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Elden Ring Warrior Build Guide: Bleed Build for Beginners

This Elden Ring Bleed Build Guide covers a fun build to play Elden RIng which can possibly help beginners with a strong Build out of the gate while keeping it fun and action-oriented. The Warrior class is perfect to start off with for this Build, not only because of the Weapons it equips you with, but also because you can already dual-wield them early on.

Elden Ring Warrior Build For Beginners

The Bloodblade is dual-wielding Warrior Build that focuses on being able to apply the Hemorrhage Status Effect on your targets by filling up their bleed gauge with quick attacks with Curved Swords that have the Bloody Slash Ash of War equipped.

We have over 110 Elden Ring Builds now, for all classes and playstyles. This Bloodblade build is recommended for beginner players.

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Introduction to the Warrior

So for this Elden Ring Build, you’re going to use the Warrior class. I like it because it comes with dual Scimitars and you can dual-wield them immediately. The Scimitars attack rather quickly, they have a very fast moveset, and what you’re going for with this build is trying to set Bleed on enemies by putting a Blood Infusion Ashes of War on both Scimitars so that when you hit rapidly you can inflict the Bleed status effect.

Elden Ring Bloodblade Build Attribute Recommendations

Talking about Attributes, the two that you really want to prioritize are Endurance and Vigor. You want to getthese up to 20 as quickly as you can. It doesn’t exactly matter which order you do it or if you kind of go a little bit here and a little bit there to each one, but you want to shoot for getting them both to 20. And then you’re going to start pumping Dexterity to increase your damage.

Core Bloodblade Attributes
  • Get Vigor up to 20 to be able to have enough health to survive strong hits, and trade hits for getting bleed procs
  • Get Endurance up to 20 to be able to have enough Stamina to dodge roll from your target’s attacks, and string specific combos in to optimize building up the bleed bar
  • Put all other points into Dexterity to maximize damage with your Scimitars

Elden Ring Bloodblade Build Equipment

Key Recommendations for Weapons:

  • Scimitars
  • Daggers
  • Other Curved Swords that can be dual-wielded

As mentioned previously, I really like the Scimitars for this build by themselves because they hit really fast and allow you to build up the bleed gauge quick with multiple hits before you have to get away from an attack. you can do this same setup with other weapons – it doesn’t have to be two scimitars, you could do it with two straight swords or two daggers if you want. I just happen to like Curved Swords and they work well with what you want to do with this build because of their fast strikes and specific combo-sets. I know daggers are very fast but they have a little bit of trouble dealing with regular enemies that you’re not really trying to set bleed on – enemies you’re just trying to kill outright, so I didn’t really like daggers all that much. Nonetheless, if you like the concept of the build you can do it with other weapons and see what fits the play style.

How to Duplicate Ashes of War

In order to play this build, regardless of which weapon you choose, you need to head to Fort Haight and get the Bloody Slash Ash of War and then you’re going to have to duplicate it. So you need to go buy one of the Lost Ashes of War from the merchant that’s in the southwest part of Weeping Peninsula, which costs 3000 Runes. And then you need to get to Roundtable Hold – the easiest way to do that is just to go to Margit, the Fell Omen, and let him kill you, and then talk to Melina at the Site of Grace there, and she’ll take you there and then you can go to the blacksmith and duplicate that Ash of War and you can put one on each scimitar.

How to Upgrade the Bloody Scimitar

Now, you’re obviously going to want to upgrade these as fast as you can and the best way to do that is to go up
on the hill there in Stormhill and have the trolls smash the stone statue. Grab the shards there and then go into the Limgrave Tunnels, and grab a bunch there. That should be able to get you somewhere close to +2. Otherwise, you might have to farm some shards from the soldiers there at Gatefront Ruins. You can also get some better armor there so it’s not a total waste of time farming them.

Bloodblade Build Talismans of Choice

  • Green Turtle Talisman
  • Erdtree’s Favor

The other equipment you’ll eventually want for this build is the Green Turtle Talisman. This build is extremely stamina-hungry, so you’re going to want that so that you recover your stamina quickly, so you can get back to swinging. And also the Erdtree’s Favor – this also increases your stamina, HP, and your equip-load. This will allow you to wear heavier armor, take more hits, and also increase that stamina so that you can get more swings in.

Elden Ring Bloodblade Gameplay

So the general strategy for this Elden Rin Warrior Build is obviously to hit fast and often in order to build up the status effect bleed bar of the enemy to rip off a good chunk of their health. The way bleed works in this game is every time you hit enemies with a weapon that has the bleeding effect on it, they gain a certain amount of their bleed bar based on the weapon that you’re hitting them with and their bleed resistance. So when you get hit with a bleed weapon you’ll see your own bar start to fill up. Imagine they have the exact same bar and it’s obviously different for each opponent that you’re facing and their resistances play a role. So some enemies are going to take a lot longer to bleed and some enemies are going to bleed really quickly.

