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Remnant 2 Summoner & Hunter Build – Painbringer

In this Remnant II Build Guide, we will be showcasing our Dead To Rights Painbringer Build. This setup relies on the Nightfall’s unique mod the Dreadwalker, which grants the user access to infinite ammo, life steal, and a faster fire rate. This build is tailored to reduce the Dreadwalker’s downtime so players can utilize the mod as often as possible with short cooldowns.

Remnant 2 Summoner & Hunter Build Guide

The Hunter serves as the main archetype so we can take advantage of its passives that increase critical hit chance, and overall ranged DPS. While the Summoner class further enhances this build’s life steal capabilities for better survivability and boosts overall prowess by adding minions to the mix.

Dead to Rights Painbringer takes advantage of the Summoner’s life steal and the Hunter’s ranged DPS.


The Hunter’s Prime Perk: Dead to Rights extends its active skills duration when you are hitting Weak Spots. For this build we will be using the Hunter’s Mark Skill, and because of the Hunter’s Prime Perk, you will have generous uptime for the added 15% increased Ranged and Melee damage. Sustaining the Hunter’s Mark effect will not be an issue for the build especially when fighting Bosses. The added weapon range from the Hunter’s Archetype Trait is also a great bonus for this build. Getting this class is rather easy, as players can select the Hunter as a starting class or buy the Rusty Medal from Brabus to craft the Hunter’s Engram.


The Summoner will be slotted as the second Archetype for this setup. The goal of this build is to charge the Nightfall’s Mod Power as quickly as possible and activate the Dreadwalker Mod. The Minions can contribute to the Mod Power Generation when they hit enemies and also take enemy aggro, giving you a little bit of breathing room when dealing with hordes.

The Summoner’s main Archetype Trait Regrowth, which provides a health regen bonus on top of this build’s life steal is a welcome addition for more survivability in combat. I advise you to use the Flyer minions that can hit airborne and ground-type enemies, and they can perform effectively when dealing with hordes.

To unlock the Summoner, players need to craft the Faded Grimoire with Bloodmoon Essence on a Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha. This will later on become the Tome of the Bringer when crafted as an Engram.

Remnant 2 Summoner & Hunter Build Weapons

Long Gun

The bread and butter of this build is going to be the Nightfall long gun. We built this setup around the Nightfall because of its unique Weapon Mod the Dreadwalker, which allows you to access unlimited ammo and turns the Nightfall into a fully automatic weapon with increased fire rate, and a significant increase to your overall ranged damage.


Long Gun Mod

The Dreadwalker‘s 10% added life steal is a great addition to this build in regaining lost health in combat. But while the Dreadwalker Mod is powerful in almost every aspect, its entire duration only lasts for 10 seconds, which is not incredibly long. This build is designed to reduce the Dreadwalker’s cooldown so that players can activate it more frequently. To get the Nightfall, players need to defeat the boss Nightweaver in Losomn and get the Cursed Dream Silks as a drop. Bring it to McCabe to craft this long gun.


Weapon Mods

  • 10% added life steal for survivability.

Long Gun Mutator

The perfect Mutator for this build is the Momentum. Added critical hit chance is more than welcome for this build, and the Dreadwalker Mod can easily fulfill the requirement of Momentum due to its special capabilities. Momentum can be acquired by beating the Mantagora located in Yaesha’s Imperial Gardens.

Momentum Mutator

Weapon Mutator

  • Added crit hit chance.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Mantagora in the Imperial Gardens, Yaesha.

Hand Gun

For my Hand Gun, Enigma is still the best choice for this build. Not only is it one of the best sub-weapons in the game, but this weapon can also generate Mod Power quickly and charge the Dreadwalker Mod, especially when fighting a group of enemies. When dealing with Bosses expect to use this gun seldomly as you are more inclined to use the Nightfall. Get the Enigma by locating the Cipher Rod in the Labyrinth and craft the Hand Gun.


Hand Gun Mutator

Paired with Enigma, the Harmonizer is a highly advisable Mutator for this weapon. Mod Power generation is a must for this build and the Harmonizer helps the wielder gain a significant amount of Mod Power when the Enigma hits multiple targets. Buy the Harmonizer from Dwell in Ward 13 and you are good to go.

Harmonizer Mutator

Weapon Mutator

  • Higher mod power when hitting mutiple targets
  • Can be obtained by purchasing from Dwell at Ward 13.

Melee Weapon

We are not going to play with melee weapons in this setup due to the build’s design. Your goal is to take advantage of the Dreadwalker Mod as often as you can, thus using the Enigma or the Nightfall is the best course of action.

Remnant 2 Summoner & Hunter Build Rings & Amulet

Rings & Amulet

AmuletAnkh of Power

I highly suggest going for the Ankh of Power for the Amulet slot as it gives you a solid damage increase of 15% and the effect doubles when you consume a Relic, and we will be taking advantage of the Glutton Trait so Relic usage speed will not be an issue for this Build.


