build are quite important and require 2 Special Amulets, so make sure you don’t spend Boss Ergo on Weapons, other than the Two Dragons Sword.

In the first Amulet Slot, I would usually put one of the three extra damage to enemy-type amulets, but this is not the case for the Dragonblade Dancer. When using the Two Dragons Sword, you already deal insane amounts of damage, but what you lack is sustained fights with Stamina. You are constantly spinning around and spamming movesets which deplete Stamina very quickly, so instead of a damage amulet I decided to put the Patience Amulet in this slot to mitigate this issue by making Stamina regenerate quickly.

Arm of God Amulet

Arm of God Amulet

In the second Amulet Slot, I put the Arm of God Amulet. This amulet will increase your damage every time you attack for up to 4 stacks, for 5 seconds after attacking. As this weapon shines with an aggressive playstyle, and has a relatively fast attack speed, so it makes sense to equip this amulet to further increase your damage while you relentlessly attack.

Conquering Amulet
Conquering Amulet

In the third Amulet Slot, the Conquering Amulet is equipped. This Amulet will increase the damage of your next attack after triggering a Perfect Parry. This works well because the Heavy Attack parry mentioned earlier actually works with this amulet, and the counterattack gets a big damage boost. It feels like this amulet was made for this weapon, but don’t forget that you will only fully see the potential of this combo once you master the Perfect Parry with the Two Dragons Sword’s Heavy Attack.

Carrier's Amulet
Carrier’s Amulet

In the last Amulet Slot, the Carriers Amulet +1. This or the normal Carrier’s Amulet are absolutely necessary if we want to equip 2 Special Amulets on top of high-tier puppet parts. But if you want to go for a squishy glass cannon build, you can put one of the three extra damage to enemy-type amulets which are the Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, Murderer Puppet’s Amulet and Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet. If you do this, you will likely have to downgrade your Puppet Frame to the Workshop Union Strengthening Frame, and decrease the weight on your other puppet parts too.

Dragonblade Dancer Build – P-Organs

The best P-Organ Synergy Effects for the Dragonblade Dancer are the following:

  • Increase Pulse Cells – Survivability and sustain against Bosses/Areas
  • Link Dodge – Be able to dodge farther away from wide AOE attacks
  • Add Amulet Slots – Equip more Powerful Amulets which can increase damage, improve survivability and provide special effects.
  • Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery – Survivability and sustain against Bosses/Areas
  • Add Fable Slots
  • Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness – Useful for the heavy attack parry counterattack as well as any other perfect parries you do
  • Increase Special Grindstone Uses – Light your blade on fire more often not only for extra damage, but style points

For the individual effects you get from spending 1 Quartz:

Attack Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Enhance Charge Stagger ATK – Get at least 1 or 2 staggers in per boss fight as this weapons stagger damage is low
  • Enhance Fatal ATK – Do more damage with staggers
  • Enhance Fable Arts ATK – Increase the burst damage of Link Emergency Dodge and Wind of Swords
  • Increase Staggered Duration – Hit enemies with Fable Arts or Heavy Attacks while they are down before Fatal Attacking them
  • Lower Weapon Durability Consumption – Against enemies that are more rocky in physique, the Two Dragons Sword loses durability too fast
  • Enhance Stagger Attack from Behind – With all the dodging and mobility, it’s easy to get behind enemies and bosses so this will allow you to make the most of that

Survival Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Lower Damage While Dodging – If you fail a dodge, you are forgiven with a slight damage reduction
  • Lower Guard Regain Reduction – Gives you more time to attack the enemy before the temporary health from blocking depletes 
  • Perfect Guard Guard Regain Recovery (NOT A TYPO) – When you are being pushed back by relentless attacks, Perfect Guard will be able to heal any damage that you take making you less prone to burst deaths

Ability Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Lower Charge Attack Stamina Consumption – Lower the stamina consumption of the counterattack and the normal heavy attack
  • Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance – Make the Perfect Guard from the counterattack generate Fable on top of damage which also gives Fable
  • Reduce Stamina Consumption from Dash – When you need to disengage from a boss, or get behind it, use less stamina so that you can fit in more attacks
  • Charge Fable when Reviving – Whenever you respawn from dying to a boss, you have Fable to use Furious Slash
  • Fatal Attack Fable Charger – Generate Fable after staggering an enemy and Fatal Attacking to dodge away with Link Emergency Dodge
  • Special Grindstone Weapon Durability Recovery – If you run out of durability mid-combat, use the Grindstone to not only get a special effect on your weapon, but completely replenish the durability instantly
  • Auto Charge Legion – Auto Charge so that we don’t need to expend Legion Magazines as often, which would leave us vulnerable

Item Type

  • Any of the Synergy Effects
  • Charge Fable upon Pulse Cell Use – Use Link Emergency Dodge and Wind of Swords more often

You can feel free to swap out the Grindstone Effect with one of the other Synergy Effects, as some players may prefer to make improvements to their Legion Arms or Wishstones instead, but the Grindstone gives a lot of aesthetic and style to the build on top of some good damage.

Dragonblade Dancer Build – Legion Arm

The Legion Arm that felt best with this build is Falcon-Eyes, as it has an A in scaling with Technique, and it allows you to damage the enemy from far away when you are backed off regenerating stamina. Other Legion Arms can work, so don’t feel limited to this option and experiment with what you enjoy the most!

Lies of P - Falcon-Eyes


Dragonblade Dancer Build – Puppet Parts

In this Lies of P Build, I always used the highest-weight puppet part I found, which made me extremely tanky by the end of the game. I kept my equipment weight down using the Carrier’s Amulet when needed and leveling Capacity, allowing me to equip these heavy parts without passing the weight threshold of 80%.

Final Tips

Spend a bit of time learning the moveset and combos of this high-skill-ceiling weapon against the Training Dummies that you can find in Hotel Krat. It’s not as easy as it looks to control, and you will often find yourself making mistakes and learning through combat. Additionally, you can learn the timing for the Heavy Attack parry against the boxing Training Dummy so you don’t end up dying to a trash mob practicing. 

Remember that you don’t need to use the Heavy Attack parry against everything. It is a high-risk high reward type of ability which will reduce in risk the more confident you are, but don’t feel pressured to constantly use it. Your normal and charged attacks can deal tons of damage on their own, they just lack the stagger damage which the counterattack provides.

Lastly, I found that Link Emergency Dodge was best used to dodge powerful red attacks of enemies, and then continue the Fable Art by lunging back into them and delivering the full combo. Wind of Swords feels great to use against groups of enemies in areas, but also deals good enough damage to be useful against bosses when you aren’t close enough to do melee attacks.

Look out for more Lies of P guides and our Beginner Guide. Head to our Lies of P wiki for all the latest on WeaponsFable ArtsAccessoriesCrafting and more.

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