One thing to note about this bleed bar, just like your own bleed bar, is that the second you stop attacking, that bleed bar starts to drain. Meaning, you’re going to have to do more work if you wait in between attacks in order to get that bleed bar full because it’s going to start clearing itself. This means that you can’t just run in and hit once and then run away and wait 10 seconds to run and hit once like you would with some builds. You need to get in there get in three or four strikes, back away, then get in three or four strikes as quick as you can again in order to rip that bleed off.

Again, it’s dangerous doing this though because sometimes, knowing that your bleed is almost about to proc on an enemy, or you can feel it coming ’cause you’ve hit them so many times, will temp you to be more aggressive than you should be and you can get yourself killed. So you have to prioritize building up that bleed bar and staying alive and you can’t always just go a hundred percent aggressive because some enemies are just gonna kill you.

In some fights, it’s a good idea to get that first bleed ripped off quickly and then just fight normally without worrying too much about the bleed status effect, particularly on harder bosses. That way, you’re not getting yourself killed by trying to be too aggressive. Then when the bleed bar rips off every now and then it’s kind of like a nice surprise and you shouldn’t be counting on it necessarily.

Another thing I want to mention is that, each time that you set a bleed on an enemy and rip off a chunk of health, their bleed bar gets larger. Meaning that it’ll take more hits to bleed an enemy a second time than it would have the first time. You’re going to have to do more and more hits and then you know the third time you’re trying to get a bleed it’ll be even more than the second time. So keep that in mind and don’t just go gung-ho because that first one went off quickly. That second or third one might take a lot longer.

Elden Ring Bloodblade Build How to Use Bloody Scimitars

Now, let’s talk about the scimitars themselves and the best way to apply bleed rapidly on enemies. The best attack and, my favorite attack with these two weapons, is the sprinting L1. This sort of dashes you forward and you slash twice with both weapons real quick. That’s four hits that builds a lot of the bleed bar – not two hits or one hit, that’s four hits and that puts a good amount of bleed bar on an enemy.

Another really good attack with these weapons is the jumping L1. This again does another sort of cross-slash animation that hits four times which is really good for setting bleed. These are the two attacks you want to prioritize when you can. You’ll obviously have some regular L1s in there when you’re attacking but you want to try and make sure you always get sprint L1s and jump L1s when you can. Rolling L1 gives three attacks so it’s not quite as good as jumping or sprinting but it’s better than nothing, and you usually want to roll forward L1, jump L1, or sprint forward L1 after any attack the enemy does in order to punish it, and if you have time you’re going to hit an L1 again to try and get two more hits in. Don’t be greedy, but do try and get those running L1s jumping out once whenever possible.

The Ashes of War for this ability, Bloody Slash, does sort of like a blood slash forward after a kind of a long wind-up that reminds me of Sekiro a bit, and it hits like an absolute freight train. But it’s kind of hard to land because it’s at an angle, so sometimes you’ll miss an enemy just by a hair because the hit-boxes are so precise in this game. So it works much better against big enemies that are harder to miss.

Additionally, it does have like a wind-up for a second or two before it fires off so you have to make sure you have an opening in order to use it. The best time to do this, in my opinion, is after you’ve rolled backward and then try to pull it off as fast as you can. One of the reasons you want to keep increasing Vigor is because you want to be able to use this ability somewhat often, it gives you a little bit of range if enemies are stuck on walls or in the air. You can hit flying enemies with it and it does really really good damage so you want to use it sometimes. You’re not going to use it all the time but it is very situational.

Elden Ring Bloodblade Build Advanced Tips

Using the Blessed Dew Talisman

The Blessed Dew Talisman is pretty good for this build because of the fact that you use that Blood Slash and hurt yourself to use it, so this lets you regenerate that health slowly and make it so that you don’t have to worry about using the ability at all. I wouldn’t replace the Turtle Talisman with it – I would probably replace Erdtree’s Favor if possible because that way you keep that stamina recovery, which you absolutely need.

‘Roll’ with the Heaviest Armor

In terms of armor for this build, you want to get away with the heaviest armor you possibly can and still medium roll. 51 Poise on your Armor will keep you from being interrupted if you are struck 1 time by most attacks, so aim for heavier armor that has at least that much if you can. So farm armor or buy armor – whatever you got to do to get heavier armor do it, because you’re going to trade damage sometimes. You’re going to get hit sometimes in order to press that last couple of hits and get that bleed ripped off an enemy. You want to take the least damage you can but you cannot sacrifice that medium roll.

Experiment with your Weapons of Choice!

Lastly, and as aforementioned, pick the weapons that work for you while while trying out this strategy – you don’t have to stick to Scimitars. Again, I personally just find that they the most efficient with enabling what I want this build to do because you begin the game with two of them, so you don’t have to hunt for other Curved Swords, while also generally being fun and formidable throughout the many different enemies you can encounter in the game.

And that’s it for this Elden Ring Warrior Build! We have a ton more builds coming for Elden Ring and Shadow of the Erdtree so stay tuned for those and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you need help finding items, and securing some personal objectives, make sure to check the Elden Ring Map.

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