Faerin’s Sigil

I suggest using Faerin’s Sigil as your first ring to boost your Mod Power generation even further. This Ring generates Mod Power if the user manages to critically hit or hit a weak spot. You can get this ring in Losomn and it will be given to you as a quest reward by Faerin if you killed his twin, Faelin.

Zania’s Malice

For the next ring, I would suggest using Zania’s Malice for this build since we will be relying on hitting weak spots, and the increased damage buff from this ring is a great addition in general. Get the Zania’s Malice Ring in Root Earth’s Ashen Wasteland.

Probability Cord

My third ring for this build is the Probability Cord. Its additional 30% Critical Damage increase is a HUGE damage boost. Scoring critical hits while using this build will not be a problem since you will be spamming a lot of bullets when in Dreadwalker Phase. You can acquire the Probability Cord in Root Earth, in the Corrupted Harbor zone.

Spirit Stone

Now for my last ring, I am using Spirit Stone Ring for another 10% boost of Mod Power generation. This ring can be acquired in Yaesha when exploring Twisted Chantry and Kaeula’s Rest Zones. For other ring suggestions, I find the Cataloger’s Jewel good for this build. The Mod Power generation over time is useful, especially in between fights or when exploring dungeons.

The Relics and Trait

Now that the equipment is covered, let’s talk about Relics and Traits for this build. The Relic that I am using for this setup is the Runed Heart. The additional Mod Power generation it provides is perfect for this build, especially when your Mod Power is low and you need a boost, you can use the Runed Heart to quickly fill it up so you can enter the Dreadwalker phase once again.

Runed Heart


  • Runed Heart helps fill up Mod Power to encounter an addtional Dreadwalker Phase

For the Relic Fragments, I suggest focusing on Ranged Critical Hit Chance, Weakspot Damage, and Mod Damage.


While for the Traits, I am using level 10 Vigor for general survivability. I have also maxed out my Expertise Trait so I can lessen my skill cooldowns. It is a must to max out the Spirit Trait as it provides a further boost to Mod Power generation. Next on the list is a level 10 Barkskin trait, which I use to improve my damage reduction so I can have a little bit of added survivability, which I find crucial in tight situations.

Life steal is part of this Build so I suggest upgrading the Siphoner Trait to level 10 to increase your life steal percentage by 3% on top of the Dreadwalker Mod’s 10%. The Siphoner Trait can be acquired in Dormant N’erudian Facility Dungeon in N’Erud.

I also have a level 5 Endurance to have decent stamina and a level 5 Glutton to increase my Relic consumption speed. The Glutton Trait can be acquired in Losomn by participating in the Feast Event.

The last trait for this lineup is level 5 Handling. This depends on your preference and I find the Nightfall easy enough to use without level a 10 Handling Trait.

The Dead To Rights Painbringer Build Gameplay Tips

When playing this build, your main goal is to use the Nightfall’s Dreadwalker Mod often and reduce its cooldown, and skipping its cooldown is possible especially when fighting bosses thanks to the build’s overall Mod Power generation augments.

Hitting weak spots with this build is a must to generate more Mod Power and also deal more damage. I usually go for the following rotation when entering combat: start the rotation by summoning two Flyers to aid you in battle and then activate the Hunter’s Mark skill to grant the build additional ranged damage.

After the Hunter’s Mark is active, trigger the Dreadwalker Mod and enter the Burst phase. In this phase, the Dreadwalker Mod will deal significant damage to targets. When the Mod lapses, it shouldn’t be hard to generate enough Mod Power to activate Dreadwalker again. If you need a little boost in generating Mod Power, use the Runed Heart and it will help you out a lot.

The Hunter’s Mark buff will be prolonged as long you are hitting weak spots, and maintaining the additional damage it provides is a plus. Your minions, on the other hand, will also help you accumulate Mod Power while dealing extra damage to enemies. What I like about minions is, they can help divide enemy attention so you can move around the field easily. You can also sacrifice your minions for additional damage and grant you a further boost of damage, especially when their HP is low.

Final Tips

The Dead To Rights Painbringer is a strong build that heavily relies on Nightfall’s Dreadwalker Mod. The capability to spam this mod and deal a lot of damage while enjoying short cooldowns is the highlight of this build, especially when fighting bosses.

Taking advantage of the Painbringer’s life steal is a viable strategy since the Dreadwalker’s burst phase can inflict high DPS and it can heal you up as quickly as you take damage. If you do have a surplus of Relics, using your Rune Heart charges can boost your overall damage so make sure to use one before entering Dreadwalker Phase. This build has a ton of potential so don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment, like by changing the second Archetype to Challenger and utilizing its Rampage Skill!

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